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Fred Karger for President

"Demon Frisbee" +
1:42 web version released May 5, 2011.  30 and 60-second versions to run on WMUR-TV and NH cable starting May 7, 2011 for one week.  Produced by John Keitel.

[22 seconds of sound/music]

"Reporter": This is [inaud.] Roberts reporting live [static, SFX] Reports are coming in of disk-like objects flying over the state.

"Reporter 2": People are running for cover.

"Reporter 1": Holy Moly.

[fanfare type music, SFX] Karger: Don't be afraid.  I'm Fred Karger.  I'm an independent Republican running for president.

[sound, music]

Karger: My supporters and I are going door to door all over New Hampshire to hear from you.

And we'll be giving away these great Fred Frisbees.

I want to be your president...

...and bring back the American spirit of optimism and getting along.

I'm Fred Karger and I approve this message.

Notes: The Karger campaign previewed this video on May 5 at a press conference in Greenville, SC, where Karger was for the first debate.  According to the press release, "A 30 and 60-second version of the fast-paced commercial, 'Demon Frisbee' will begin airing this Saturday, May 7, 2011 on WMUR TV and on Cable throughout the Granite State for one week.  It will launch the Karger campaign’s big Saturday precinct walks and Fred Frisbee Giveaways slated for many Saturdays until next February’s first-in-the-nation primary (weather permitting)."

"Demon Frisbee" is not up to the level of the famous "Demon Sheep" ad of the 2010 campaign, but it does qualify for the silly category.  One comment on Karger's site was "Silly, but I like it."  There are a number of odd and amusing points.  First, the demon frisbee doesn't spin.  Next there's there's Fred's imitation of the "Six Million Dollar Man" as he leaps up to catch the frisbee.  Then when the scenes of people playing frisbee start, the young guy in the Fred Who? tee-shirt emerges not from a telephone booth but from a Porta-Potty.  It's not a generic Porta-Potty, either; it is clearly labeled as Dave's (www.davesseptic.com); one wonders it there is some product placement going on. 

Because it is a bit silly, the video will likely generate some buzz, and the edited down versions for TV will convey the message that Karger precinct walks are happening.