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CONTACT: Romney Press Office

December 12, 2011

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of prominent New Hampshire conservative anti-tax leader Tom Thomson. Thomson, the son of the late New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson and the honorary Chairman of Americans for Prosperity NH, will endorse Governor Romney today at his campaign stop at the Madison Lumber Mill.
“For many years, Tom Thomson has been the leading pro-growth, anti-tax advocate in the Granite State.  Tom has honored the legacy of his father Governor Mel Thomson by understanding that low taxes are the result of low spending, and by continuing his father’s fight to cut spending, reduce taxes and protect the New Hampshire Advantage,” said Mitt Romney. “Tom is a trusted conservative and I am grateful to have his endorsement as I spread my pro-jobs message throughout New Hampshire and earn the support that is needed to win the primary and return fiscal sanity to Washington.”
Announcing his support for Governor Romney, Tom Thomson said: “I believe this election will be a defining moment in our nation’s history and that Mitt Romney, like Ronald Reagan, can lead this great nation to a brighter future. I believe he has the presidential leadership, private sector experience and skills needed to get the job done. Governor Romney has a record of cutting taxes and he was the first major candidate to sign the ‘No New Taxes’ pledge. I believe, as my late father did, if you are serious about opposing and cutting taxes, you must be willing to sign the pledge as Romney has done. Mitt has also learned excellent business skills which he developed in the private sector. Washington desperately needs an outsider with business skills like Mitt Romney.”
Background On Manchester Conservative Leader Tom Thomson:
Tom Thomson Is The Leading Anti-Tax Leader In The State Of New Hampshire. He currently serves as honorary co-chair of Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire. He and his family run and operate the Thomson Family Tree Farm in Orford, NH. In 1975 he returned with his brother, Robb, to run Equity Publishing while his father served as Governor of New Hampshire from 1973 to 1979. Shortly thereafter, Tom became President and Robb Vice President of the family law book publishing company until the business was sold in 1989 to Reed Publishing, an International Legal Publisher. Tom has served as the past vice-chair of the Tree Farm National Operating Committee and Chair of the Tree Farm National Policy Committee and has served six years on the National Sustainable Forestry Board (SFB) Resource Committee (Forest Certification) representing Family Forest Landowners throughout the United States. He also serves as regional Vice President for National Woodland Owners Association and is member of the Forest Landowners Association (FLA).