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Fred Karger for President

"Hola, Puerto Rico" +
0:30 ad run starting March 15, 2012 in PR.  

[Music] Male Announcer: Está cansado de los candidatos republicans postulados para presidente?

Romney: woman screams

Hay un candidato que te va a gustar.

Fred Karger es un republicano independiente.

El tiene el mejor plan de trabajos para Puerto Rico.

Su plan renovará el espiritu de los americanos y apoyará a los estados.

Envíe un mensaje al partido republicano.  Vote por Fred Karger para presidente.

Karger: Soy Fred Karger y apreubo este mensaje.

Announcer: Fed up with the Republicans running for President?  Well there’s one candidate you just might like.

Fred Karger is an Independent Republican.  

He has the best jobs plan to get Puerto Rico working, will bring back the American spirit and supports Statehood.

Send the Republican Party a message.

Vote for Fred Karger for President.  

Karger: I am Fred Karger and I approve this message.

Notes: According to the Karger campaign press release, "The spot, created by campaign filmmaker Kristina Lapinski, combines humor and an upbeat message."  However, several of the comments on YouTube were critical; tytania3545 wrote, "This comercial is for Puertorricans, so get one to DO THE COMMERCIAL, the person talking had a Mexican accent!!!!!"