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Fred Karger Presidential Exploratory Committee

"Independence Day" +
Run Nov. 23-29, 2010 on FOX News stations in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, Mason City, Ames, Burlington and Fort Dodge.  (Note: This is the 1:34 web version).
Shot by filmmaker John Keitel.

[Music] Karger (live sound): In 2008 Iowans launched Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States.

Obama (clip): "Thank you, Iowa."

Karger (live sound): And we just witnessed another dramatic change in Des Moines and in Washington.

Boehner: "It's clear tonight who the winners really are."  [SFX]

[Static SFX] Male Voice: Here we go again.

: "When they say yes we can.  We say, oh no you don't."

: "The party is over."  [SFX]

[Music stops] Karger (to camera): I'm concerned that the partisan rancor is only going to continue and get in the way of our country's progress.  [SFX]

I learned from my mentor ["America the Beautiful" music starts] Ronald Reagan the importance of getting along.  And I spent a lifetime working with and supporting Republicans and Democrats.

A value that has only been reinforced in my fight for civil rights.

(Live sound): I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America...

Karger: I'm Fred Karger.  I'm an independent Republican.

Karger (live sound): I'm Fred Karger...

Karger (to camera): And I'm in Iowa because I'm seriously considering running for President in 2012.

Karger (live sound): Fred Karger.  Iowa Voice: Welcome to Iowa. Good to have you here.  Karger: Nice to meet you.

Karger (to camera): But before I run for President I need your help.

Iowa Voice: Hi Fred, how are you doing?  Nice to see you.

Karger (voice over): I'm testing the waters in Iowa to see if I can raise some funds from my friends.

Karger (live sound): Fred Karger, independent Republican.  Iowa Voice: Oh good, so am I.

Karger (voice over): That will help determine the next step.

Karger to camera: Please to FredKarger.com.

Karger (live sound): Check out the web site.  Iowa Voice: It was nice meeting you.  Karger: Hey, nice meeting you.

Karger (to camera and voice over): Sign up and make a contribution today.

Karger (camera): Thanks, Iowa.

Notes: Karger's second ad follows the same basic approach as his first ad, "Good Morning New Hampshire" (Sept. 18), in that it features a lot of short clips of Karger woven together to create a fast-paced narrative.  This time the scenes are from Iowa, including fields, the old Capitol building in Iowa City, and scenes from the Iowa State Fair.    This ad has a different tone than the first one due to the opening clips of Obama, Boehner, Palin and Pelosi.  Following them are snapshots of Karger with the Reagans, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).  Rick Santorum, also considering a presidential campaign, is briefly seen toward the end.

Ad features Democrats, Rick Santorum.