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Romney for President

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  :60 radio ad run in OH, lead up to March 6, 2012 primary.


Jay Sekulow: This is Jay Sekulow and I want to tell you why I've endorsed Mitt Romney. 

For over three decades I've had the honor of arguing religious liberty and conservative causes before the Supreme Court.

The next president may well select at least two justices for the Supreme Court.  This will be the court I argue before for the rest of my life.

Two justices could reverse hard fought victories involving life and liberty. 

Mitt Romney is a committed pro-life conservative who will nominate judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts, Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito.

That is why Judge Robert Bork chairs the Romney judicial advisory committee.

Meanwhile Rick Santorum voted for the confirmation of Judge Sotomayor to the Court of Appeals, which put her on the path to the Supreme Court.  Twenty-nine of his Republican colleagues voted against her.

Mitt believes in the rule of law and he understands that the next president will make nominations that will shape the Supreme Court and the whole of the judiciary for decades to come. 

With Mitt Romney we know what kind of judges we will get.

Female Announcer: Mitt Romney.  The leadership, the character and the conservative values America needs.

Mitt Romney: I'm Mitt Romney.  I'm running for president and I approve this message.

Female Announcer: Paid for by Romney for President, Inc..

Notes: Statement from Juan Sepúlveda, Senior Advisor for Hispanic Affairs:

“Mitt Romney is, again, choosing to pander to the extremes in his party and his latest attacks on Justice Sotomayor are yet another clear sign that he is on the wrong side of every issue of importance to Hispanic voters.

“Let’s not forget: Justice Sotomayor was confirmed with the support of nine Republican senators because she has unparalleled judiciary experience, intellect, respect for the Constitution, and common sense.   That’s why she belongs on our nation’s highest court, and that’s why she’s a role model for our families.  Unfortunately, this is not Romney’s first attack on Sotomayor.  It’s clear that, in Justice Sotomayor, Mitt Romney does not see a role model, but a political pawn that he can attack at will if it gets him a vote.

“Mitt Romney  has shown time and again that he is after the Tea Party vote, not the Latino vote, and with each attack he locks himself more to his extreme positions. Hispanics are listening, and Mitt Romney’s attacks will not going unnoticed.”