2012 Election Results

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Alabama [+] BALLOT [PDF][State Primary March 13, Primary Runoff April 24]

Registered Voters: 2,854,616.
U.S. House: All six Members were re-elected, each gaining over 60% of the vote and one uncontested.
State Legislature: Alabama did not hold state legislative elections in 2012.
More: In the highest profile race on the ballot, Judge Roy Moore was elected Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, defeating Bob Vance. Public Service Commission President Lucy Baxley lost to Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, meaning the Democrats hold no statewide offices.
Ballot Measures: Voters decided 11 referenda questions, approving all but one.
...Redistricting +   ...2010 midterms +
Last Democratic statewide officeholder defeated.

Alaska [+][State Primary August 28]

Registered Voters: 506,701.
U.S. House: Veteran Rep. Don Young (R) easily defeated Sharon Cissna (D), Jim McDermott (L) and Ted Gianoutsos garnering 63.94% of the vote.
State Legislature: All 40 House seats and 19 of 20 Senate seats were up (Sen. Dennis Egan was the exception).  Republicans maintained a solid majority in the House, going from 24R, 16D to 25R, 15D.  The Senate was split 10R, 10D; the Nov. 6 elections gave Republicans a 13R, 7D majority in the Senate.
...Redistricting +      ...2010 midterms +
Republicans pick up one legislative chamber.

Arizona [+] BALLOT [PDF][State Primary August 28]

Registered Voters: 3,124,712.
U.S. Senate: Sen. John Kyl (R)'s retirement created an open seat.  Rep. Jeff Flake (R) defeated former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona (D) and Marc Victor (L) by 49.2% to 46.2% and 4.6% (67,915 votes out of 2,243,422 cast).
U.S. House: Reapportionment added one House seat.  The balance in the House goes from 5R, 3D to 5D, 4R.  New in the 113th Congress are former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D) in the 1st CD, former Rep. Matt Salmon (R) in the 5th CD and Kyrsten Sinema (D) in the 9th CD.  Not returning to the House are Reps. Flake (R) and Quayle (R).
-In the open 1st CD seat former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D) defeated former state Sen. Jonathan Paton (R), a congressional candidate in 2010, and Kim Allen (L) by 122,774 to 113,594 and 15,227 (48.8% to 45.1% and 6.1% or 9,180 votes out of 251,595 cast).
-The closest Arizona House race occurred in new 2nd CD, Rep. Ron Barber (D) defeated Martha McSally (R) by 147,328 to 144, 894 votes and 57 w/ins (50.4% to 49.6% or 2,434 votes out of 292,279 cast).  Barber won the June 12, 2012 special election in the old District 8 (Gabrielle Giffords' seat), defeating Jesse Kelly (R). 
-Rep. Jeff Flake (R)'s U.S. Senate run created an open seat in new 5th CD.  Former Rep. Matt Salmon (R) easily defeated student and activist Spencer Morgan (D).  Salmon previously served three terms from 1995-2001.
-The new 6th CD featured an incumbent vs. incumbent Republican primary; Rep. David Schweikert (R) defeated Rep. Ben Quayle (R) and easliy defeated Matt Jette (D) in the general election.
-The 9th CD is the new district comprising all of Tempe and parts of Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Paradise Valley and several Phoenix neighborhoods.  Former state Sen. and Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D) defeated Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker (R) by 121,881 votes (48.7%) to 111,630 (44.6%) and 16,620 (6.6%) or 10,251 votes out of 250,131 total.
State Legislature: Republicans had roughly 2 to 1 majorities in both chambers (House 40R, 19D, 1v and Senate 21R, 9D).  All 60 House seats and 30 Senate seats were up. Democrats achieved gains in both chambers, paring the Republican majorities to 36R, 24D in the House and 17R, 13D in the Senate.
Ballot Measures: Voters approved 4 of 9 ballot measures.  The closest vote was for Proposition 118 on the establishment of permanent funds. AZSOS
...Redistricting +    ...2010 midterms +
One new U.S. House seat.  Democrats gain majority in U.S. House delegation.

