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Bachmann for President

"Voices from Michele Bachmann's 99 County Tour: Part Two" +
:30 ad ...campaign reported running in Iowa starting Dec. 23, 2011.

Man 1: She says she's not a politician; I like to hear that.

Woman 1: Whenever she speaks there's like there's passion in her, and it's real.

Woman 2: She's 100-percent pro-life and everything she does she has never backed down on.

Man 2: I think Michele would be the best at clamping down on the budget.

Man 1: She's for the people, and that's what we need.

Woman 2: We're behind her 100-percent.

Woman 1: It's cool that she's my mom of course.  And I'm going to be voting [inaud.] election for the first time so, one more vote mom, you're welcome.

Notes: Testimonials.  In terms of production values the quality (focus, lighting) could be better.