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Newt 2012

"Changed?" +
:30 ad run starting Jan. 10, 2011 in SC.

[Music] Female Announcer: What happened after Massachusetts moderate Mitt Romney changed his position from pro-abortion to pro-life?

He governed pro-abortion.

Romney appointed a pro-abortion judge, expanded access to abortion pills, put Planned Parenthood on a state medical board but failed to put a pro-life group on the same board.  And Romney signed government mandated health care with taxpayer funded abortions.

Massachusetts moderate Mitt Romney, he can't be trusted.

Gingrich: I’m Newt Gingrich and I approve this message.

Notes: From the Jan. 10 press release:

Newt 2012 released a new ad today documenting Governor Romney's pro-abortion record as Governor of Massachusetts, despite his claim that he had changed his position from pro-choice to pro-life.

The ad, titled "Changed?" began airing throughout South Carolina Tuesday, and will remind voters that Mitt Romney is a man of politics not principles, and despite his efforts to label himself a conservative, he is a Massachusetts moderate who cannot be trusted.