Arkansas [+] BALLOT [PDF][State Primary May 22]

Registered Voters: 1,618,548.
U.S. House:
The 4th CD (Southwest Arkansas) was open due to Rep. Mike Ross (D)'s retirement.  Republicans achieved a pick up, taking the delegation to 4R, 0D as Tom Cotton (R), an Iraq war veteran who has most recently worked as a management consultant, defeated State Sen. Gene Jeffress (D), Josh Drake (G), who ran in 2010, and Bobby Tullis (L), a former state legislator by 59.5% to 36.7% and less than 2% each for the other two candidates.
State Legislature: Democrats had controlled both chambers of the General Assembly since 1874.  Republicans made gains in 2010, and heading into Nov. 6, the balance was House 54D, 46R and Senate 20D, 15R.  All 100 House seats and all 35 Senate seats were up.  Republicans achieved historic success, winning control of both chambers: House 51R, 49D and Senate, 21R, 14D.
Ballot Measures: Arkansans voted on five ballot measures. ARSOS
...Redistricting +    ...2010 midterms +
Republicans pick up one U.S. House seat and two legislative chambers.

California [+] BALLOT [PDF][State and Presidential Primary June 5]

Registered Voters: 18,245,970.
U.S. Senate: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D), first elected in 1992, defeated Elizabeth Emken (R) by 62.5% to 37.5%.

U.S. House: The delegation for the 113th Congress includes 14 new members.  Redistricting, overseen by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, created opportunities for both parties (1, 2).  When all the votes were counted Democrats had picked up four seats taking the delegation from 34D, 19R to 38D, 15R. 

First, there were seven retirements (old district numbers): Wally Herger (R-2), Lynn Woolsey (D-6), Dennis Cardoza (D-18), Elton Gallegly (R-24), David Dreier (R-26), Jerry Lewis (R-41) and Bob Filner (D-51). 

[New district numbers...] Reps. Dan Lungren (R-7), Mary Bono Mack (R-36) and Brian Bilbray (R-52) were defeated by Democratic challengers.  Member on member races led to the defeats of Reps. Howard Berman (D-30) and Laura Richardson (D-44).  The top-two primary system contributed to defeats of Reps. Fortney Pete Stark (D-15) and Joe Baca (D-35). 

The new members are (new district numbers): Doug LaMalfa (R-1), Jared Huffman (D-2), Ami Bera (D-7), Paul Cook (R-8), Eric Swalwell (D-15), David Valadao (R-21), Julia Brownley (D-26), Tony Cardenas (D-29), Gloria Negrete McLeod (D-35), Raul Ruiz (D-36), Mark Takano (D-41), Alan Lowenthal (D-47), Juan Vargas (D-51) and Scott Peters (D-52).

>Open races (new district numbers):

CD 1 (Northeast corner, all or parts of 11 counties...Herger) - State Sen. Doug LaMalfa (R), a rice farmer, defeated attorney Jim Reed (D) by 57.4% to 42.6%.
CD 2 (North Bay, all or parts of 6 counties...Woolsey) - Assemblyman Jared Huffman (D) easily defeated Dan Roberts (R), investment advisor, by 71.2% to 28.8%.
CD 8 (Part of San Bernardino Co., the High Desert, Yucaipa, part of Redlands and parts of Inyo and Mono Cos.....Jerry Lewis)  - Assemblyman Paul Cook (R) defeated Gregg Imus (R), a homebuilder, by 57.4% to 42.6%.
CD 21 (southern Central Valley) - Assemblyman David Valadao (R) defeated John Hernandez (D), CEO of Central CA. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, by 57.8% to 42.2%.
CD 26 (Ventura County...Gallegly) - Assemblywoman Julia Brownley (D) defeated state Sen. Tony Strickland (R) by 52.7% to 47.3%.
CD 29 (San Fernando Valley) - L.A. City Councilman Tony Cardenas (D) defeated David Hernandez (I), insurance adjuster, by 74.1% to 25.9%.
CD 41 (RIverside Co.) - Mark Takano (D), high school teacher, defeated Supervisor John Tavaglione (R) by 59% to 41%.
CD 47 (Long Beach) - State Sen. Alan Lowenthal (D) defeated Long Beach City Councilman Gary Delong (R) by 56.6% to 43.4%.
CD 51 (San Diego...Filner) - State Sen. Juan Vargas (D) defeated Michael Crimmins (R) by 71.5% to 28.5%.

