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Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

"Betrayal" +
:60 ad run starting Jan. 9, 2012 in South Carolina.

[Music] Male Announcer: One serial hypocrite exposed.

Male Voice: He went the other way when he got paid to go the other way.

Male Announcer: Now, another has emerged.  Rick Santorum.

A corporate lobbyist and Washington politician.  A record of betrayal.

The facts?  Santorum promised a balanced budget amendment, then voted five times to raise the debt ceiling, even for the "Bridge to Nowhere," adding trillions to the debt.

Then he admitted, "I am no longer a deficit hawk...I had to spend the surpluses."

Santorum promised to stand with workers, then sided with big money union bosses and opposed the Right to Work Act.

Santorum promised to fight the special interests, then took the most lobbyist cash in Washington and was named one of the most corrupt Members in Congress.

America's challenges are too great.  Don't be fooled.  Rick Santorum: A record of betrayal.  Another serial hypocrite who can't be trusted.

Paul (voiceover): I'm Ron Paul and I approved this message.

Notes: According to the press release:

‘Betrayal’ exposes Rick Santorum as another serial hypocrite in the vein of Newt Gingrich, showcasing the former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania’s record of duplicity on issues such as spending – including raising the debt ceiling – and insider lobbying.  The ad also features Santorum’s appalling record on right to work, an issue dear to South Carolina residents but one of pivotal importance right now due to the NLRB-Boeing dispute.  The ad also includes Rick Santorum’s now-infamous confession that he is, in his own words, “no longer a deficit hawk.”
“Ron Paul can come to South Carolina with a clear conscience and an impeccable record on the issues important to voters there: fiscal restraint, right to work, and strict adherence to the Constitution and one’s own promises.  In addition, Dr. Paul has support from many of our armed services men and women,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

“This ad showcases the real Rick Santorum and it’s the reason why Santorum should be leery of competing in the ‘First in the South’ Republican primary, and it is why we hope for a strong, competitive showing in the Palmetto State,” added Mr. Benton.