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Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

"Vote Texas" +
:30 ad announced to run starting April 10, 2012 on cable in Texas.

[Music, SFX] Male Announcer: Let's get this straight.  We're debating between a big spending, debt-ceiling raising fiscal liberal;

the moon colony guy;
a moderate from Massachusetts;

or a Texan with a real plan to balance the budget.

Get with it people.  Only one candidate will stand up for Texas.

Ron Paul isn't playing games.

Five federal bureaucracies gone.  A trillion dollars cut, year one.

Get Washington off your back.

Ron Paul.  Big...Bold...Texan.

Paul (voiceover): I'm Ron Paul and I approved this message [whip crack SFX].

Notes: This is another edgy ad from the Paul campaign.  Former Sen. Santorum withdrew on the same day this was announced, so it's not clear that it actually ran. 

According to the press release, this ad...

positions the 12-term Texas Congressman as the only authentic conservative seeking the Republican nomination, and the presidential aspirant most appealing to Republican voters in the Lone Star State.
To help kick off Ron Paul’s three-day campaign swing in Texas, the 30-second ad ‘Vote Texas’ will begin airing today on cable television.  In addition, the campaign is promoting the ad on websites where conservative activists, opinion leaders, and voters congregate.
The energetic, lighthearted ‘Vote Texas’ contrasts Ron Paul with his Republican rivals Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney, characterizing them as a “big spending, debt ceiling raising, fiscal liberal,” a “moon colony guy,” and “a moderate from Massachusetts,” respectively.  It follows by affirming Ron Paul’s status as the only Texan and the only authentic conservative seeking the nomination.  ‘Vote Texas’ then outlines provisions of Dr. Paul’s path-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America’ such as cutting $1 trillion in Washington spending in year one, balancing the federal budget in three years, and eliminating five unconstitutional federal departments.
“Texas has 152 delegates up for grabs on May 29th, keeping the race for the Republican nomination open,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. 
“Ron Paul is competing hard in his home state of Texas, and we expect that Texas conservatives will reject flip-flopping Massachusetts moderate Mitt Romney and the debt ceiling raising fiscal liberal Rick Santorum.  Through ‘Vote Texas’ and the campaign’s other efforts, Texas voters will be reminded that Ron Paul is the only Texan in the race, the only veteran in the race, and the only real conservative in the race,” added Mr. Benton.