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CONTACT: Romney Press Office

December 15, 2011

Boston, MA – Romney for President today announced the first wave of Reaganites for Romney, a group of officials and leaders who served in the Reagan Administration and in various political roles during the Reagan Administration. Ambassador Jerry Carmen will serve as Chairman of Reaganites for Romney.
“These individuals were part of a movement that changed America and the rest of the world,” said Mitt Romney. “The smaller government policies of the Reagan era helped turn around a struggling economy and create millions of jobs. And the strong defense of freedom around the world led to the crumbling of empires and dictatorships. I am proud to announce this group of conservative leaders – with their help we can recreate the robust job creation of the Reagan years.”
Announcing Reaganites for Romney, Ambassador Jerry Carmen said, “Supporters of Ronald Reagan are supporting Mitt Romney because he is the best chance conservatives have to return to the prosperous Reagan years. His economic plan will unleash job-creation in the private sector, his trade policies will open markets around the world, and he will stand up to countries that have pledged to destroy our allies. Mitt Romney will restore faith in our country in much the same way Ronald Reagan did thirty years ago.”
Members Of Reaganites For Romney:
Ambassador Gerald P. Carmen – Ronald Reagan 1980 Campaign; Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration from 1981-1984; U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva 1984-1986
Attorney General William Barr – Domestic Policy Staff 1982-1983
Lee Casey – Office of Legal Policy 1986-1990
Jimmy Gurulé – Assistant United States Attorney, Deputy Chief of the Major Narcotics Section (Los Angeles) 1985-1989
William Kilberg – President of White House Fellows 1982-1983; Appointed by Reagan to Chair of White House Fellowships in 1983
Raymond Ludwiszewski – Special Counsel to Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division 1985-1987; Associate Deputy Attorney General 1986-1991
Judge Michael McConnell – Assistant to the Solicitor General; Member of the Presidential Intelligence Oversight Committee 1988-1990
John McGinnis – Office of Legal Counsel 1985-1987; Deputy Assistant Attorney General 1987-1991
David Rivkin, Jr. – Legal Advisor to the Counsel to the VP; Deputy Director, Office of Legal Policy 1987-1993; Associate General Counsel of the Department of Energy; Associate White House Counsel
Jay Stephens – Principal Assistant Deputy Attorney General (DOJ); Assistant US Attorney; Assistant Watergate Prosecutor 1973-1986; Deputy White House Counsel 1986 – 1988; US Attorney for the District of Columbia 1988-1993
Ambassador Rich Williamson – Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs 1988-1989; Special Assistant to the President and Deputy to the White House Chief of Staff 1981; Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs, the White House 1981-83; US Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the UN Offices in Vienna, Austria 1983-85
Fred Cooper (GA) – Elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Georgia in 1981; Raised money during the 1980 campaign and was on the 1984 Georgia Finance Committee
Marty Connors (AL) – 1980 Communications Director for the Republican Party of Alabama; 1984 Executive Director of the Alabama Republican Party and oversaw the Alabama Reagan re-elect
Attorney General Bill Schuette (MI) – Elected in 1984, served as Member of Congress during the second Reagan administration.
Republican National Committeeman Saul Anuzis (MI) – Elected as the youngest delegate to the 1980 Republican National Convention in Detroit; and served as third vice chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, organizing youth efforts during the Reagan administrations
Ambassador Peter F. Secchia (MI) – Michigan’s Republican National Committeeman, and Vice Chairman of the Republican National Committee during the Reagan Administration, elected in 1980 and re-elected in 1984 and 1988.
Ronna Romney (MI) – Republican National Committeewoman from Michigan, serving from 1984-1992
Curt Hames (IA) – Iowa activist for Reagan
Frank Severino (IA) – Reagan volunteer in Iowa, late father-in-law served as Reagan Iowa Campaign Manager
Jim Click (AZ) – Arizona Finance Chair, 1980 and 1984
Ambassador Glen Holden (CA) – Former Ambassador to Jamaica
Ambassador Barbara Barrett (AZ) – Deputy Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration; also served as Vice Chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board, the President’s Advisory Committee on Trade Negotiations, and the Board of the Administrative Conference of the US
Fred Balitzer (CA) – Consultant to the Secretary of the Department of Interior;  Vice Chair - Javits Fellowships, Department of Education;  Spec. Amb. - Brunei, Department of State
Ambassador Rockwell Schnabel (CA) – Former Ambassador to Finland
David C. Fischer (VA) – Special Assistant to the President, The White House; UN Human Rights Commissioner, Department of State; US Commissioner, International Boundary Commission
Joshua A. Muss (VA) – Executive Director, Property Review Board. Office of the President
Jack R. Stevens (VA) – Executive Director (1986-1988) and Western Regional Director (1983-1986), Citizens for America
Jerry Fox (FL) – Associate Administrator, General Services Administration; Associate Archivist (Management), National Archives
The Honorable Dodie Truman Stallcup (UT) – Director of Correspondence and Volunteers at the LA Headquarters and Transition Office, '79-'80; Special Assistant to the President and Director of Special Presidential Messages for the Executive Office of the President '81-'84; US Commissioner for Children, Youth, and Families and Chief of the Children's Bureau at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, '84-'89
Lindy Fekety – Secretary to Associate Director, Office of the President-Elect:  Secretary to Special Assistant to the President, Personal Office of the President - The White House:  Administrative Assistant to Director, Presidential Personnel - The White House:  Director of Administration, Citizens for America
John Agresto (NM) – Former Acting Chair of the NEH; Former President/Chancellor of three colleges and universities; President of John Agresto & Associates
Susan Alvarado (VA) – Assistant to the Vice President for Legislative Affairs, Member, Board of Governors, U.S. Postal Service
Allen K. Bahn (MD) – Co-Coordinator, Ethic Vote - Reagan/Bush 1980, 1984
Bo Denysyk (MD) – Vice Chair, Civil Aeronautics Board; Member, Presidential Advisory Committee on Trade Negotiations; Deputy Administrator, Department of Transportation/FAA