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OVERVIEW: The campaign team that made Mitt Romney the GOP nominee was relatively small, less than 100 people to April 2012, and was led by a small inner circle.  The campaign bulked up very significantly starting in May - June, and in September received a further infusion of people who had worked on the Republican National Convention.

Chairman  Bob White

White is described as Romney's "most trusted advisor...chief advice broker...alter ego."  First employee at Bain Capital; started at Bain Consulting in 1981. Degree in math and economics from Bowdoin College, 1977. 
See: Noam Scheiber.  "The Partner."  The New Republic, May 18, 2012.  >
        Michael Barbaro and Ashley Parker. "A Troubleshooting 'Wingman' Plotting Romney's Trajectory." The New York Times, Oct. 27, 2012. >

Campaign Manager  Matt Rhoades

(announced Feb. 15, 2010)  A vice president with DCI Group, May 2007-Feb. 2010.  Communications director on Romney's presidential campaign, Jan. 2007-March 2008.  A deputy communications director in charge of research for the RNC during the 2006 election cycle. Research director for the 2004 Bush/Cheney re-election campaign.  Deputy research director at the RNC, 2003-04.  White House Liaison at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in the Bush Administration, and earlier an Associate Director in the White House Presidential Personnel Office.  B.A. from Syracuse University, 1997; and an M.A. from The George Washington University, 1999.

Chief of Staff to the Campaign Manager  Jacqueline (Jackie) Rooney

(2011)  B.S. in international relations and affairs from The Johns Hopkins University, 2009.

Deputy Campaign Manager/Director of Operations  Katie Packer Gage

Partner at WWP Strategies.  Michigan consultant/strategist on Romney's 2007-08 campaign and earlier consultant to the Commonwealth PAC.  Vice president of The Sterling Corporation and director of Sterling's Washington, DC office; joined the firm in 1995.  Worked for two years at the U.S. Department of Energy as a senior advisor to the Secretary.  Chief of staff to Michigan Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus, and managed the 2002 Posthumus for Governor campaign in Michigan.  A senior aide to Sen. Spence Abraham (R-MI) first on Capitol Hill and then as deputy campaign manager of his 2000 campaign.  Director of Senate Majority communications for the Michigan Senate and executive director of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. Deputy state director for the Dole for President campaign in Michigan, 1996.  Worked on many state legislative campaigns in Michigan.  Graduated in 1990 from Evangel University in Springfield, MO.

Senior Advisor  Beth Myers

(including leading the vice presidential search effort) Principal at the Shawmut Group.  Longtime aide to Romney; managed his 2007-08 presidential campaign and in 2006 directed his Commonwealth PAC.  Myers served as chief of staff in the Governor's office, starting from the outset of the Romney administration and earlier was an advisor on his gubernatorial campaign.  Chief of staff to state Treasurer Joseph Malone for five years.  Worked in Texas with Karl Rove during the 1980s.  Graduate of Tufts University, 1979.

Senior Advisor  Peter G. Flaherty II

Principal at the Shawmut Group.  Advisor on Romney's 2007-08 presidential campaign.  Deputy chief of staff in the Governor's office throughout Romney's term.  Two years as vice president of Walden Media, a film, television, and theatre company co-founded by his brother.  Suffolk County assistant district attorney, homicide unit.  J.D. from New England School of Law, 1997.  B.A. in economics from College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA), 1987.

Senior Advisor  Eric Fehrnstrom 

Principal at the Shawmut Group. Traveling press secretary on Romney's 2007-08 presidential campaign.  Communications director to Gov. Romney; joined the Romney campaign in March 2002.  Senior vice president at Hill, Holliday advertising agency, 1999-2002.  Assistant State Treasurer (media relations) for state Treasurer Joseph Malone, 1994-98 and campaign manager and communications director on Malone's unsuccessful 1998 campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.  Worked for a decade as a journalist, starting at a Boston-area weekly and then for almost nine years at the Boston Herald, 1985-94, finishing as Statehouse bureau chief.  B.S. in journalism from Boston University, 1984.  twitter

Strategists  Stuart Stevens and Russ Schriefer

Founding partners and principals at the Stevens & Schriefer Group (SSG).  Stevens and Schriefer were media consultants on Romney's 2007-08 campaign after working for McCain in the first months of the cycle.  They were part of the media team (Maverick Media) on Bush-Cheney '04 and on Bush's 2000 campaign (Stevens wrote a book on that experience, The Big Enchilada).
Stuart Stevens:  "Beginning his political career in his native Mississippi, Stuart worked on Thad Cochran’s campaigns and has gone on to help elect more governors and US Senators than any other current Republican media consultant." 
See: Mike Allen and Jim VanderHei.  "Inside the campaign: How Mitt Romney stumbled."  Politico, Sept. 16, 2012. >
         Noam Scheiber.  "The Square and the Flair."  The New Republic, Aug. 2, 2012. >
Russ Schriefer:  Over twenty years experience as a strategist and media consultant, including, for example, media consultant on Chris Christie's 2009 gubernatorial campaign, program director for the 2004 Republican National Convention, campaign manager on Rudy Giuliani's unsuccessful 1989 campaign, although he was eventually replaced, and Mid-Atlantic regional political director on Bush-Quayle '88.  Bachelor's degree in government from Manhattan College, 1980.
Note: The firm set up to do Romney's advertising and media buying was American Rambler Productions. >>

Deputy to Senior Strategist (Stewart Stevens)  Austin Barbour

A national finance chairman for Romney.  Partner at Clearwater Group, LLC from March 2011.  Managed appointed U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker's successful 2008 campaign.  Ran Haley's PAC from its start in Sept. 2004.  Lobbyist at Capitol Resources in Jackson.  Graduate of University of Mississippi, 1999.  Nephew of former Gov. Haley Barbour. 

Senior Advisor  Ron Kaufman

On leave from position as senior advisor to Dutko Grayling; joined the firm in 1994.  Top advisor in the White House during George H.W. Bush's presidency, initially White House Personnel Director and then Assistant to the President and the White House Political Director.  Founded Vice President Bush's PAC and ran his 1988 primary campaign in New Hampshire.  National campaign director for Vice President Bush's 1984 reelection campaign.  Regional then national political director of the Republican National Committee under President Reagan.  Started his career in national politics in 1978 with George H. W. Bush's campaign for president.

