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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

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House Republicans Announce America Speaking Out

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) issued the following statement upon introduction of America Speaking Out, an official effort of House Republicans to involve the American people in creating a new policy agenda in Congress. Congressman McCarthy, along with Vice-Chair Peter Roskam (IL-6), has been tasked to head up the project, which gives every American a chance to have their voice heard in setting America’s policy priorities.

“Congress has a responsibility to listen to the people and advance policy solutions that reflect the nation’s priorities. Too regularly in this Congress, however, the voices of the American people have been ignored in favor of a partisan and politically-driven agenda. The American people have been speaking out against what they’ve seen; Democrats in Congress just haven’t been listening. And you cannot govern by ignoring the American people.

“To close this growing disconnect between the agenda of the American people and the policies being pursued in Washington, we are introducing America Speaking Out. This is an effort to create a new policy agenda that respects the voices to the American people. Rather than creating an agenda out of back rooms in Washington, we are seeking an open process of engagement that allows all Americans to be a part of setting the policy.

“Regardless of party affiliation, we want all people to engage in this national dialogue of ideas. And to seek out America’s input we are going to them, with town hall meetings, telephone town halls, social media tools, and a revolutionary online forum for debate. At, all Americans are invited to submit their ideas for a policy agenda and take part in a national discussion of solutions.

“As Republicans, we know our principles and have demonstrated that we have better solutions than those put forward by Democrats. But we also know that leadership requires a willingness to listen to priorities of those we represent. By giving Americans a new outlet to have their ideas affect the policy pursued in Washington, we can ensure that the wisdom and will of the people is once again given its proper respect in the policy process.”

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America Speaking Out is an official effort of the House Republican Conference to engage Americans across the country and give them a voice in creating a new governing agenda for Congress.

Under Democratic control, there has been a growing disconnect between the priorities of the American public and the agenda that is debated in Washington. Those in charge have ignored the will of the people in favor of a partisan and destructive agenda that has resulted in a nation wary of its Congress. To give power back to the American people and restore these broken bonds of trust, House Republicans are asking all Americans to be a part of building a new governing agenda.

America Speaking Out is an effort to open the back rooms and closed doors that have defined Congress and allow Americans to be a part of drafting a governing agenda from the start. Through our Solutions Groups, Congressional Republicans have offered positive alternatives to the misguided policies pursued by Washington Democrats. But we recognize the American people are in charge and, therefore, constructing a governing agenda must begin with the people.

Through America Speaking Out, House Republicans will:
>Solicit ideas and priorities from all Americans, regardless of party affiliation.
>Provide an innovative online forum for policy debate and idea generation.
>Get outside of Washington to talk about policy solutions at town hall meetings across the nation.
>Discuss how our principles of freedom and smaller government can be applied to the priorities of the American people.
>In time, produce a new governing agenda for America guided by this open process and built on our conservative principles.
>Demonstrate that Congress should pursue different policies and operate the House more responsibly than both Democrats and previous Republican majorities.

America Speaking Out Online is a state of the art website that allows individuals to suggest ideas of their own or weigh in on ideas offered by others. Everyone can see the ideas that are on the table, make comments on them, and register their approval or disapproval. This website brings the halls of Congress into American homes and uses the best of social media to allow America’s many voices to be heard.

America Speaking Out In Person
In addition to, House Republicans will be hosting town hall meetings and telephone town halls specifically designed to gather input on what a new governing agenda should contain. If a citizen has thoughts on what America’s priorities should be or perhaps an idea on how to solve some of America’s most pressing problems, or simply wants to hear what other are saying, he or she can participate in this process directly.

To change the way Washington works and the policies it pursues, it will require Washington to listen when America speaks out, and we hope all Americans will join us in this unprecedented process of engagement.