>Incumbent on incumbent races (new district numbers):

CD 30 (San Fernando Valley) - Rep. Brad Sherman (D) defeated Rep. Howard Berman (D) by 60.3% to 39.7%
CD 44 (Watts, San Pedro, Wilmington, Carson, South Gate, Compton, Lynwood, parts of Long Beach, and Walnut Park) - Rep. Janice Hahn (D) defeated Rep. Laura Richardson (D) by 60.2% to 39.8%.

>And five other incumbents were defeated:

CD 7 (Sacramento suburbs) - In a re-match, Dr. Ami Bera (D) defeated Rep. Dan Lungren (R) by 51.7% to 48.3%
CD 36 (Palm Springs/Riverside Co.) - Dr. Raul Ruiz (D) defeated Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R) by 52.9% to 47.1%.
CD 52 (San Diego and suburbs) - In the closest California House race, environmental lawyer Scott Peters (D) defeated Rep. Brian Bilbray (R) by 51.2% to 48.8% (6,992 votes).
CD 15 (East Bay of S.F. from Hayward to Livermore) - Prosecutor and Dublin City Councilman Eric Swalwell (D) defeated veteran legislator Rep. Fortney Pete Stark (D), who was first elected to Congress in 1972, by 52.1% to 47.9%.
CD 35 (eastern L.A. Co./western San Bernardino Co. "Inland Empire") - State Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod (D) defeated Rep. Joe Baca (D) by 55.9% to 44.1%.  NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg's Independence PAC spent at least $2.5 million against Baca.

>A couple of other races which drew a fair bit of attention:

CD 10 - Rep. Jeff Denham (R) defeated astronaut Jose Hernandez (D) by 52.7% to 47.3%.
CD 24 - Rep. Lois Capps (D) defeated former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado (R) by 55.1% to 44.9%.

State Legislature: Democrats controlled both chambers by wide margins (House 52D, 28R and Senate 25D, 15R).  All 80 Assembly seats and 20 of 40 Senate seats were up.  Democrats strengthened their control in the legislature, gaining supermajorities in both chambers; the balance went to House 56D, 24R and Senate 26D, 12R.

Ballot Measures: Californians voted on 11 ballot measures [CASOS].  Among the more interesting... 
The closest vote was on Proposition 37, which would have required labelling of genetically engineered foods; voters defeated the measure by 51.4% to 48.6%.  Yes on 37 For Your Right to Know if Your Food Has Been Genetically Engineered | No on 37 Coalition Against the Deceptive Food Labeling Scheme
Voters approved Proposition 30, providing for temporary increases in income and sales taxes supported by Gov. Brown, by 55.4% to 44.6%.  Yes on 30 - Schools & Safety Protection Act | Californians for Reforms and Jobs, Not Taxes
They defeated Proposition 34, which would have ended the death penalty, by 52% to 48%. Yes on Prop. 34 | No on 34: Californians for Justice and Public Safety
Proposition 32, which among other provisions would have prohibited unions from making automatic withdrawals from members' paychecks for political activity, went down to defeat by 56.6% to 43.4%.  Yes on 32-Stop Special Interest Money Now | Alliance for a Better California 2012, No on Paycheck Deception ("Stop the Special Exemptions Act").  