Senior Advisor  Ed Gillespie

(announced April 5, 2012)  Founder of Ed Gillespie Strategies, a strategic consulting firm that provides advice to companies and CEOs, coalitions, and trade associations.  Chairman of the Republican State Leadership Committee from early 2010.  Chairman of Bob McDonnell’s campaign for governor in 2009.  Counselor to the President in the last 18 months of the Bush Administration.  Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, 2006-07.  Seven years as co-chairman of Quinn Gillespie and Associates (QGA).  Chairman of the Republican National Committee, 2003-04.  Long-time aide to former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.  Worked at the RNC under Haley Barbour.  B.A. from the Catholic University of America, 1983.

Senior Advisor  Mark DeMoss

(announced May 18, 2011)  Served on Romney's National Faith and Values Steering Committee in 2007-08.  Founder (Sept. 1991) and president of the DeMoss Group, based in Atlanta, GA.  Founded and ran, Jan. 2009-11.  Spokesman and aide to Jerry Falwell for eight years.  Degree in political science from Liberty University.  Grew up in the Philadelphia area.  Author of The Little Red Book of Wisdom (1997).

Senior Advisor  Bob Wickers

(announced Jan. 13, 2012)  Co-founder and president of Dresner Wickers Barber Sanders, a political consulting firm whose recent clients include Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. In 2008, Wickers served as senior strategist, pollster and media producer for Gov. Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign.

Staff Secretary and Senior Advisor  Louis Tavares

(April 2011 headed up operations through the primaries, then promoted to campaign-wide role)  Chief Operating Officer and Counsel to the Free and Strong America PAC, April 2008-April 2011.  Deputy national finance director on the Romney for President 2007-08 campaign.  Associate legal counsel in the Office of Gov. Mitt Romney, 2005-06.  Associate at Ropes & Gray LLP, 2004-05.  J.D. from Boston College Law School, 2004; B.A. in political science and economics from Tufts University, 2001.

Deputy Staff Secretary  Colby Harmon

(May 2012)  Human resource specialist, State of Utah, 2011-12; also attorney at Avant Garde Law Firm, LLC, 2010-12.  Attorney at Jeffrey C. Howe Law Office, 2009.  J.D. from Suffolk University Law School, 2008; M.P.A from University of Utah, 2005; B.A. in political science from University of Utah, 2003.

Assistant Staff Secretary  Jason Jones

(May 2012)  J.D. from Virginia School of Law, 2012; B.A. in political science from Brigham Young University, 2009.

Special Assistant to Mitt and Ann Romney  Kelli Harrison

Chief of staff to the executive director at Free and Strong America PAC.  Executive assistant to the campaign manager on Romney for President, 2007-08.  Graduate of Tufts University, 2007.


Political Director  Rich Beeson

(On Jan. 13, 2011, Real Clear Politics reported that Rich Beeson would be political director of a "near-certain presidential bid.")  Partner at FLS Connect.  Political director at the RNC in the 2008 cycle (announced Jan. 2007).  Joined Feather, Larson & Synhorst, approx. April 2005At the RNC from 1997 to 2005, Beeson worked as an RNC regional political director and regional finance director for the Western region.  National field director for Americans Back in Charge.  Organizational director on Bruce Benson's 1994 gubernatorial campaign against Roy Romer in Colorado.  From Colorado.

Deputy Political Director  Todd Cranney

(April 2011)  Deputy campaign manager/political director on Meg Whitman's 2010 campaign for governor of California.  Campaign manager on Nathan Fletcher for Assembly, 2008.  Western regional political director on Romney's 2007-08 campaign.  Regional political director on California Victory 2006 (Carlsbad Republican Victory Headquarters).  Field representative on Bush-Cheney '04 first in California and then in Nevada.  Staff assistant to Sen. Orrin Hatch, 2003-04.  B.S. in finance from Brigham Young University, 2002.

Deputy Political Director  Jason McBride

(reported by The New York Times on April 19, 2012)  State director on Romney's New Hampshire primary campaign from approx. March 2011.  Deputy political director at the RNC, March 2010 to early 2011.  Deputy director of the Workforce Fairness Institute, Jan. 2009-March 2010.  Regional manager for Freedom's Watch, April-Dec. 2008.  Michigan state director on Romney's 2007-08 presidential campaign.  Executive director of the House Republican Campaign Committee (in that position, he was the lead fundraiser).  Prior to that McBride worked for Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, the 2002 Dick Posthumus for Governor Campaign, as deputy political director for the Michigan State Republican Committee, and on the 2000 Mike Rogers for Congress campaign.  Graduate of Michigan State University, 1995.  Originally from Shelby Township, Michigan.

Director of Voter Contact  Dan Centinello

(started on the campaign in April 2011)  Deputy campaign manager on Roy Blunt for U.S. Senate, 2010.  Statewide field director on Chris Christie for Governor primary campaign from Jan.-June 2009, then executive director of the New Jersey Republican State Committee, June-Dec. 2009.  State director for RNC's California Victory in 2008.  Deputy director of voter contact/Northeast regional political director on Romney's 2007-08 campaign.  A deputy field director for California Victory 2006.  Managed Kevin Jeffries for State Assembly June 2006 primary campaign.  Operations director on Kevin Faulconer for San Diego City Council in the Nov. 8, 2005 special election and Jan. 10, 2006 run-off.  Regional political director for the Republican Party of San Diego County.  Attended Canisius College in New York; chairman of the New York College Republican State Committee, 2004-05.

Director of Analytical Targeting  Sagar Vachhani

(Nov. 2011; started in finance at Romney's Free & Strong America PAC, May 2010-April 2011, then finance on the campaign from April-Oct. 2011)  B.S. in finance from New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business, 2010.

