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Rick Santorum for President

"Pop Up" +
:60 ad run starting Dec. 23, 2011 in IA.

[Music, pop up SFX (no narration)]
Rick Santorum.

Karen Santorum.

Have been married 21 years.

2006  (Family video from 2006)

Now  (Family video from 2011)

All the Santorum children were homeschooled

NOT homeschooled  (Video of the Santorum Family German Shepherd "Schotzy")

Rick coached little league baseball.

Meet Isabella Santorum.  (Video of Rick playing with daughter Bella)

Mike Huckabee said he "... loves Rick Santorum's conviction."

Rick is very good at passing... LEGISLATION that is.

Like welfare reform legislation.  It moved millions from welfare to work.

Rick also wrote the law that ended partial birth abortions.

Sarah Palin praised Rick for 'protecting the sanctity of life.'

Paid for by Santorum for President.  Join the Fight!

Santorum (voiceover): I'm Rick Santorum and I approve this message.

Notes: This ad takes a light approach; it is done in the style of VH1's "Pop Up Video" complete with annoying pop up sound effects every time text is added to the screen.  The inclusion of praise from Huckabee and Palin, who have not made an endorsement is interesting.