PRESS RELEASE from Republican National Committee

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September 13, 2010       


WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) today announced the launch of the Fire Pelosi Bus Tour website,  The website will allow visitors to easily follow The Fire Pelosi Bus as it crisscrosses the country to visit major cities, targeted districts, and rural communities to spread the message that it is time for Republicans to retake the House of Representatives and fire Nancy Pelosi. will be updated daily with photos, videos, and blog posts from the road, as well as visitor submitted testimonials from grassroots supporters across the nation.  RNC Chairman Michael Steele will be joined by Republican candidates, state legislators, activists, and volunteers, all working to elect Republicans and stand up against the tax-and-spend agenda of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama. Additionally, the site will link directly to candidate homepages and provide a constant stream of Facebook, Twitter and blog updates to ensure that Republican supporters are plugged-in with the latest news from the campaign trail.

The Fire Pelosi Bus will roll through all 48 states in the Continental U.S., making stops at RNC Victory Centers, State Party Headquarters, and other local events and sites.  The mission of the bus tour is to get-out-the-vote for Republican candidates in key districts, energize supporters heading into the final days of the election, and bring the Republican message of fiscal responsibility and limited government directly to Main Street.  The bus will be emblazoned with the simple phrase, “Need a Job? Fire Pelosi!”

“The RNC is excited to get out of Washington, DC and hit the campaign trail with our top-notch candidates and dedicated supporters,” said RNC Chairman Michael Steele.  “Their ideas and energy are the reason that Republicans will take back control of the House and Senate and help lead our nation back to economic prosperity and fiscal responsibility.  The next six weeks will be entirely devoted to firing Nancy Pelosi, standing up to the Democrat’s big-government agenda, and diving into the trenches to do the hard work of turning out the vote and winning races up and down the ballot.” will feature several sections to allow visitors to easily follow the bus across the country and find events near their hometowns.  In addition, the “GenerationNOW” page will encourage students, recent graduates, and young professionals to submit their own YouTube videos about why they want to fire Nancy Pelosi and move America in a different direction. 

“The failed policies of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid have led to high unemployment, skyrocketing debt, and an unprecedented expansion of the federal government.  The RNC’s Fire Pelosi Bus Tour will take the Republican message to local communities feeling the brunt of Democrat failures,” said Chairman Steele.  “The American people know that this economy is not moving in the right direction fast enough and more unchecked spending and higher taxes aren’t the solution, they are the problem.”

In addition to the RNC’s focus on regaining control of the House, the tour will also boost Republican candidates in critical U.S. Senate, gubernatorial, and local state races.  The RNC is devoted to building a solid foundation of Republican leaders all across America. Supporting up-and-coming Republican candidates that are breaking new ground is a critical component to building a stronger GOP for years.

During the span of six weeks between September 15 and the election, the Fire Pelosi Bus Tour will visit over 100 different cities, big and small, and travel more than 14,000 miles from coast to coast.  The tour will help build support for local Republican Parties and candidates, as well efficiently use online fundraising tools to maximize grassroots donations.  The website will have a page where visitors can donate to the RNC.  To date, the RNC has over 300 staffers on the ground, over 300 RNC Victory offices open and more than 11 million voter contacts have been made.