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Rick Santorum for President

"Rombo" +
:30 ad run starting Feb. 15, 2012 in MI.

Santorum: I'm Rick Santorum and I approve this message.

[Music] Male Announcer: Mitt Romney's negative attack machine is back on full throttle.

This time Romney's firing his mud at Rick Santorum.

Romney and his Super PAC have spent a staggering 20 million brutally attacking fellow Republicans.


Because Romney's trying to hide from his big government Romneycare, and his support for job killing cap and trade.

   TEXT:  Romney Advisor Admits Romneycare Was Blueprint for Obamacare.

And in the end Mitt Romney's ugly attacks are going to backfire.

   TEXT:  Romney's Negative Ads Could Cost Him With Voters.

Notes: Certainly one of the funner ads of the cycle.  The Feb. 15 press release announcing the "Rombo" -


New Santorum Television Ad Rebuts the Tens of Millions Spent By Romney And His PAC On Laughable Negative Attacks - While Romney Tries To Hide From His Own Record

Verona, PA - The Rick Santorum for President campaign released a new ad in Michigan rebutting Mitt Romney's laughable attacks on Rick Santorum.  Rather than focusing on the issues, his record, or his vision; Mitt Romney has focused on destroying his opponents with millions of dollars in false, negative advertising.

Hogan Gidley, National Communications Director, said: "At this point, Mitt Romney's act is old, tired and wearing thin with voters. In every primary state, Gov. Romney's strategy has been the same: hide from his own record and instead, unleash his well-funded DC attack machine to destroy his opponent. I think it's very telling that Gov. Romney refuses to talk about his own record and why someone should vote for him and instead chooses to tear down Rick Santorum.

Maybe Gov. Romney feels entitled to the Republican nomination but regardless, his actions and those of his SuperPAC are sad and desperate.  The American people deserve more than the negative, false and misleading attacks Mitt Romney is dishing out. The choice is clear and the people are rejecting a candidate like Mitt Romney who only wants to attack his opponent, but one like Rick Santorum who focuses on building up all Americans and restoring this country to greatness."