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Romney for President, Inc.

"Way of Life" +
:30 ad from Sept. 19, 2012. 

[Music] Man: My family’s worked in the coal industry for over sixty years; this is the way of life we know.

The policies that the current administration’s got is attacking my livelihood.

Obama said he was going to bankrupt any new power plants that opened up that’s coal-fired and he’s keeping his promise.

I got two young grandsons.  I’m scared for their future, let alone mine.

I support Mitt Romney.

Romney (voiceover): I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.

Notes: According to the press release, "For many across the country, working in the coal industry is a way of life. President Obama is attacking their livelihood. President Obama said he was going to bankrupt new coal-fired power plants and he’s keeping his promise." 

According to another release, "Obama's Appalachian War on Coal," issued the same day:

"For four years, President Obama has waged a war on coal that has devastated the middle class and American workers. Today’s news that the President’s policies are killing another 1,200 jobs in states like Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania is just the latest evidence President Obama hasn’t delivered for middle-class families. Americans deserve better than what they’ve received from President Obama over the last four years.” – Ryan Williams, Romney Campaign Spokesman