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Bachmann for President

"Iron Lady" +
:30 ad run statewide in Iowa starting Jan. 2, 2012.

[Music] Male Announcer: Born and raised in Iowa, only one candidate has been a consistent conservative fighter who fought Obamacare, who fought increasing our debt ceiling – even as other Republicans were cutting deals with Obama.

An expert in tax law who will fight for deep cuts in spending to reduce America’s debt, restore our economy and create real jobs – and she’ll never back down.

One of our own… Michele Bachmann for President.

I’m Michele Bachmann and I approve this message

Notes: From the press release...

The new ad titled “Iron Lady” features the strength of Bachmann’s character. Whether it’s fighting Obamacare, out-of-control spending or burdensome tax increases, Bachmann has demonstrated she will not waver on conservative principles Americans value most.

“Michele has a strong, consistent record of fighting for the conservative principles Iowans value,” said Iowa Campaign Manager, Eric Woolson. “We need a leader, a fighter who will carry our voices to the White House. Michele is the only candidate that won’t compromise on our values. She says what she means and means what she says.”