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Bachmann for President

  "Important Decisions"
  :60 radio ad run in IA from Dec. 23, 2011.


[Music] Bachmann: Hi everyone, Michele Bachmann. 

Everything I needed to know I learned here in Iowa.  It's my Iowa roots and faith and God that guide me today, and the most important decision I made in life was to seek a living relationship with Jesus. 

And now our country faces a very important decision: who will be the next president?  We have to choose someone who will lead the country to economic prosperity and to the Judeo-Christian values which our country was founded on.

My husband and I have raised five children, 23 foster children, and they've taught us how precious the gift of life is.  That's why I protect life, and I fight to protect life from conception until natural death.

I also stand for marriage and the family, and I'm the true consistent constitutional conservative in this race.  Would you give me your vote on January 3rd in the Iowa caucuses? 

My name is Michele Bachmann, candidate for President.  I approve this message.

Male Announcer: Paid for by Bachmann for President.