Western  Sarah Nelson

(reported by The New York Times on April 19, 2012)  Served as Romney's Nevada state director for the caucuses, announced Aug. 4, 2011, and later managed field operations in Arizona, Idaho, Hawaii, Oregon and California.  Deputy political director managing paid voter contact programs on the Meg Whitman for Governor campaign in California, 2009-10.  Consultant at the Nevada based Ryan Erwin & Associates, 2005-09, including work on Brian Krolicki for Nevada Lt. Gov. in 2006 and Romney's Nevada team in 2008.  Associate at November Inc., 2004-05.  Degree in journalism and political science from Brigham Young University, 2001.

Southern  Lamar Echols

(reported by The New York Times on April 19, 2012)  Served as Romney's Georgia state director for the primary from Oct. 2011.  Attorney.  Director of operations/general counsel on Lucas for Congress in West Virginia's 3rd CD, Nov. 2009-June 2010.  Special assistant in the Office of Congressional Affairs at GSA, Aug. 2008-Jan 2009.  J.D. from Tulane University Law School, 2007.  B.A. in history from Auburn University, 2002.

North East & Lakes  Danny O'Driscoll

A deputy state director on Romney 2011-12 New Hampshire primary campaign.  National absentee and early vote director in the political office at the Republican National Committee in 2010.  Managed political operations in the Northeast region for Freedom's Watch.

Melissa (Missi) Sousa

Worked on Dan Coats' 2010 U.S. Senate primary campaign, and in Fall 2010 on the Maryland Victory campaign.


National Coalitions Director (and Veterans)  Joshua Baca

(May 2012)  Campaign director (2010-May 2012) and field manager (2008-10) at DDC Advocacy.  Legislative manager at OnPoint Advocacy , mid-2008.  Field director on Heather Wilson for U.S. Senate, 2008.  Legislative assistant to U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson, 2005-08.  Deputy field director on Heather Wilson for Congress, Fall 2006.  Masters degree in government and business from The Johns Hopkins University; B.A. in political science and economics from Texas Tech University.  twitter

Deputy Coalitions - Social Conservatives/Tea Party/Second Amendment  Mike Biundo

(reported April 26, 2012)  Campaign manager on Rick Santorum's presidential campaign through suspension on April 10 (announced as campaign manager on Oct. 12, 2011; announced as national political director on April 26, 2011; announced as NH PAC director on Jan. 5, 2011)  Biundo played key roles in Frank Guinta's successful campaigns for Congress in 2010 and for Mayor of Manchester in 2005 and 2007.  He worked on Jim Coburn's unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign in 2006 and as a consultant to former Gov. Pataki's 21st Century Freedom State PAC.  State representative, Ward 8, Manchester, 2004-06; defeated in re-election bid.  With Jack Heath, he acquired NSP Graphics and co-founded Meridian Communications in 2003, which they ran in the mid-2000s.  President of Atlantic Strategies Group, 1998-2000.  Executive director, Gun Owners of New Hampshire, 1997-98.  New Hampshire deputy campaign manager of Buchanan for President, 1995-96.  Grew up in New York.  twitter

Deputy Coalitions - Hispanics  Lucina Kress

An advisor to the Republican State Leadership Committee's Future Majority Project.  Started a research consulting business in 2009.  Director of communications and research for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and industry.  Communications director for the 2008 Victory campaign in New Mexico.  B.A. in Spanish literature from the University of Arizona.  From Glendale, AZ.

Deputy Coalitions - Hispanics  Bettina Inclán

(Sept. 2012; also director of Hispanic outreach at the RNC, announced Jan. 11, 2012)  President of Inclán Inc., a strategic communications and Latino inclusion firm, from Jan. 2011.  Deputy director of communications on the Rick Scott for Governor campaign in Florida, Fall 2010.  Press secretary on Steve Poizner's gubernatorial primary campaign in California, 2009-10.  Director of communication and outreach at Citizens in Charge Foundation, 2009.  A regional Victory director for the Republican Party of Florida in Fall 2008.  Communications director for the House Republican Policy Committee (chaired by Rep. Thaddeus McCotter).  Executive director of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, 2005-07.  Legislative assistant/deputy press secretary/scheduler for Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart (FL), 2003-05.  B.S. in political science, Latin American studies from Florida International University, 2003.  twitter

Deputy Coalitions - Women  Courtney Johnson

(June 2012)  Director of communications at Broad Strategy LLC starting in Nov. 2010.  Executive director of the women's coalition on Meg Whitman's 2010 campaign for governor.  Development director at The Waverly Group, 2009-10.  Director of the Women's Majority Network at the NRSC, 2008-09. Chief of staff to Jeri Thompson on former Sen. Fred Thompson's presidential campaign. Worked in U.S. Rep. John Shadegg's office first as legislative correspondent, then as scheduler, 2005-07.  B.A. in political science and journalism from Baylor University, 2003.

Deputy Coalitions - Agriculture/Sportsmen/Small Business Owners  Derek Gianino

(June 2012)  Prior to the campaign Gianino worked as an account executive at Howard Consulting Group (HGC Inc.).  Deputy field manager at DDC Advocacy, 2011-12.  Research associate at the Leadership Project for America, 2010-11.  Special assistant to former U.S. Rep. David McIntosh, 2009-11.  Also an advance volunteer for Romney for President in 2007, and a coalitions intern on Bush-Cheney '04.  M.P.P. from American University, 2011; B.A. from Kalamazoo College, 2009.  twitter

National Coalitions Coordinators 
Genessa Casanova

(June 2012)  Community liaison for Miami-Dade County Commissioner Esteban Bovo.  Legislative correspondent-regional for Sen. Rubio, first part of 2011.  Southeast field director on Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate.

Kelly Rzendzian

(June 2012)  Operations assistant at the USO, Aug. 2009-Aug. 2011.  Deputy to the New Mexico state director on the McCain campaign, May-Nov. 2008.  B.A. in political science, communications from the University of New Mexico.

Grant Everett Starrett

(June 2012)  While a student at Stanford, Starrett founded and served as president of the Stanford Conservative Society, and in 2007-08 served as national chairman of Students for Mitt.  J.D. from Vanderbilt Law School, 2012; B.A. in history of war and revolution from Stanford University, 2009.  Grew up in Los Angeles.

