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Rick Santorum for President

  "Only One" +
  :60 national radio ad released Feb. 1, 2012.


Female Announcer: The following is an important message for all true conservatives and Tea Party supporters.

[Music] Male Announcer: The Florida results are in, and despite spending millions Newt Gingrich went from a big lead to a big defeat.  Why?  Because voters discovered Gingrich wasn't a true conservative.  Like Romney, Gingrich supported the Wall Street bailouts, job killing cap and trade, and radical health care mandates.  Gingrich even supports giving some illegals amnesty.

[Music up tempo] It's time for conservatives and Tea Party supporters to unite behind the true conservative that can stop Romney and defeat Obama.

Rick Santorum.  Santorum is rock solid on the social issues.  He opposes amnesty, mandates and the bailouts.  And Santorum successfully reformed welfare, moving millions from welfare to work. 

Rick Santorum.  He doesn't just talk a good conservative game; he lives it.

Go to RickSantorum.com and join the fight. 

Paid for by Rick Santorum for President. 

Santorum: I'm Rick Santorum and I approved this message.

NotesComing off the Florida primary, the campaign sought to portray Gingrich as not being a "true conservative."