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Romney for President

  "Conservative Leader-Florida" +
  :60 radio ad run in Florida starting Jan. 23, 2012.


[Music] Female Announcer:  Leaders across Florida are supporting Mitt Romney because only Mitt can restore jobs, free enterprise, and the values of liberty.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said:

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi:  I firmly believe that the one person who is prepared and ready to hit the ground running and lead our country and our world out of this economic recession is Governor Mitt Romney. And I’m very proud to endorse him.

Female Announcer:  Today conservatives are supporting Mitt Romney because he shares their values:  the sanctity of life, the sacredness of marriage, and the importance of the family.

Founder of Women Affirming Life Mary Ann Glendon said:

Mary Ann Glendon:  The pro-life movement has worked so hard for so many years in the effort to change people’s hearts and minds on the life issues. That like Ronald Reagan, like Henry Hyde, Mitt Romney should be welcomed as a great success story for the pro-life movement.

Female Announcer:  Mitt Romney – Because it’s time we start believing in America again.

Romney:  I’m Mitt Romney, I'm running for President and I approve this message.

Female Announcer:  Paid for by Romney for President, Incorporated.

NotesContinues the "Conservative Leader" radio ads featuring testimonials from one or more prominent local supporters. The campaign has run these in several states (IA, NH, NV, see also Spanish language "Estoy" from FL).