...Redistricting +    ...2010 midterms +

Democrats pick up four U.S. House seats, gain supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature.

Colorado [+] BALLOT [PDF][State Primary June 26]

Registered Voters: 2,749,246.
U.S. House: Redistricting changed the lines and there were three competitive races, but voters returned the entire delegation.  The closest contest occured in the 6th CD (Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Cos.), where Rep. Mike Coffman (R) defeated state Rep. Joe Miklosi (D) by 47.8% to 45.8% and 5.4% to two other candidates (7,001 votes out of 342,914 cast). 
In the 7th CD (Adams and Jefferson Cos.), Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D) defeated Joe Coors (R) by 53.5% to 40.8% and 5.6% to two other candidates. 
In the 3rd CD (Western Colorado) freshman Rep. Scott Tipton (R) defeated state Rep. Sal Pace (D) by 53.4% to 41.1% and 5.6% to two other candidates.
State Legislature: Control was split going into the Nov. 6 elections; Democrats held the Senate (20D, 15R) while Republicans held the House by a one-seat margin (33R, 32D).  All 65 House seats and 18 of the 35 Senate seats were up.  Much attention and resources focused on Colorado House races.  Democrats gained control in the House to 37D, 28R and kept control in the Senate, 19D, 16R.
Ballot Measures: COSOS. Voters approved Amendment 64, Use and Regulation of Marijuana, by 54.8% to 45.2%.  Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like AlcoholSmart Colorado. By a wide margin they also approved Amendment 65, a non-binding measure on campaign finance.

Democrats pick up one legislative chamber.

Connecticut [+] BALLOT [PDF][State Primary August 14]

Registered Voters: 2,090,539.
U.S. Senate:
Running to succeed Sen. Joe Lieberman (I), Rep. Chris Murphy (D) defeated Linda McMahon (R), the former WWE CEO who also ran in 2010, by 55.1% to 43.3% and 1.7% for a Libertarian out of 1,504,895 votes cast.
U.S. House:
Rep. Chris Murphy (D)'s run for Senate created an open seat in the 5th CD (Northwest CT); former state Rep. and attorney Elizabeth Esty (D) defeated attorney and state Sen. Andrew Roraback (R).  Esty won the primary in an upset and Roraback was a veteran legislator; this was seen as a possible Republican pickup, but Esty won by 146,098 (51.3%) to 138,637 (48.7%).
State Legislature:
Democrats kept strong majorities in both chambers.  All 151 House seats and 36 Senate seats wre up.  The balance in the House remained at 99D, 52R, while the Senate went from 23D, 13R to 24D, 12R.
...Redistricting +     ...2010 midterms +

Delaware [+] BALLOT [PDF][State Primary September 11]

Registered Voters: 632,805.
Gov. Jack Markell (D) defeated businessman Jeff Cragg (R) of Brandywine Hundred by 69.3% to 28.6% with two others getting the remainder.
U.S. Senate: Sen. Tom Carper (D), seeking a third term, defeated businessman Kevin Wade (R) of New Castle by 66.4% to 29.0% with two others getting the remainder.
U.S. House: Freshman Rep. John Carney (D) defeated New Castle County President Tom Kovach (R) by 64.4% to 33.4%.
State Legislature: Democrats maintained strong majorities in both chambers  All seats were up.  The Senate went from 14D, 7R to 13D, 8R and the House from 26D, 15R to 27D, 14R.
...2010 midterms +

District of Columbia [+] BALLOT [PDF][State Primary April 3...change from Sept.]

Registered Voters: 483,662.

