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"American Story" +
:30 ad run starting Dec. 21, 2011 on national cable and Iowa broadcast and cable.

[Music] Anita Perry: It's an old-fashioned American story. I married my high school sweetheart, but first I had to wait as he volunteered for the Air Force and flew planes all over the world.

I'm Anita Perry. When Rick's tour of duty as a captain in the Air Force ended, he returned home to farm with his dad and asked me to marry him.

We grew up in small towns, raised with Christian values -- values we still believe in. And we know Washington, D.C., could use some of that.

Gov. Perry: I'm Rick Perry, and I really approve this message.

Text: Approved by Rick Perry and paid for by RickPerry.org, Inc.

Notes: From the Perry campaign press release...

"Gov. Perry and Mrs. Perry's story is quintessentially American, based on family, faith and patriotism," said Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan. "The Perrys met as children growing up in small-town Texas and married in 1982 after Rick Perry left the U.S. Air Force. Gov. Perry and Mrs. Perry are guided every day by the Christian values instilled in them as children, and this ad underscores their commitment to bringing their conservative values to Washington, D.C."