Trevor Lair

(July 2012)  Legislative coordinator at Stateside Associates, Jan. 2011-Jan. 2012.  Field representative on Team Emerson, June-Nov. 2010.  While a student, served as campaign manager on Mike Lair for State Representative starting April 2007; and interned in the coalitions department on Romney's campaign starting Oct. 2007.  B.A. in theology and history from Boston College, 2010.

Karl Beckstein

Maine state director on Romney's Maine caucus campaign.  While a student, Beckstein worked on Scott Brown's campaign in 2009 and 2010, and then managed a state rep. campaign; also served as chairman of the Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans.  Degree in political science from Suffolk University.  Native of Boxborough, Mass.


Juntos Con Romney (announced June 6, 2012)
Young Americans for Romney (announced June 25, 2012)
Veterans and Military Families for Romney (announced July 3, 2012)
Polish Americans for Romney (announced July 31, 2012)
Catholics for Romney (announced July 31, 2012)
Jewish Americans for Romney (announced August 1, 2012)
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Romney (announced August 2, 2012)
Women for Mitt (announced August 8, 2012)
Farmers and Ranchers for Romney
(announced August 15, 2012)
Black Leadership Council (announced September 5, 2012)
Former Obama Supporters and Democrats (announced September 6, 2012)
Public Safety Professionals for Romney
(announced September 12, 2012)
National Educators for Romney
(announced September 13, 2012)
Healthcare Professionals for Romney
(announced October 9, 2012)
Arab-Americans for Romney (announced October 12, 2012)
Sportsmen for Romney (announced Oct. 15, 2012)



Communications Director  Gail Gitcho

(announced April 14, 2011)  Communications director to Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) starting Feb. 2011.  National press secretary for the RNC from May 2009 to Jan. 2010.  Mid-Atlantic communications director for John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid.  Gitcho started the 2008 presidential cycle as a regional press secretary for Romney for President.  Communications director for U.S. Rep. Clay Shaw (R-FL), 2004-07.  Communications director for Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM), 2003-04.  Master's degree in political communications from Colorado State, 2003.  Bachelor's degree in political communications from Ripon College in Wisconsin, 2001.  Originally from San Antonio, TX.  twitter

Deputy Communications Director and Research Director  Evan Yost

(June 2011)  M.B.A. in finance, accounting from Rice University, 2011.  A director at DCI Group, 2007-09.  Deputy director of research on John McCain 2008 in 2007.  Special assistant for strategic initiatives in the Office of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, 2005-06.  B.A. in English literature from The Johns Hopkins University, 2000.

Deputy Communications Director for Regional Press  Sarah Pompei

(reported by The New York Times on April 19, 2012)  Communications director to House Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy starting in Jan. 2011.  Press secretary on the Meg Whitman for Governor campaign in California.  Press secretary to Sen. Mike Johanns (NE) in the first half of 2009 after serving as communications director on his campaign.  Deputy press secretary for regional media on Romney's 2007-08 campaign.  A spokesperson on Sen. Conrad Burns' unsuccessful 2006 re-election campaign in Montana.  Deputy communications director for the California Republican Party.  B.A. from UC Berkeley.  California native (Newport Harbor High School).  twitter

Deputy Communications Director for Media Affairs  Kristy Campbell

(reported by The New York Times on April 19, 2012)  Communications director for the American Conservative Union from June 2011.  Communications director on the McCollum for Governor campaign in Florida, 2010.  Communications director at the Foundation for Florida's Future, 2008-Jan. 2010.  Florida communications director on the 2007-8 Romney campaign.  Press secretary in the Executive Office of Gov. Jeb Bush, 2006-07.  Communications director for the Florida Department of Community Affairs, 2005-06.  Graduate of Florida State University, 2004.  twitter

Surrogates  Amy J. Graham

(May 2012; reported by Tampa Bay Times on May 3, 2012)  Deputy communications director and earlier traveling press secretary and deputy press secretary for Gov. Rick Scott.  Press secretary (March-Nov. 2010), Everglades policy communications (Jan.-March 2010), and public information officer (2008-10) at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  Press office manager and earlier press office intern to Gov. Jeb Bush, 2006-07.  Master's degree in applied American politics and policy from Florida State University, 2010; bachelor's degree in public relations from Florida State University, 2007.  twitter

Press Secretary  Andrea Saul

(announced March 3, 2011 as communications advisor to Free and Strong America PAC)  Press Secretary for Carly Fiorina’s U.S. Senate race in California.  Communications director for Gov. Charlie Crist during his recent U.S. Senate run but resigned in April 2010 upon his decision to switch party affiliation.  Press secretary to U.S Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) during much of 2009.  Director of media affairs for McCain-Palin, responsible for organizing all television, radio and surrogate activity.  Director of media affairs at the Republican National Committee, 2007-08.  Associate account executive at DCI Group, 2005-07.  Graduate of Vanderbilt University, 2004.  twitter

Traveling Press Secretary  Rick Gorka

(from late Dec. 2011)  Communications director at the New Jersey Republican Party, Jan.-Dec. 2011.  Spokesman on Charlie Baker's campaign for governor of Massachusetts, March-Nov. 2010.  Regional communications director/regional press secretary at the RNC, Oct. 2009-March 2010.  Regional political director at Freedom's Watch starting Dec. 2007, with an interlude as regional communications director (West) on the McCain-Palin campaign.  Campaign manager for state Senate candidate Mark D. Tate in Virginia in 2007.  In 2006 Gorka served as field director for U.S. House candidate Gus Bilirakis and earlier as a field representative for U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris through the primary.  Staff assistant to U.S. Rep. George Nethercutt, 2001.  Spokane native.  twitter

Director of National Traveling Press  Susan Hepworth

(started on the campaign in May 2011)  Director of political operations at the RNC, April 2009-Nov. 2010.  Project manager/consultant at Majority Strategies, Inc., 2008.  Political desk coordinator on Romney for President, 2007-08.  B.S. in journalism and mass communications from the University of Kansas, 2007.

