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Latinos with Newt +
:30 ad run starting Feb. 17, 2012 in AZ.

[Music] Man 1: We owe Barack Obama nothing.  Many of our people have have lost their jobs.  Others have lost their homes.  And immigration, huh, it's a bigger mess than ever.

Woman 1: We need Newt Gingrich.  He knows us, understands us, and shares our conservative values.

Man 2: When he was Speaker he helped create 11 million new jobs, reform welfare and balance the budget.

Woman 2: Newt Gingrich is the leader we need—

All Four: To rebuild the America that has given us so much.

Gingrich: I’m Newt Gingrich and I approve this message.

Notes: The press release on this ad:

Newt 2012 Launches New Latino Ad in English for Arizona Primary

Phoenix, AZ - Today, Newt 2012 launched a new ad, “Latinos with Newt,” targeting the Latino crossover market in Arizona. The ad highlights four Hispanic men and women who discuss why they support Newt Gingrich for President.

"For Newt, Hispanic Inclusion has been front and center in his campaign since Day One," explains Sylvia Garcia, National Hispanic Inclusion Director. "He understands that just as all Americans, Latinos are greatly suffering from the high unemployment rate and empty promises of this administration. They demand a change and know the only candidate that can rebuild the America they love is Newt Gingrich," added Garcia.

The ad highlights President Obama's failure to get the economy back on track and how Latinos have been greatly affected as a result. Each testimonial discusses Newt's proven record in job creation and his concern for American Hispanics.

"Few people understand the true Hispanic market like Newt does," said Lionel Sosa, Senior Advisor to the campaign. "He gets Latinos and understands the diversity in language, age, and culture. Yet, one thing is very clear to Newt: Latinos are people of values. They are Americans who strongly believe in family, in religion, in hard work, and in right to life," explains Sosa.

Newt Gingrich has received unwavering support from the Hispanic community because of decades of outreach since he was Speaker of the House. Gingrich has actively worked with Hispanic leaders since leaving Congress, even launching TheAmericano.com in 2009 and publishing two books in Spanish. Since the start of his campaign, Gingrich has had a Spanish site NewtPresidente.com and a robust Hispanic Inclusion team. Recently, he unveiled his National Hispanic Steering Committee comprised of top Latino leaders from different states.

Newt 2012 looks to win over the Latino vote in Arizona. This new ad is just one step to gaining their support. Unlike most campaigns, Newt Gingrich does not treat Latinos as a political convenience. His relationship is based on respect for the culture and the values of this community, as well as admiration for their history of hard work and contributions to the economic success of this nation.

“Seldom do Presidential candidates invest time in understanding our community rather they speak in platitudes that are not based on direct experiences or contact with the great and rich diversity in the Latino culture and community,” added Sosa.

The Arizona primary is February 28th.