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August 2011
Mon. Aug. 1 House votes to pass the debt ceiling agreement by 269-161 (Republicans 174-66 and Democrats 95-95).

Tues. Aug. 2 Senate passes the debt ceiling agreement by 74-26 and President Obama signs it.
Projected date, on the calendar since May 2, on which the United States would have exhausted borrowing authority under the statutory debt limit if Congress had not acted to raise the limit.  Prospect of default loomed large in the preceding weeks; for example, Secretary Geithner warned of "catastrophic economic and market consequences of a default crisis."

Wed. Aug. 3

Thurs. Aug. 4

Fri. Aug. 5 Standard & Poor's downgrades U.S. credit rating to AA+.  [reactions]

Sat. Aug. 6

Sun. Aug. 7

Mon. Aug. 8

Tues. Aug. 9

Wed. Aug. 10

Thurs. Aug. 11 Iowa State Fair, August 11-21, 2011. >
RPI/FOX News/The Washington Examiner Debate in Ames, IA. >

Fri. Aug. 12

Sat. Aug. 13 Republican Party of Iowa's Iowa Straw Poll in Ames, IA.
Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) announces his candidacy at the Red State Gathering in Charleston, SC.  [transcript]

Sun. Aug. 14

Mon. Aug. 15

Tues. Aug. 16

Wed. Aug. 17

Thurs. Aug. 18

Fri. Aug. 19

Sat. Aug. 20

Sun. Aug. 21 Iowa State Fair, August 11-21, 2011.

Mon. Aug. 22

Tues. Aug. 23

Wed. Aug. 24

Thurs. Aug. 25

Fri. Aug. 26

Sat. Aug. 27

Sun. Aug. 28

Mon. Aug. 29

Tues. Aug. 30

Wed. Aug. 31

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