Reacting to the Midterm Elections 
Tea Party Patriots
Faith and Freedom Coalition
National Right to Life
November 3, 2010--Activists, interest groups and pundits responded to the Democrats' drubbing in the midterm election.  Starting with Speaker-to-be John Boehner's emotional speech on Election Night, leaders and organizations from across the spectrum worked to spread their interpretation of the results.  One pointed assessment came from analyst Charlie Cook, speaking at National Journal's "The Day After" event.  Cook said Democrats "will pay a price for this for a decade to come."

National Journal's "The Day After"

A Sampling of Reactions

Left and Democrat Aligned
(Dem. leaders on Election Night)
Democratic National Committee
President Barack Obama

Campaign for America's Future
Environmental Groups
Human Rights Campaign

Right and Republican Aligned
Speaker-in-waiting Rep. John Boehner
Republican National Committee
National Republican Congressional Committee
Republican State Leadership Committee

American Action Network
Americans for Prosperity
Faith and Freedom Coalition
Family Research Council Action PAC
National Federation of Independent Business
National Rifle Association-PVF
National Right to Life Committee PAC
Tea Party Patriots, Inc.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Richard Viguerie

National Conference of State Legislatures
League of United Latin American Citizens
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