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CONTACT: Romney Press Office

December 12, 2011

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.
“I am honored to have Dana’s support,” said Mitt Romney. “A committed public servant, he understands that President Obama’s policies are hurting the middle class and have only burdened future generations with debt. I am glad to have Dana’s endorsement as I travel the country meeting with voters who are concerned about the future of our country.” 
Announcing his support, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said, “I am honored today to announce that I am supporting Governor Mitt Romney in his bid for the Presidency. I have met him, exchanged views and find him to have the personal qualities and a commitment to the right ideas necessary to lead our country in these challenging times. Having worked in the White House as a Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan, I have a first-hand understanding of the kind of person needed to assume the incredible responsibility of being our country's chief executive, commander in chief of our armed forces and inspirational leader of the American people. I have no hesitation in my decision to back Governor Romney – he is by far the best choice and the most electable of the candidates. Mitt can and will lead us as a people out of our current danger of an economic calamity, which is hanging over our heads. He will lead us into an era of peace and prosperity based on his unshaken faith in those values and principles that have taken us through so many crises and made us the great nation that God intended America to be. Mitt has the ideas, the energy and the integrity to get the job done.”
Background On Congressman Rohrabacher:
Dana Rohrabacher Represents California’s 46th District. He serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Committee on Science and Technology. Prior to his election, he was a speechwriter in the Reagan administration. 
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