Deputy Press Secretary  Ryan Williams

(started as regional press secretary)  Communications director at the NH Republican Party from Jan. 2009-early 2011.  Worked on communications on the Sununu for Senate campaign in the latter half of 2008.  Broadcast media for Romney for President, Jan. 2007-Feb. 2008.  Director of media services in the Massachusetts Governor's Office, 2005-07.  Worked in the media department of Romney's campaign for governor, 2002.  twitter

Deputy Press Secretary  Amanda Henneberg

(started as regional press secretary, reported by Politico Dec. 2, 2011)  Previously communications director to U.S. Rep. Robert Hurt (R-VA) from Jan. 2011; spokeswoman on Hurt's campaign from Aug. 2010.  Worked at the RNC.  Press secretary on Charlie Crist's 2010 U.S. Senate campaign until he went independent.  Television communications advisor to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, 2007-09.  twitter

Regional Press Secretary  Allie Brandenburger

(May 2012)  Northeast regional press secretary at the RNC, started March 23, 2012.  Communications director to U.S. Rep. Jeff Denham (CA) from Jan. 2011-March 2012.  Deputy press secretary on Meg Whitman for Governor, July 2009-Nov. 2010.  B.A. from the University of Southern California, 2009.

Regional Press Secretary  Alison Aikele

(July 2012)  Strategic communications and policy consultant to URS Corporation/EG&G Division, 2009-11.  Press secretary at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2007-09.  Communications manager at the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence, Jan.-April 2007.  Press secretary to U.S. Rep. Mike Sodrel, Aug.-Dec. 2006.  Deputy communications director to U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo, 2004-06.  Communications director for the College Republican National Committee, May-Dec. 2004.  B.S. in journalism/corporate comunications, public relations from Utah State University, 2004.

National Director of Specialty Media (based in Florida)  Yohana de la Torre

Owner and managing editor of Gulf Coast Times, LLC, and owner and consultant at YDT Media, both from Feb. 2006.  Deputy press secretary at the 2008 Republican National Convention.  Communications specialist in the office of Sen. Mel Martinez, 2005-06.  Deputy director of specialty media at the RNC, 2004.  Freelance associate producer for Univision, 1999-2004; also reporter for the Don Strock Show on WTVJ in 2002.  Reporter/writer for the Miami Herald, 2001-02.  B.A. in broadcast journalism from Florida International University, 2001.

National Director of Specialty Media  Valentina Weis

(Aug. 2012)  Prior to joining the campaign, Weis worked for several months as a deputy press secretary for the 2012 Republican National Convention.  Communications director in the Office of U.S. Rep. Francisco Canseco (TX-23), 2011-12.  Communications director on Allen West for Congress, 2009-10.  Grassroots director on Allen West for Congress, Fall 2008 after interning in a Victory office.  Legal intern, 2007-08.  J.D. from New England School of Law, 2007.  B.S. degree from University of Florida.  twitter

Media Relations, New York  Michael Levoff

(June 2012)  About four months as vice president for public affairs at the Partnership for New York City.  New Hampshire communications director on Jon Huntsman for President from March 2011, after starting on Horizon PAC.  In 2010 he served in communications roles on three campaigns: Chris Cox for Congress (Jan.-July); Rick Snyder for Michigan (June-Aug.); Strickland for Controller in California (Aug.-Dec.).  Deputy press secretary on Bloomberg for Mayor 2009.  Press officer in the Mayor's Office, 2007-08.  Public information officer for the New York City Police Department, 2005-07.  B.A. in business and communications from Fordham University, 2005.  twitter

Director of Digital Video  Tim O'Toole

(May 2011)  New media director for Sen. Roy Blunt after serving as press secretary on Blunt's 2010 campaign and earlier as a press assistant to then-Rep. Roy Blunt.  Upstate regional field director on Rudy Giuliani's South Carolina primary campaign.  Account coordinator at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.  B.A. in journalism from University of Missouri-Columbia, 2007.

Research Director  Kristopher Anderson

Research director and deputy communications director on Jon Huntsman's campaign.  Director of strategic communications in the office of the House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, Jan.-May 2011.  Research director and deputy communications director on Carly for California, July-Nov. 2010.  Senior advisor for research on Steve Poizner for Governor campaign in California, 2009-June 2010.  Research manager at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Global Intellectual Property Center.  Senior research analyst at the RNC, 2007-08.  Policy analyst on Californians for Schwarzenegger 2006.

Deputy Research Director  Andrew Hemming

(May 2011)  Research analyst on Meg Whitman for Governor, Sept. 2009-Nov. 2010.  Intern at Edelman, March-Sept. 2009.  Intern at DCI Group, 2008-09.  Bachelor's degree in business and philosophy from Southern Methodist University, 2008.

Director of Rapid Response  Webber Steinhoff

(June 2011)  Communications advisor to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, April 2009-May 2011.  Deputy research director on the McCain campaign June-Nov. 2008; senior research analyst at the RNC, March-June 2008; research analyst at Romney for President, Jan. 2007-Feb. 2008.  Research analyst at the RNC, May-Nov. 2006.  B.S.F.S. from Georgetown University, 2005.  Massachusetts native.

Deputy Director of Rapid Response  Matt Gorman

(April 2012; initially research analyst from May 2011-April 2012, and intern at Romney's Free and Strong America PAC, Jan.-May 2011)  B.A. in political science from Stonehill College, 2011.

Senior Writer, Rapid Response  Brett Talley

(Jan. 2012)  Law clerk, 2008-11.  J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2007; B.A. in philosophy and history from University of Alabama, 2004.

War Room Director  Brian Bartlett

(July 2011-May 2012)  Previously managing partner at Surus Strategies, LLC.  Canvassing coordinator on Bob McDonnell for Governor, 2009.  Advance representative at the U.S. Department of Labor, and earlier in the OVP at the White House.  Advance representative on Romney's 2007-08 campaign.  Advance representative at the White House.  M.P.P. from Georgetown University; B.S. in public affairs from Indiana University Bloomington.  twitter

Director of Media Affairs  Lauren Zelt Tate

(Aug. 2012)  Deputy press secretary for television at the RNC, June-Aug. 2012.  Segment producer/guest booker for the FOX News Channel, Feb. 2010-June 2012.  Government relations assistant at CBS Corporation, July 2009-Feb. 2010.  B.A. in American studies from Georgetown University, 2009.

