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"Values" +
:30 ad run starting Jan. 6, 2012 in South Carolina.

[Music] Perry: As the son of tenant farmers from the West Texas town of Paint Creek, I learned the values of hard work, faith and family.  

I took those values with me when I served our country as a pilot in the Air Force.

I returned home to farm and ranch with my father and married my high school sweetheart.

The values I learned served me well as Governor of Texas, and will continue to guide me as President.

I’m Rick Perry, and I approve this message.

Notes: From the press release...

"This TV ad highlights Gov. Perry's perfect-for-South-Carolina status as a principled conservative, man of faith and proud military veteran," said Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan. "Rick Perry is the only conservative candidate with the organization, conservative record and outsider credentials to shake up Washington and get our nation working again."