PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

September 28, 2011


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced his Wisconsin Finance Committee.
“To beat President Obama, we will need the resources to go up against his $1 billion machine,” said Mitt Romney. “My Wisconsin Finance Committee will help raise the resources so that I can reach out to voters. I am proud to announce my team today.”
“To help get Governor Romney elected we must raise the necessary funds – this is the team that will do that in Wisconsin,” said Terry Dittrich. “As Mitt Romney reaches out to voters in Wisconsin and across the country, we will help him spread his pro-growth message.”
“After three years of failed policies, it is clear we need a change in the White House,” said Scott Beightol. “Mitt Romney is the only candidate with the necessary experience to get Wisconsin and the country on the right track again. Our team in Wisconsin is honored to help him in his efforts.”
“Wisconsin voters have seen the record of this White House and it is not a good one,” said Mike Jones. “It is clear that we need someone in the White House with experience working in the real economy, not another career politician. Mitt Romney’s record of results as a conservative businessman and successful governor is what Wisconsin needs to grow our economy and for businesses to start hiring again.”
Mitt Romney’s Wisconsin Finance Committee:

·         Helen and Ned Bechthold

·         David Beightol

·         Scott Beightol

·         Betsie and Bill Berrien

·         Bonnie Blair

·         Kelly Brown

·         Lori and Joseph Chrnelich

·         Michael Cudahy

·         Willie Davis

·         PJ DiStefano

·         Terry Dittrich

·         Jim Fitzgerald

·         Casey Fitz Randolph

·         John Hiller

·         Jay Hintze

·         Dan Jansen

·         Mike Jones

·         Jim Klauser

·         Tracey and Rick Klein

·         Elaine and Stephen Kraut

·         Helen Johnson Leipold

·         Craig Leipold

·         Scott Rackham

·         Richard Resch

·         Frank Romano

·         Brian Schroeder

·         Tracy Stefaniak Borgardt

·         Joe Sweeney

·         Ray Taffora

·         Jason Thompson

·         Jack Voight

·         Yash Wadhwa