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Romney for President

"Conservative Record" +
:30 ad announced March 22, 2012 for WI.

[Music] Romney: I spent my career in the private sector. In Massachusetts, when I came in we faced almost a three billion dollar budget gap.

        TEXT: Proven Fiscal Conservative

And there were some that said why don’t we just raise taxes. Or why don’t we just borrow money?

        TEXT: Cut Taxes While Wiping Out A $3 Billion Deficit

We actually cut spending. I balanced the budget every single year and by the time I left we had established over two billion dollars of a rainy day fund.

        TEXT: Left Behind A $2 Billion Rainy Day Fund

The principles of business work in government and it’s high time to bring those principles of fiscal responsibility to Washington, DC.

        TEXT: Boldest GOP Agenda Since Reagan '80

Romney (voiceover): I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.