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Fred Karger for President

"Tyrannosaurus Rex" +
0:56 web version from June 13, 2011.  A 30-second version ran in Des Moines, IA and throughout NH on the night of June 13, 2011 (NH debate); also run on CNN during the Sept. 12 debate and on FOX in Orlando during the Sept. 22 debate.  Produced by John Keitel.

[Music] Female News Announcer: "Exxon Mobil is the most profitable company in American history..."

Rex Tillerson, CEO-Exxon Mobil (audio): First, Senator, I want to assure you I'm not out of touch.

Man: $60 at the pump, it hurts.

Karger: It's time to take on big oil.  I'm Fred Karger.  I'm an independent Republican running for President.  Big oil is hurting families and destroying the American economy all while raking in $1 trillion in profits over the last ten years alone.

Rex Tillerson (clip from testimony): We do understand the enormous challenges confronting the American people.

Karger: Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil, made $30 million last year.

Rex Tillerson (on interview program): Well it's a large amount of money, there's no question about it.  It has created a real distraction, I think, in this high price environment.

Karger: I want to take on Rex Tillerson and big oil just like I fought for civil rights.

[SFX] I'm Fred Karger and I approved this message.

Notes: According to a Karger campaign email, "Since Fred was not invited into Monday’s debate, he crashed it by running his new commercial during and around it on CNN and New Hampshire’s WMUR TV in the key early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire."