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“Which ‘Meathead’ Will You Vote For?”
Two new mosaics, made entirely of Jack Link’s® jerky, go head-to-head with Sasquatch as fans vote for their favorite meaty portrait

Minong, Wis. (August 22, 2012) /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for the two major political parties’ national conventions, Jack Link’s® Beef Jerky has unveiled the ultimate – or ulti-meat – tribute to the year’s political race: mosaic portraits of “Barack Obameat” and “Meat Romney.” Painstakingly created by a noted mosaic artist from thousands of pieces of Jack Link’s Jerky, the two presumptive presidential candidates now join Sasquatch, the brand’s icon, in the distinct honor of having their likenesses recreated entirely from jerky.  Americans can vote online for their favorite “meathead’ in this unique portrait showdown.

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, the No. 1 U.S. meat snack brand, partnered with San Francisco-based mosaic artist Jason Mecier to create an original series of artwork using its meat snacks as the creative medium. Earlier this year, Jack Link’s and Mecier unveiled a meathead portrait of Sasquatch, star of Jack Link’s award-winning Messin’ With Sasquatch advertising campaign, and now have added Meat Romney and Barack Obameat to their artistic gallery. Each portrait took approximately 50 hours and 50 bags of Jack Link’s Jerky to create, with Mecier hand-applying countless pieces of jerky to each portrait.  In order to provide a broad color palette, a variety of flavors were used in creating the portraits, including Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky, Jack Link’s Turkey Jerky, Jack Link’s Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky, Jack Link’s Smokehouse Beef Jerky and more.

“For years, political and cultural figures have earned the distinction of having their likenesses preserved for all time using the artistic medium of the day,” said Jeff LeFever, director of marketing for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. “In the light-hearted spirit of the brand, we commissioned artworks that used jerky instead of paint. Now, Jack Link’s asks all Americans, ‘which meathead will you vote for?’”

Vote now: it’s the meatiest election in years

Jack Link’s fans, jerky lovers and political junkies alike are invited to cast their votes for their favorite meathead portrait: Barack Obameat, Meat Romney or Sasquatch. To vote, simply visit JackLinks.com or Facebook.com/JackLinksBeefJerky. One lucky voter will receive a $5,000 Snack Stimulus prize package.  Results will be posted on JackLinks.com and on Facebook.com/JackLinksBeefJerky.   

“We think this is one election that Jack Link’s jerky fans, regardless of their political affiliation, can really sink their teeth into,” LeFever added.

For more information on Jack Link’s meathead mosaic series, go to JackLinks.com or Facebook.com/JackLinksBeefJerky.

Meaty Fast Facts:

-Number of bags of Jack Link’s Jerky used in each portrait: approximately 50 bags per portrait
-Number of hours to create all three portraits: a total of 150 hours
-Portrait dimensions: each portrait is 2-feet x 3-feet
-Varieties of jerky used: Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky, Jack Link’s Turkey Jerky, Jack Link’s Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky, Jack Link’s Original Smokehouse Beef Jerky and more


About Jason Mecier
Mosaic portrait artist Mecier has spent many years creating art from edible and other ingredients. He began his life puttering with beans, noodles, yarn, pom poms, felt and other inexpensive craft materials. Today, his portfolio includes unique portraits of Jerry Seinfeld (materials: dry cereal), Condoleeza Rice (materials: rice), Taylor Swift (materials: Good & Plenty candy), Rachael Ray (materials: beans and noodles) and Martha Stewart (materials: veggie platter), among others. While his artwork may fool the eye, there are no gimmicks, trick shots, no studio touch ups. His creations are one-of-a-kind handcrafted mosaics that Mecier has created with painstaking care. His portraits have gained international attention and have been featured for many years in national consumer magazines and prestigious galleries.

About Jack Link’s Beef Jerky – Feed Your Wild Side
Headquartered in Minong, Wis., Jack Link’s is the No. 1 meat snack brand and fastest-growing meat snack manufacturer worldwide. The Jack Link’s brand represents a heritage of quality and consumer trust. Well known for its iconic Messin’ With Sasquatch advertising campaign, Jack Link’s offers more than 100 premium meat snack products at retail outlets in more than 40 countries. Check out JackLinks.com for more information on the brand.

...ed. note: Close up photo shows the rich texture.