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Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

"Consistent" +
:60 ad released Oct. 18, 2011, run in IA, NH, SC and NV.

[Music] TEXT: America is in trouble

Montage of bad news (various news announcers): Our economy seemingly on the brink of collapse...high unemployment sticking around...new foreclosures jumped 20-percent...fallout from the debt crisis...7 million jobs lost...the nation's debt keeps surging...

TEXT: Who will lead?

Obama: Change has come to America.  [SFX]

Cain: The concept of TARP...I was willing to go along with it.  [SFX]

Romney: I think there is need for economic stimulus...  [SFX]

Perry: I signed a letter with a Democrat: act...  [SFX]

TEXT: Who will lead?

News Announcer: Where are the people that say all of this stuff is socialism?

TEXT: One stands alone

Paul (1988): The role of government ought to be for the protection of liberty...not for the intrusion in economic affairs.

Paul (2007): We've spent too much, we tax too much, we borrow too much...

Paul (2007): ...it's bankrupting this country...

TEXT: "No one has been more consistent" - Newsweek, December 3, 2009

Paul (to camera): I've been talking about these problems for a long, long time.  Now we're bankrupt, and we have to decide which way we're going to go.

[SFX] Paul (voiceover): I’m Ron Paul and I approve this message.

Notes: According to the Oct. 20 press release:

The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced today the release of two new broadcast campaign ads that capitalize on the aggressive posture Dr. Paul displayed during his Las Vegas, Nevada “Plan to Restore America” launch.  
The 30-second spot “Plan” clearly explains Paul’s balanced budget plan to voters, and the 60-second spot “Consistent” compares his distinguished record of advocating conservative principles with the records of his establishment opponents Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. 
“Plan” and “Consistent” are part of a two week, multi-million dollar blitz in the key early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.  The campaign will also run radio versions of these spots, and complement the broadcast push with substantial voter outreach on the same topics.
“The absolutely positive reception of Ron Paul’s ‘Plan to Restore America’ means we’re obligated to meet an even higher standard of outreach and discussion,” said Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton, a “Plan to Restore America” co-author.
“No other Republican candidate’s economic plan matches that of Dr. Paul’s, so in turn we thought it only right to follow with a worthy campaign advertising effort,” said Mr. Benton.