TEXT OF AD run by Romney for President in the Cedar Rapids Gazette on Oct. 17, 2012


Friends and neighbors:

As the November election rolls around, we owe you an apology - and a promise.

First, the apology. Four years ago, we voted for Barack Obama. We thought he'd deliver the hope and change he promised on the campaign trail. We thought he'd implement policies that would grow our economy and create the good jobs Americans deserve. We thought he'd set aside partisan bickering and unite Democrats and Republicans for the sake of the country. We thought he'd reduce the debt he once criticized as "unpatriotic."

But four years later, it's abundantly clear that President Obama hasn't delivered the real recovery we need. We didn't vote for record levels of poverty, declining take-home pay, or 23 million Americans struggling for
work. We weren't casting votes in favor of four consecutive trillion-dollar budget deficits, the first credit downgrade in history, and surpassing
$16 trillion in debt.

The fact is, Barack Obama's term in the White House has offered disappointment after disappointment. It turns out that eloquence does not equal competence. We'll gladly admit: we were wrong.

Now, the promise.

Mitt Romney will deliver the real recovery that President Obama has failed to bring, he'll get Americans working again, and he'll turn our economy around.

His five-point Plan for a Stronger Middle Class will create 12 million new jobs by championing small business, cutting the deficit, making trade work for America, achieving North American energy independence, and ensuring Americans have the skills to succeed. His policies will grow our economy by embracing the principles of the free enterprise system and its ability to lift up all Americans with more jobs and more take-home pay. He will finally bring what our nation needs: real reforms for a real recovery.

There's no doubt that we all face a big choice this Election Day. Whether we're talking about jobs, taxes, spending, health care, foreign policy, or any other issue - it's clear we can't afford another four years like the last four years.

And while we can't turn back the clock on the mistake we made four years ago, we're committed to making it up to you by casting our ballots for Mitt Romney this November.
Alice Brehm, Dubuque

Sherry Benak, Cedar Falls

Bob Burroughs, Marion

Harlan Richter, Algona

Donna Burroughs, Marion

Debbie Smith, Clive

Matt Strelo, Dubuque

Lou Solari, Sergeant Bluff

Leslie Green, Davenport

Ed Otten, Iowa City

Max Hool, Sioux City

John Scroggins, Cedar Rapids

Patty Hool, Sioux City

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