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Romney for President

  "Conservative Leader-New Hampshire" +
  :60 radio ad run in New Hampshire starting Dec. 9, 2011.


[Music] Male Announcer:  Mitt Romney’s conservative plan to get federal spending under control has been called the boldest GOP agenda since Reagan 1980.

Female Announcer:  Congressman Paul Ryan praised Romney’s plan saying ‘This is getting us toward a prosperity agenda that will allow the private sector to grow.’

Female Announcer:  Senator Kelly Ayotte says:

Ayotte:  Mitt Romney is the real conservative in our fight to cut spending. He has campaigned in New Hampshire, holding town halls, listening to voters.  Mitt Romney is the candidate we need to clean up Barack Obama’s mess and make sure that he is a one term President.

Female Announcer: Former Gov. John Sununu says:

Sununu:  Mitt Romney will cut spending and reduce taxes. He has been a governor, a conservative businessman and is America’s best chance to beat President Obama.

Female Announcer:  Mitt Romney - Because it’s time we start believing in America again.

Romney:  I'm Mitt Romney, I'm running for President and I approve this message.

Male Announcer:  Paid for by Romney for President, Incorporated.