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Fred Karger for President

"Sexy Frisbee" +
0:30 ad run starting April 26, 2012 in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties.  

[Music] Karger: I'm Fred Karger.  I'm the only Californian running for president and one of four Republicans in our June 5th primary.

Fred who?

I'm a moderate Republican.  I have the best jobs plan.  I'm pro-choice, support gay marriage and I want us out of Afghanistan now.

If you're not excited about Mitt Romney or the direction of the Republican Party then I ask you to vote for me.

My supporters and I are going to be going door to door all over California to hear from you.  And we're going to be giving away these great Fred frisbees.

I'm Fred Karger and I approve this message.

Check our our website.

Notes: The 64-second video version features scenes of young men and women playing on Venice Beach in Southern California, intercut with scenes of Karger talking to the camera.  When Karger states "I'm Fred Karger and I approve this message," two men are shown kissing.  YouTube briefly pulled the video and then restored it and tagged it with a "Parental Advisory Explicit Content" notice.  It's not clear what portions of the video appeared in the 30-second TV ad.

From the press release...
“This is our biggest and most exciting commercial to date,” said Karger.  “We are sending a message of moderation within the Republican Party.  This spot will officially kick off our door-to-door campaigning in California.  For the next 6 ½ weeks, we’ll be going all over the state giving away our popular Fred Frisbees and talking to voters.”