Key People-Fred Karger
     ...filed to establish presidential campaign committee March 23, 2011

updated February 20, 2012           

Candidate and Campaign Manager  Fred Karger

Research Director  Kevin Miniter

(started full time in Aug. 2010 as traveling aide and research assistant after helping Karger out with side projects; moved from Calif. to NH in beginning of July 2011)  Undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies from Georgetown University, 2005.  Originally from Waterbury, CT.

Communications Director  Rina Shah

(March 1, 2011)  Worked for nearly three years on Capitol Hill as a executive assistant to Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) from mid-2008 to mid-2010 and as a executive/legislative assistant to Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) until Feb. 2011.  Worked in TV news and as a freelance writer.  Undergraduate degree in political science and communications from West Virginia University, and is currently pursuing graduate work through the Harvard Extension School.  Shah is also a founding member of the Indian American Conservative Council.  Native of Beckley, WV.

Chief Financial Officer  Brian Wilson

(Sept. 2010...does a bit of everything from reports to content management to media buys)  Based in Los Angeles.  Experience includes work as a commercial real estate agent for two years, 2007-09.  Graduate of the Entrepreneur Program at University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business.

Social Media Director  Matt Hammond

(started March 23, 2011 as an intern based in DC)  Student on leave from UC San Diego.  

Media  John Keitel

Filmmaker.  In 2008 Keitel filmed and produced and director the 35-min. documentary "Saving the Boom" about the effort, led by Karger, to stop demolition of the Boom Boom Room gay bar in Laguna Beach.

Jewish Outreach Director  Brad Hertz


The New Hampshire White House: 377 Highland St., Manchester, NH (signed lease July 17, 2011)

Kevin Miniter

both part-time
Dartmouth Campus Coordinator  Tyler Ford

(Feb. 2011) Senior in government at Dartmouth College.

UNH Campus Coordinator  Lee Hunter

Based in Portsmouth; first met Karger when he was GM of Margarita's.

also Bagpiper  Kirk Brunson


Headquarters: Lansing, MI

State Director  Todd A. Heywood
(effective Feb. 14, 2012)  Experience includes Michigan Fellow The American Independent News Network (The Michigan Messenger) and Capitol correspondent for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender publication Between the LinesElected to the Lansing Community College board of trustees and served 2001-03.  Associate’s general degree from Lansing Community College Lansing Community College.

Targeting Michigan’s 8th Congressional District
Karger’s campaign will undertake a unique Michigan strategy.  Under the leadership of State Director, Todd Heywood of Lansing, Karger will put his advertising and outreach emphasis in the 8th Congressional District.  Michigan awards three delegates in each of its 14 Congressional Districts to whichever candidate wins that district.

“If we can win one district, then we can walk away with at least three delegates.” said Karger.  “As a first-time candidate who has not been allowed in one national debate, it’s an uphill battle to get known, so we will be blitzing Ingham, Livingston and Oakland Counties, which make up the new 8th district.  We worked hard in New Hampshire and we were able to beat Michele Bachmann by 135 votes in that state’s Primary.”

In the commercial, Karger offers himself up as the moderate alternative to Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.  Karger is described as having the best jobs plan, is pro-choice, supports gay marriage and wants our troops out of Afghanistan now.

Karger is also planning extensive voter contact in the 8th District via phone, direct mail, online ads, facebook ads and other social media platforms.

The campaign made an early effort in Iowa, but ultimately did not compete in the Jan. 3 caucuses.


State Director  Nathan Treloar

(announced Nov. 22, 2010, continued through end of June 2011 when he moved to Chicago to take up a position there) Treloar ran a consulting firm providing voter outreach and communications services.  He managed Mark Rees' June 2010 primary campaign in Iowa's 3rd CD.  He worked as communications director, House Majority Fund finance director and a county organizer for the Republican Party of Iowa.  Degree in political science from Iowa State University.  Native of Ogden, Iowa (Boone County).