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"Faith" +
:30 ad run starting Dec. 2, 2011 in Iowa.

[Music] Perry: When you run for president, you get a bunch of questions about your faith.

        Text: Rick Perry

People want to know what drives you, how you make decisions.

Now some liberals say that faith is a sign of weakness.  Well they're wrong.  I think we all need God's help.

America's greatest leaders have been people of strong faith, strong values.  That makes for a strong America.

I'm Rick Perry, I'm not ashamed to talk about my faith, and I approve this message.

        Text: Approved by Rick Perry and paid for by RickPerry.org, Inc.

Notes: From the Perry campaign press release...
"Rick Perry's Christian faith has played a key role in his life and leadership, just as it has in the founding and life of the United States of America," said Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan. "Gov. Perry is guided by faith every day as he travels our great country discussing his strong social and fiscal conservative values, record and vision with voters in Iowa and across the nation."