Director of Television  Kristen Caron

(July 2012...communications manager from Aug. 2011-April 2012, and deputy director of media affairs from April-July 2012)  Previously a staff assistant for Sen. Scott Brown (MA), March 2010-April 2011.  Interned on the Romney campaign in NH, 2007-08.  M.P.S. (political management from The George Washington University, 2011.  B.A. from University of Maine, 2009.

Director of Radio  Lisa Rafdal

(Nov. 2011)  Briefly assistant to the principal at Benedetti Solutions, from Sept. 2011.  Project coordinator at Superior Capitol Consulting in Lansing, MI, Jan.-May 2011.  B.A. in English from Michigan State University, 2011.

Radio Booker  Anna Sugg

(June 2012)  B.A. in political science and communication studies from Furman University, 2012.

Senior Communications Advisor for African American Outreach  Tara Wall

(reported by The Washington Post May 24, 2012)  Columnist/dep. editor at the Washington Times in latter half of 2008-early 2009. Communications director and spokesperson at the Office of the Federal Coordinator for Gulf Coast Rebuilding at the Department of Homeland Security, 2008.  Director of the Office of Public Affairs at the Administration for Children and Families at HHS, 2007.  Press secretary for outreach at the RNC in the 2004.  Wall spent 13 years as a news reporter, anchor and talk show host for the local ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates in Detroit.  B.S. degree from Eastern Michigan University.

Senior Advisor  Kevin Madden

(started to take on a higher profile in July 2012; announced as the campaign's communications liaison to the RNC in April 2012)  Executive vice president, public affairs at JDA Frontline from March 2010.  A managing director at The Glover Park Group, 2008-10.  National press secretary on Romney's 2007-08 campaign.  Spokesman for House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), Feb.-Nov. 2006.  Spokesman for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX).  Spokesman for U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.  Northeast regional press secretary on Bush Cheney '04 (incl. OH, PA, NH).  Communications director and a senior advisor to Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY), 2001-03.  Public relations associate at Craig Shirley and Associates, Jan.-March 2001.  Washington representative for the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency from Jan.-Sept. 2000.  Primary spokesman for the Office of the Mayor of Yonkers, 1997-99.  Communications director for the Office of the Yonkers City Council President, 1994-97.  Degree in communications from SUNY Cortland.

Senior Advisor  Danny Diaz

(reported July 13, 2012)  Co-founder of FP1 Strategies and founder of Diaz Communications LLC.  Communications director at the RNC in the 2008 cycle.  Deputy communications director on Sen. McCain's 2008 presidential campaign from Jan.-July 2007.  Deputy communications director at the RNC, announced Feb. 9, 2005.  Regional spokesperson for the Southwest and Mountain States for Bush-Cheney ’04.  Deputy press secretary for the NRCC in the 2002 cycle.  Diaz has also worked as a public relations account executive at The Bomstein Agency and an associate with RMR & Associates.  Bachelor's degree in communication from George Mason University, 2000.


The total digital team was about 160-180 people including staff and consultants (some included in listing below).  Two major consulting firms anchored the effort: Targeted Victory, headed by Zac Moffatt and Michael Beach, and OHO Interactive, headed by Ed Hastings, which focused on the engineering side.
  Although it was thus somewhat of a hybrid, about 90 percent of the team worked out of the headquarters in Boston.  In April-May, around the time Romney wrapped up the nomination, the campaign's digital department had all of 14 staff compared to perhaps 250 working on the Obama digital effort.  Over the next 60 days, particularly in June, the Romney campaign brought dozens of new people onto the digital team, bringing the total up to 140.  Working with limited resources, one solution was to partner and coordinate with dozens of other service providers. 

Digital Director  Zac Moffatt

(started May 1, 2011)  A founder (Feb. 2009) and partner at Targeted Victory, where clients included Marco Rubio for Senate and Romney's Free and Strong America PAC.  Deputy director for statewide efforts at Freedom's Watch.  Director of political education at the RNC for 18 months through 2008.  Victory director for the Maryland Republican Party in 2006; earlier deputy field director on William Weld's campaign for governor of New York.  Associate director of external relations for the 2004 Republican National Convention, then field director for Central Oregon on Bush's re-elect campaign, and then deputy director of operations in the Office of Public Liaison for the Inauguration.  Associate chief of staff to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 2001-03.  Undergraduate degree in political science and history from Stanford University, 2002.  twitter

Deputy Digital Director  Abe Adams

(May 2011)  Senior consultant at Targeted Victory, 2010-11.  Deputy campaign manager on Byrne for Alabama.  Assistant treasurer at Friends of John McCain, 2008-09; deputy director of treasury on John McCain 2008 from Jan. 2007-June. 2009.  Law degree from University of Alabama School of Law, 2006; B.S. in industrial engineering from University of Alabama, 2002.

Digital Coordinator  Darren Centinello

(June 2011)  B.A. in media productions from SUNY Buffalo, 2012.


• CREATIVE (15...9 designers, 6 writers)
Creative Director  Molly Jane Fowler

(from May 2011-May 2012 held the title "Design Director")  Prior to the campaign was art director for The Alchemedia Project, Jan.-June 2011.  Worked at Noble starting as assistant art director, then associate art director, then digital producer, 2007-10.  BFA in graphic design from Missouri State University, 2006.

Senior Designer  Tracy Turner

(Nov. 2011-Oct. 2012)  Assistant art director at Noble, June 2010-Nov. 2011.  Art director at Andorra Creative, Feb.-June 2010.  Creative artist III for the Springfield News-Leader, Oct. 2008-Feb. 2010.  B.F.A. in graphic design from Missouri State University, 2008.

Senior Designer  Stormi Knight

(June 2012)  Before joining the campaign briefly a designer at Neoscape in Boston.  Lead designer for World Education Services, Oct. 2008-April 2012; and junior web designer at Zemi Communications Digital Agency, Oct. 2008-June 2011.  B.F.A. in graphic design and advertising from Suffolk University, 2008.

