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Jon Huntsman for President

"Only One" +
:30 ad run approx. Jan. 6, 2012 in NH.

[Music] Huntsman (audio from debate):  This nation has been downgraded.  We have been kicked around as people.  We are getting screwed as Americans.

            TEXT:  Only One Candidate Will End the War and Rebuild America

We have an economic deficit [music increases in urgency] in this country and we have a trust deficit.

            TEXT:  Only One Candidate
            Reformed Healthcare Without a Mandate
            Created a Jobs Plan Endorsed by the Wall Street Journal
            Created a Flax Tax

I'm the person who's going to lead the charge on all of the above and not only fix the economic deficit, but I'm going to fix this country's trust deficit because we're too good as people to be in the hole we're in and we deserve better.

            TEXT: There is Only One
            Who Can Beat Barack Obama and Restore Trust

Huntsman (voiceover): I'm Jon Huntsman and I approve this message.