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March 29, 2012

Herd About Tampa Bay - Call to Artists
Following the successes of past fiberglass animal projects such as the Tampa Bay Tour of Turtles, Manatee Menagerie and Tampa Bay Tarpon, the Outdoor Arts Foundation has partnered with the 2012 Host Committee for the Republican National Convention to introduce Herd About Tampa Bay, a project that will feature a parade of playful Pachyderms displayed throughout the Tampa Bay area.
The project is not meant to serve any political purpose, it is simply being executed to exhibit the talents of our local artists while the national spotlight is on the Tampa Bay area during the upcoming Republican National Convention.
From August 5th through September 6th, approximately 50 uniquely decorated fiberglass Elephants will displayed at high-profile locations throughout the Tampa Bay Area including downtown Tampa near the Convention, Tampa International Airport, sponsors places of business and other locations to be determined.
Individual Elephants will be sponsored by local businesses and individuals and decorated by local artists. At the conclusion of the project, sponsors will have the option of either keeping their Elephant or donating it to the not-for-profit organization of their choice.
Artists from throughout the State of Florida and selected artists from out-of-state are invited to submit design proposals for consideration. There is no limit to the number of proposals an artist can submit.
All proposed designs must be submitted to the Outdoor Arts Foundation for approval and inclusion in the Design Portfolio. Artists and their designs will be selected by the Elephant sponsors from the portfolio. In certain instances, sponsors will request specific artists or come on board with their own in-house artists. Unless given an exemption by the Outdoor Arts Foundation, a design proposal must be submitted for approval.
Elephant design criteria calls for creativity and artistry. Design proposals cannot contain direct advertisements for companies, products or services, there can be no design proposals with offensive subject matter. We would prefer that you refrain from making any kind of religious, social or political statement with your Elephant design. This being said, creativity that produces subtle or clever messages associating the artwork with products or missions will be considered.
The basic Elephant form cannot be modified (i.e. cut in half, holes drilled, pieces removed, etc.) without approval from the Outdoor Arts Foundation.
Design proposals can contain additions to the basic Elephant sculpture; however, all additions must first be approved by the Outdoor Arts Foundation. Please keep in mind that almost all of the Elephants will be exhibit outdoors on the side of buildings so all added materials must be able to withstand Florida's harsh weather conditions (i.e. rain, direct sunlight, wind, etc.). We would strongly discourage additions made of paper mache, plastic, cloth, paper, etc.
The artists or groups of artists will work with approved types of paints and finishes to assure the longevity of the artwork on the fiberglass surface. We have found that exterior acrylic house paint holds up the best on the fiberglass form. High-quality artists’ acrylics, oils and enamels can also be used. Elephant will come with a basic primer coat already applied; however, we would suggest that you add an additional primer or
gesso coat to your sculpture.
Artists or groups must be able to pick up and transport their Elephant to their studio from the staging area; and, from their studio back to the staging area. In certain extenuating circumstances, Outdoor Arts Foundation staff may be able to assist with the pick-up and delivery of the Elephant. If you do not have the ability to transport your Elephant, we need you to include this information in your design proposal.
Artists’ Honorarium
Once an artist’s design is accepted, the design and the artist’s name will be entered in the Design Portfolio for selection by sponsors. If a sponsor selects an artist from the portfolio, the artist will receive a total honorarium of $500.00. The honorarium will be divided into two payments: $250.00 upon receiving the Elephant and $250.00 upon delivery of the Elephant.
The Outdoor Arts Foundation will own the completed Elephant until September of 2012 at which time the sponsor will either keep the Elephant or donate it to the charity of their choice.
Once an artist submits a design, the design shall remain in the ownership of the Outdoor Arts Foundation. Due to the volume of designs that we receive, we will unfortunately not be able to return designs to the artists once they are submitted.
The Outdoor Arts Foundation shall have the right to reproduce and distribute the design or derivative of the design for the purposes of promoting the event by all means of media including the internet (with artist’s name and copyright where applicable). These rights shall be granted exclusively to the Outdoor Arts Foundation.
Sponsors Selection of Artists
Sponsors will select artists from the Design Portfolio and will be introduced to the artist upon selection of the artist’s design.
If a sponsor wishes to negotiate directly with an artist who is not in the Design Portfolio, the sponsor and artist will agree on an honorarium to be paid by the sponsor separate from the arrangements set forth in the “Herd About Tampa Bay” agreement. Sponsors and artists working in this manner must submit design proposals to the Outdoor Arts Foundation for approval.
Once a sponsor/artist match has been made via the Design Portfolio, the proposed design will be removed from the portfolio and either archived by the Outdoor Arts Foundation or given to the sponsor in recognition of their participation.
Upon completion, each Elephant will be securely mounted and displayed at a location to be determined by that Elephant’s sponsor. Elephants will be placed with a sponsorship plaque that will include the artist’s name & contact information, the sponsor’s name and the title of the Elephant. All Elephants will be publicized through collateral materials, maps, news articles and special events.
The one sure way to guarantee sponsorship would be to bring on your own sponsor. If you think you can bring in your own sponsor, please contact us so that we can discuss with you sponsor benefits and sponsorship procedure.
Contact information:
Jay Goulde at (727) 954-4025. Jay can also be reached via e-mail at jgoulde@tampabay.rr.com, and Information can also be found at www.outdoorartsfoundation.com
Outdoor Arts Foundation
800 51st Avenue N.
St. Petersburg, FL, 33703
Artists or groups of artists will be officially notified of a sponsor match once that match has been made.
Not all artists will be selected for sponsorship; however, the Outdoor Arts Foundation with work diligently to procure sponsorships for as many artists as possible.
The Elephants
All Elephants will be configured so that they can be mounted on the side of a building or on an interior wall. They will be approximately 4' in length and 4' in height. Below is an artists rendering of the Elephant. Please feel free to print out the following page and use it for your design proposal.

WASHINGTON, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Former Presidential Candidate Gary Bauer congratulated Governor Scott Walker for his win in Wisconsin's recall election, calling it "another sign that taxpayers will award office holders ready to do the hard work of reigning in out-of-control government spending."

Bauer, the chairman of the Campaign for Working Families,  made the following statement:

"I congratulate Governor Scott Walker for his hard-fought victory tonight, and most especially for having the courage of his convictions to fight the good fight. But the victory in Wisconsin is not Scott Walker's alone.  It is a victory for the hard-working taxpayers of Wisconsin, who foot the bill year after year.  It is a victory for common sense over powerful special interests.  It is a victory that taxpayers in every state can celebrate.  It is a victory, yes, even for some union members.

"Since Gov. Walker's reforms were enacted, tens of thousands of state employees have opted to keep more of the money they earn rather than let the public employees union siphon off their hard-earned dollars.  In other words, once given the choice, more than half of the public employees union's members decided that they didn't need the union.  These reforms will pay real dividends for the taxpayers of Wisconsin.  They are the real winners tonight.

"The recall election is a sign of good things to come.  The power of the Big Labor bosses has finally been checked, not just in Wisconsin, but also in scores of other states across the country.  More governors, legislators and taxpayers will be inspired to stand up against the liberal labor unions and do what is truly in the best interests of their communities.  Wisconsin's 10 Electoral College votes are now in play, and the anti-tax, small government movement that swept the country in 2010 is about to sweep Barack Obama out of office in 154 days!"

Source: PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1drYR)