Senior Designer  Tyler Manhart

(Oct. 2011-Aug. 2012)  Art director at Noble, in Springfield, MO, Nov. 2009-July 2011.  Freelance designer at Element Eleven, May-Nov. 2009.  Graphic designer at Big Smile Photography in Springfield, Mo, 2008-09.  B.F.A. in graphic design and illustration from Missouri State University, 2008.

Designer and Motion Graphics  Jorge Gonzalez

(July 2012)  Freelance for Washington Political Group, April-July 2012.  Freelance web designer at Razorfish, Dec. 2011-March 2012.  Owner/operator of SmartWash/Frontline Finish, an automotive reconditioning business, 2004-09.  Served in the U.S. Army, 2001-04.

Designer  Kaitlin McGowan

(Oct. 2011)  Graphic design associate at Proverb, Limited from Oct. 2011, earlier in the year did freelance design work and an internship.  B.F.A. from Pratt Institute, 2010.

Designer  Colin Rand

(July 2012)  Most recently working as a freelance graphic designer.  Graphic artist at Hungry Fish Media, 2011-April 2012.  Production artist at Franklin Sports, 2010-11.  B.S. in digital media from Marist College, 2009.

Designer  Claire McPartlan

(June 2012)  Contract junior designer at Rue La La, Oct. 2011-June 2012.  B.A. in graphic design from Point Loma Nazarene University, 2011.

Designer  Nelinda Levy

(Sept. 2012)  Started doing freelance design in April/May 2012, after working as a junior designer at 360 Public Relations, from Oct. 2011 (started there as an intern in Jan. 2011).  B.A. in communications, graphic design from Simmons College, 2011.  

User Experience (UX) Designer  Vanessa MacAulay

Creative services manager/interactive designer at 360 Public Relations, from March 2010.  Web and graphic designer at TNT Vacations, 2009-10.  B.A. in communications from Simmons College (Boston), 2009. 

User Experience (UX) Designer  Steve Brykman

(OHO Interactive from April 2012)  Co-founder, lead strategist at Apperian, Jan. 2009-April 2010.  Managing editor of National Lampoon, July 1999-Sept. 2004.   Web programmer for Aquent, 1998-99.  M.F.A. in writing from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2000; M.D. from Medical College of Wisconsin, 1993; B.A. in English from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1990. 

Senior Copywriter  Johnny Galbraith

(Oct. 2011)  Copywriter at DDB NY, 2010-11.  Director of marketing at Property Solutions International Inc., 2009-10.  B.A. in communications/advertising from Brigham Young University, 2009.

Senior Copywriter  Jess Tardy

Writer at Arnold Worldwide in Boston, April 2010-Sept. 2011.  Writer for Starwood Hotels & Resorts, 2008-11.  Writer for Grand Circle Travel, 2007-08.  Freelance writer for The Tennessean (2005-07), and for The Boston Globe from 2005.  Freelance writer for Resortquest, 2005.  Site editor for, 1999-2002.  B.A. in folklore and mythology from Harvard University, 1999.

Copywriter  Cassie Alsfeld

(Jan. 2012)  Associate at the Carmen Group, Inc. Nov. 2010-Sept. 2011.  Legislative assistant/correspondent for Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao, Jan. 2009-Nov. 2010.  Graduate of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, 2008; student body president, 2007-08.

Copywriter  Amanda Ambrose

Copywriter Jenny Erikson

(Sept. 2012)  Ambassador for MomThink, April 2011-Sept. 2012.  Host of The Smart Girl Report at Smart Girl Politics, 2009-10.  B.A. from Point Loma Nazarene University, 2003 after starting at Palomar College.

Editor  Michael Rae

Senior Project Manager  Jennifer Dodds

(June 2012)  Freelancer in Boston starting Sept. 2011.  Assistant project manager at Arnold Worldwide in Boston, July 2010-Sept. 2011.  Director of admissions/marketing manager for Continental School of Hair Design in Hudson, NH, Feb. 2008-July 2010.  B.A. in communication from University of Southern Maine, 2008.

Junior Project Manager  Lauren Toomey

(Aug. 2012)  Marketing coordinator at By Appointment Only, Inc., Jan.-Aug. 2012.  Director of community relations at All-Access Fitness Academy, July-Dec. 2011.  B.A. double major in communications and political science from Emmanuel College, 2011.

Junior Project Manager  Hallie Keenan

(May 2012)  On leave from studies at Brigham Young University.

Photographer  Eric Draper

(summer 2012)  Served as  President George W. Bush's chief photographer for the eight years of his presidency, also directing the White House Photo Office.  A news photographer for eight years with the Associated Press.  Staff photographer for The Seattle Times, Pasadena Star-News and Albuquerque Tribune.  Graduate of California State University, Long Beach.

Photographer  Kimberlee Hewitt

Photographer for John McCain's campaign from March 2008.  Freelance photography for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign.  A staff photographer at the White House, 2006-Jan. 2007.  Staff photographer for NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, June 2003-Dec. 2005.  Staff photographer for the New York City Fire Department, Jan. 2002-June 2003.   Photojournalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin, 1999.

Social Media and Content Director  Rebecca Heisler

(April 2011)  Junior political analyst at Targeted Victory, Aug. 2009-March 2011.  Finance department of Romney for President, Jan. 2007-Feb. 2008.  Attended Northeastern University.

Deputy Content Director  Jon Evans

(May 2012)  New media outreach at Carly for California (Fiorina for Senate), June-Nov. 2010.  National sales assistant at WJTV NewsChannel 12 and WHLT CBS-22, 2008-09.  Account executive at WIVK 107.7 FM, 2007-08.  Studied psychology and political science at University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Copywriter  Sarah Coleman

(June 2012)  B.A. in the program of liberal studies at the University of Notre Dame, 2012.

Digital Content Coordinator  Martin Rini

(June 2012)  B.A. in communications and public relations from Marquette University, 2012.

Digital Content Coordinator  Lindsey Appleby

(June 2012)  B.A. in political science and communication studies from Furman University, 2012.

