PRESS RELEASES from Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman

November 7, 2012

Secretary Chapman Says Turnout Numbers Positive

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Secretary of State Beth Chapman said that approximately 72.37% of voters went to the polls yesterday to cast their vote. She had predicted between 72 and 74 percent. In 2008, the state saw around 73% turnout at the polls. “This was the second historic election in the past four years with the highest turnout numbers we have ever seen in this state,” Chapman explained.

Long lines were prevalent among the precincts throughout the state, but Chapman said that did not dissuade people from making their voice heard. "There have been many people who fought and died for our right to cast a ballot on Election Day. I believe that people came out, stood in the long lines and waited, and ensured that they did not take that precious right for granted," Chapman said.

In the last year, Boards of Registrars across the state registered around 300,000 new voters. That is also positive, according to Chapman. "When we have major elections such as the Presidential Election, it always heightens awareness and alerts people that they certainly need to be registered to vote if they are not already," Chapman stated.

With a few reported problems, all in all it was a good night for the State of Alabama. "Our office will continue to process complaints and address any issues after Tuesday is over; however, I appreciate the hard work and effort put in by the local officials who make elections run as smoothly as possible in their counties," Chapman said.


November 5, 2012

Election Night Reporting System Available Statewide for General Election

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Secretary of State Beth Chapman has announced that the State of Alabama will again use a live election night reporting system statewide during the November 6th general election. The system will collect election results from all 67 counties and make them available on the web the moment they are entered on election night by the local Probate Judges.

The election night reporting system, or ENR, takes vote totals directly from each county and displays them in a usable format on the internet. Once the results are posted to the web, they will be displayed using maps and graphics to show vote totals, percentages and other important information to the public. The system is a continuation of Chapman’s initiative to bring the Secretary of State’s office into the 21st century by using new technology to better serve the citizens of Alabama and provide maximum transparency in the elections process. Additionally, for the first time, the ENR site has been optimized for viewing from mobile devices as another way of providing accessibility to Alabamians.

"We are excited to continue service to the citizens of Alabama," said Chapman. "This is just one of the many ways my office promotes fair and honest elections: through transparency and access to valuable election information. Alabamians will be able to see democracy in action as it unfolds before their eyes in a state of the art way."

The election night reporting system, which is live now, can be accessed at