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Donald Trump

From The Desk Of Donald Trump
web videos on "trump's Channel" on YouTube.

Trump started producing these one- to three-minute web videos shortly after his appearance at CPAC, and they have been posted semi-weekly on the YouTube channel and appear prominently on the Should Trump Run? website run by Michael Cohen and Stewart Rahr.  The simple format of Trump sitting in his office talking to the camera is quite effective, fitting well with his image as straight-talking, no-nonsense business executive.

4/7/11 (4:53...his recent appearance on the "Today" show, jobs, lessons learned in the business world, a great book to read, what does he have for breakfast, and Iraq, oil and Iran).
(1:45...O'Reilly appearance, Obamacare, birth certificate).
3/30/11 (1:49...birther issue).
3/22/11 (1:21...leasing Gaddafi land).
3/21/11 (1:38...GEICO ad, Comedy Central appearance).
3/16/11 (3:58...Japan, outsourcing, secrets of success).
3/14/11 (1:05...New Hampshire invitation).
3/8/11 (2:30...405 freeway, Charlie Sheen, energy).
3/7/11 (1:08...405 freeway).
3/1/11 (2:07...jobs, Obamacare, OPEC).
2/28/11 (1:46...Libya, questions).
2/23/11 (3:25...poll shows tie with Obama, rates Obama, why run, Wisconsin).
2/22/11 (0:24...Somali pirates).
2/17/11 (1:23...Iraq and oil).
2/16/11 (Part 1 0:55...Iran; Part 2 0:34...upcoming appearance on SNL).
2/15/11 (0:43...appearance on Cavuto and NYSE being bought by Germans).