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Highlights on the Road to the White House
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January 2013
Tues. Jan. 1

Wed. Jan. 2

Thurs. Jan. 3

Fri. Jan. 4 Joint Session of Congress to open and count the electoral votes. [PDF >

Sat. Jan. 5

Sun.  Jan. 6

Mon. Jan. 7

Tues. Jan. 8

Wed. Jan. 9

Thurs. Jan. 10

Fri. Jan. 11

Sat. Jan. 12

Sun. Jan. 13

Mon. Jan. 14

Tues. Jan. 15

Wed. Jan. 16

Thurs. Jan. 17

Fri. Jan. 18

Sat. Jan. 19

Sun. Jan. 20 President Obama formally sworn in at the White House.

Mon. Jan. 21 The 57th Inaugural: Public swearing in ceremony on the west steps of the Capitol.

Tues. Jan. 22 DNC Winter Meeting in Washington, DC.

Wed. Jan. 23 RNC Winter Meeting in Charlotte, NC.

Thurs. Jan. 24 RNC Winter Meeting in Charlotte, NC.

Fri. Jan. 25 RNC Winter Meeting in Charlotte, NC.

Sat. Jan. 26 RNC Winter Meeting in Charlotte, NC.

Sun. Jan. 27

Mon. Jan. 28

Tues. Jan. 29

Wed. Jan. 30

Thurs. Jan. 31

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