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"Creating Jobs" +
:30 ad released Oct. 26, 2011 "run on broadcast and cable across Iowa"

[Music] Perry: As President I’ll create at least two-and-a-half million new jobs, and I know something about that.

In Texas we’ve created over one million new jobs while the rest of the nation lost over two million.

I’ll start by opening American oil and gas fields.

I’ll eliminate President Obama’s regulations that hurt other sources of domestic energy like coal and natural gas.

That'll create jobs and reduce our reliance on oil from countries that hate America.

I’m Rick Perry and I approve of this message.

Notes: According to the Oct. 26 press release:

“Gov. Perry's new TV ad signals two priorities, American job creation and the families of Iowa," said Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan. “The ad, which will be widely seen on Iowa TV and cable stations, underscores Rick Perry's commitment to sparking millions of new jobs and his record as America's jobs governor.”

The Romney for President campaign issued a fact check, the introduction of which stated:

“In an effort to prop up his sinking campaign, Rick Perry will keep trying to deflect attention away from his liberal policy on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants and his advocacy for turning Social Security over to the states. Today’s campaign ad doesn’t tell the whole story, failing to mention that unemployment in Texas has doubled on Perry’s watch and more than a million workers in his state are out of a job. Mitt Romney is a conservative businessman who is focused on getting Americans back to work and reviving this economy.” –Gail Gitcho, Romney Communications Director