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Romney for President

"The Right Answer" +
:30 ad run starting evening of Nov. 30, 2011 in NH.

[Sound, Music] Romney: I spent my life in the private sector.  I've competed with companies around the world.  I've learned something about how it is that economies grow.

But we're not going to balance the budget just by pretending that all they have to do is take out the waste.  We're going to have to cut spending.  And I'm in favor of cutting spending, capping federal spending as a percentage of GDP at 20 percent or less, and having a balanced budget amendment.

The right answer for America is to stop the growth of the federal government and to start the growth of the private sector.

I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.

Notes: The ad alternates black and white still photos with a clip (or clips) of Romney speaking during the Sept. 12, 2011 CNN debate.