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Rick Santorum for President

  "Courage to Fight for America" +
  :60 radio ad run nationally on satellite from June 13, 2011, and later in the week in IA, NH and SC.


Male Announcer: Here's Rick Santorum.

[Music] Santorum: When our founders created this country, the idea that we were going to borrow money to provide for people today and charge the next generation for the excesses of today would have astounded them.

Over half of America now receives some sort of government benefit, and 40 cents of that dollar that they're getting, they're charging their children and grandchildren for the rest of their lives to pay the debt service on the money that they're receiving.  That is immoral.  That is wrong.

Someone has to have the courage to go out and tell the American public: We can't afford the amount of government that we have right now, and we need to cut it back across the board.

The promise that we have to the next generation is to hand off America in better shape than it was handed to us.  And right now we are not gonna do that.

Male Announcer: Rick Santorum: the courage to fight for America.  Join the fight at RickSantorum.com.

Santorum: I'm Rick Santorum and I approved this message.

Male Announcer: Paid for by Rick Santorum for President.

Notes: This is the first broadcast ad by one of the major Republican candidates.