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Friends of Herman Cain

  :30 radio ad run Oct. 25, 2011 on the Rush Limbaugh show.


Cain: 9-9-9 means jobs-jobs-jobs.  I'm Herman Cain, a candidate for President, and I approved this message but Obama doesn't.

My 9-9-9 plan creates six million jobs.  Obama doesn't want you to know because he doesn't want me to win.

Go to 999MeansJobs.com and help me defeat Obama.

An uprising has me leading in Iowa, but I need you.  Please donate $9 or $999.  Every gift counts.  999MeansJobs.com.  Paid for by Friends of Herman Cain, Inc..  Thank you.

Notes: Here is the Oct. 24 press release announcing the ad:

Herman Cain Launches National Ad Appeal to Voters
First ad will begin airing on Rush Limbaugh Program Tuesday, October 25th

Atlanta - Mark Block, Chief of Staff to the Herman Cain presidential campaign, announced today that a national radio ad campaign would begin on Tuesday taking the campaign's message directly to voters.

“The surge in fundraising we have experienced recently has put us into a position to take our message to Republican primary voters across the nation.  Both our national and state strategies are buoyed by this ad campaign,” said Block. “Herman Cain recorded a message speaking directly to voters and we believe this will begin to solidify our support in all fifty states.”

The ad campaign will launch this Tuesday on the Rush Limbaugh radio program and continue into the following week.  In the ad, Herman Cain promotes a new website to be released on Tuesday to gain supporters and contributions located at www.999MeansJobs.com.

“As the largest radio program in America, Rush Limbaugh reaches the two biggest AM stations in Iowa,” said Steve Grubbs, Iowa campaign chairman.  “We believe this will support our renewed efforts to line up precinct captains in 1500 locations across the state and help us raise the critical donations we need to fund our campaign effort.”

“This is another example of the synergies we are developing between our national strategy and our state strategies,” said Block.  “We are running a fifty-state campaign, with the belief that every Republican voter in every state should have a say in the outcome of our party's nominating process.”