BLOG POSTING by Zac Moffatt at Targeted Victory
Dec. 11, 2012
Successes of the Romney and Republican Digital Efforts in 2012

Over the next couple of months I will share my perspective on the successes of the Romney and Republican digital efforts in 2012 and the lessons we learnt along the way. However, in order to have that conversation I think it is important to share some thoughts and key top lines of the campaign so people have context for the period of the campaign post May 1 to November 6th.

Elections are zero-sum games, but digital is not. There can be a tendency for people to determine that when you lose, there were no successes and that all the ideas were bad. It is imperative that we as a party understand that we have an opportunity to continue to grow if we fully capitalize on the achievements and time invested over the last two years.

In the past week the Republican National Committee (RNC) began incorporating the information collected as part of its Joint Fundraising Committee with Romney for President (RFP) into its direct marketing efforts.  The campaign provided to the RNC more than 1,000,000+ online donor contacts with email addresses and over 2,200,000 active new emails. The donor file alone represents a digital community that contributed over $100 million in 2012.

This community, built in just over 5 months, represents a 1,000% increase in the donor base that the RNC digital effort produced for all of the 2010 cycle.  Had RFP had the ability to incorporate this asset on the day of the Supreme Court Ruling on the Healthcare Mandate the Romney campaign would have been able to raise at least $15 million more on that day alone.  Imagine the impact that $15 million in primary dollars in late June could have had on the campaign’s ability to respond to the Obama campaign – not to mention the tens of millions more that we would have been able to raise over the subsequent months. This is just one example of how assets generated over the past two years could be harnessed to build infrastructure to last beyond single cycles.

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