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"Outsider" +
:30 ad run starting Nov. 19, 2011 on national cable and Iowa broadcast and cable in Iowa.

[SFX] [Music] Text: Washington is broken

Perry: Washington's broken, and it needs a complete overhaul.

[SFX] Obamacare
[SFX] Unemployment 9.0%
[SFX] National Debt $15,003,681,642,159

Perry: I'm the outsider who's willing to step on some toes.  I want to force Congress to balance the budget and if they don't, I say we cut their pay in half, send them home.

Perry: Replacing one Washington insider with another won't change a thing. If you want an outsider who'll overhaul Washington, then I'm your guy.

I'm Rick Perry and I approve of this message."

Notes: From the Perry campaign press release...
"We need a real outsider to overhaul Washington and cut the taxes, regulation and spending strangling our economy and of the GOP candidates Rick Perry is the only real Washington outsider in the race for the White House," said Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan. "Rick Perry is not the darling of the establishment, has never served in Congress and has never professionally lobbied Congress or the White House. Gov. Perry is the only candidate Americans can trust to truly overhaul Washington and jump-start job creation."