Florida [+] BALLOT [PDF][State Primary August 14]

Registered Voters: 11,934,446.
U.S. Senate: Sen. Bill Nelson (D) won a third term, defeating Rep. Connie Mack IV (R) by 55.2% to 42.2%.
U.S. House: Florida's House delegation increased from 25 to 27 Members.  Two members were defeated in primaries (Reps. Stearns and Adams).  Florida sent seven new members (3R and 4D): 3. T.Yoho (R), 6. R.Desantis (R), 9. A.Grayson (D), 18. P.Murphy (D), 19. T.Radel (R), 22. L.Frankel (D) and 26. J.Garcia (D) [new district numbers].  The balance shifted from 19R, 6D to 17R, 10D.
New district numbers...
-CD 3 (North Central FL) - veterinarian and Tea Party activist Ted Yoho (R) upset 12-term Rep. Cliff Stearns (R) in the primary and easily defeated J.R. Gaillot (D) in the general election.
-CD 7 (parts of Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties) - Rep. John Mica (R) defeated freshman Rep. Sandy Adams (R) in the Aug. 14  primary and went on to be elected to an 11th term. 
-CD 6 (open seat; parts of Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns and Volusia Cos.) - Navy veteran Ron Desantis (R) defeated Navy veteran and non-profit CEO Heather Beaven (D)
-CD 9 (open seat; Orlando) - controversial former Rep. Alan Grayson (D) won a return to Congress, defeating radio host and attorney Todd Long (R), who had run for Congress a couple of times previously. 
-CD 18 (centers on Port St. Lucie) - outspoken freshman Rep. Allen West (R), who raised more than $17 million, narrowly lost to Patrick Murphy (D), who is vice president of an environmental cleanup firm.  West conceded on Nov. 20.
-CD 19 (Mack seat; Southwest FL) - talk show host Trey Radel (R) won a crowded primary seeking to succeed Rep. Connie Mack IV (R) and easily defeated engineer and Vietnam veteran Jim Roach (D).
-CD 22 (open seat, runs along the coast from Fort Lauderdale to Riviera Beach) - former House Minority Leader and West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel (D) defeated former House Majority Leader Adam Hasner (R).
-CD 26 (Miami-Dade) - freshman Rep. David Rivera (R), who was hurt by scandal, lost to Joe Garcia (D), who recently headed Office of Minority Economic Impact and Diversity at the U.S. Department of Energy and was successful in his third run for Congress.
State Legislature: Republicans had more than 2 to 1 majorities in both chambers (Senate 28R, 12D and House 81R, 38D and 1v).  All seats wre up, and Democrats picked up a handful; the balance shifted to 26R, 14D in the Senate and 74R, 46D in the House.
Ballot Measures: Florida voters faced a challenging array of 11 constitutional amendments, and defeated eight of them.  FLSOS.
...Redistricting +   ...2010 midterms +

Two new U.S. House seats.  Democrats pick up four U.S. House seats.

Georgia [+] BALLOT [PDF][State Primary July 31]

Registered Voters: 5,428,980.
U.S. House:
In the new, Republican leaning 9th CD (Northeast corner of the state), state Rep. Doug Collins and radio talk show host Martha Zoller competed in the Aug. 31 runoff for the Republican nomination; Collins won and defeated attorney Jody Cooley (D) by 76.18% to 23.82%.  In the 12th CD, state Rep. Lee Anderson and businessman Rick W. Allen likewise faced off in a runoff for the Republican nomination; Rep. John Barrow (D) then defeated Anderson by 53.70% to 46.30%.  Three Members, Reps. Lynn Westmoreland (R), Austin Scott (R) and Paul Broun (R) faced no challengers on the ballot.
State Legislature: All 180 House seats and 56 Senate seats were up.  Republicans strengthened their already solid majorities in both chambers; the House went from 113R, 66D, 1I to 119R, 60D, 1I and the Senate 36R, 20D to 38R, 18D. 
Ballot Measures: Voters approved two constitutional amendments, one on charter schools and one allowing state agencies to enter into multi-year real estate rental agreements.
...Redistricting +   ...2010 midterms +

One new U.S. House seat.  Republicans pick up one U.S. House seat.

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