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Romney for President

  "Conservative Leader-Colorado" +
  :60 radio ad run in CO released Feb. 1, 2012.


[Music] Female Announcer: This is the most important election of our lifetime and conservatives across America are supporting Mitt Romney.

Governor Chris Christie:

Christie: "America cannot survive another four years of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is the man we need to lead America and we need him now."

Female Announcer: Conservative columnist Ann Coulter says:

Coulter: “I think it's going to be Romney, I think Romney is the strongest candidate, and I think Republicans want to beat Obama, and Romney is the best one to do that.”

Female Announcer: And Colorado Grassroots Chairman Leondray Gholston says:

Gholston: "He's a proven executive, an accomplished private sector businessman and a man of courage and vision. As a patriot, a conservative, and a person with deep affection for our Constitution and country, I urge and argue most fervently for the election of Mitt Romney as our Republican nominee and next President of the United States.”

Female Announcer: Mitt Romney—Because it's time we start believing in America again.

Mitt Romney: I'm Mitt Romney.  I'm running for president and I approve this message.

Female Announcer: Paid for by Romney for President, Incorporated.