Digital Content Team  Bentley Hensel

(June 2012; started as an intern in Jan. 2012)  Field staff on friends of Bobby Jindal, May-Oct. 2011. 

Deputy Social Media Director  William Murphy

Vice president of campaigns at Vice and Victory Agency, LLC from 2011, and account executive at UPT Strategies from 2010.  Public affairs and digital strategist in Jersey City, NJ from 2007.  Political accounts director at The Rainmakers Organization, 2008-10.  Field representative at The Leadership Institute, 2008; director of grassroots and new media at Strategic Advocacy, 2008.

Social Media Content Coordinators 

Meghan Raffa

(July 2012)  B.A. in political science, international relations from Syracuse University, 2012.

Samantha Turner

(Aug. 2012)  Senior associate at Grand Circle Corporation, July 2011-July 2012.  B.A. in international relations, French from University of Delaware, 2011.

Riley Seegert

(Sept. 2012)  Community manager at the Republican National Convention, May-Sept. 2012.  Wings Team Member for Red Bull, July 2011-May 2012.  B.S. in interpersonal and organizational communication from University of South Florida, 2011.


Director of Email Marketing  Jillian DeCamp

(May 2012)  Political director (Jan. 2008-Aug. 2009), director of members (May-Dec. 2007), accounting assistant (2005-07) and deputy Victory director (2006) for the NC Republican Party.  J.D. from Campbell University School of Law, 2012; B.S. in political science from North Carolina State University, 2007.


Digital Political Director  Jon Black

(Nov. 2011)  Political analyst at Targeted Victory, Feb.-Nov. 2011.  Voter programs at the Michigan Republican Party, 2009-10.  Victory for Republican Party of Virginia, June-Dec. 2009.  Deputy director of political technology/Voter Vault (2008-09) and regional Voter Vault coordinator (2007-08) at the RNC.  Rhode Island Victory, June-Dec. 2006.  Degree in political science and government from Allegheny College, 2006.

Deputy Digital Field Director  Samantha Osborne

(Oct. 2011)  Campaign manager on Kim Simac for Senate (WI), June-Aug. 2011.  Junior political analyst at Targeted Victory, Jan. 2010-June 2011.  Absentee ballot director at Ohio Jobs and Growth, Aug.-Nov. 2009.  Assistant in political education and micro-targeting (Jan.-Aug. 2009) and regional absentee ballot director (Aug.-Nov. 2008) at the Ohio Republican Party.  B.A. in political science and history from The Ohio State University, 2009.

Digital Field Analytics Director  Marc Jorgenson

(March 2012)  Revenue management analyst at US Airways, Sept. 2007-Aug. 2011.  B.s. in business, international studies from BYU-Idaho, 2007.

Digital Political Data Analyst  Kevin Zambrano

(Aug. 2012)  B.A. in political science and government from Syracuse University, 2012.

Digital Coalitions Manager  Susan Closmore

(July 2012)  Deputy communications director (Feb.-June 2012) and new media specialist (Jan. 2011-Jan. 2012) for the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus.  New media coordinator at the Republican Party of Minnesota, Aug. 2009-March 2011.  B.A. in French from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2009. 

Digital Hispanic Outreach Director  Valentina Weis

(Aug. 2012...see communications, above) 

Digital Hispanic Coalition Manager  Jackie Rivera

(July 2012)  Intern on Romney for President Team Florida in Miami, Jan.-June 2012.  B.A. in communication design/photography from University of Pennsylvania, 2010.

Western Digital Manager  Tim Lussier

(June 2012)  Communications director (Oct. 2010-Feb. 2012) and advisor (Dec. 2009-May 2010) at Djou for Congress.  Worked on various campaigns in Oregon in 2008 and 2006.  M.A. in communication from Hawaii Pacific University; student body president, 2011-12.  Attended Clackamas Community College.

Eastern Digital Political Manager  Danielle Varallo

(July 2012)  Varallo brought to the campaign four years of experience on Capitol Hill, most recently as scheduler to U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass (NH) and earlier working for U.S. Rep. Mike Castle (DE).  Graduate of The Catholic University of America.

Conservative Online Media Outreach Consultant  Patrick Hynes

(reported May 2012)  President of Hynes Communications.  Early in the cycle Hynes did online communication outreach for Tim Pawlenty's Freedom First PAC.  Online outreach consultant for Sen. John McCain’s 2008 campaign. Experience also includes account executive with the consulting firm Marsh Copsey + Scott.  Author of In Defense of the Religious Right (Nelson Current).

Digital Rapid Response Director  Lenny Alcivar

On leave from position as senior vice president for public affairs at Hynes Communications.  In 2010 Alcivar served as communications director for Bill Brady’s gubernatorial campaign in Illinois, and consultant to the Republican Governors Association, and as campaign manager on the Baker/Tisei campaign in Mass. through April.  Press secretary for the Republican National Convention in New York City in 2004, and in the fall campaign field director in Miami.  Served at the U.S. Department of Transportation overseeing communications relating to infrastructure security, 2001-04.  A manager of public affairs for Burson-Marsteller.  Director of press operations at the New York City Police Department.  Deputy press secretary to NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  Native New Yorker.

Deputy Digital Rapid Response Director  Adam Clark

(May 2012)  Previously worked in communications at CRAFT | Media/Digital Jan.-Sept. 2011.  M.A. in media and public affairs (2012) and B.A. in political communication (2011) from The George Washington University.

Deputy Digital Rapid Response Director  Katherine Cresto

(Aug. 2012)  Graduate of the University of Southern California, 2012.


Director of Online Advertising  Ryan Meerstein

Joined Targeted Victory in Jan. 2010.  Executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party.  Ohio state director on McCain-Palin 2008.  Executive director of Rudy Giuliani's South Carolina primary campaign.  During the 2006 election cycle, Meerstein served at the director of political education at the Republican National Committee (RNC) and worked with the RNC's Victory Program on the successful campaign of Bob Corker for U.S. Senate in Tennessee.  RNC Victory field director for Central Ohio, 2004.  Bachelor's degree in political science from Allegheny College (Meadville, PA), 2003.

Analytics  Jon Adams

Joined Targeted Victory in June 2011.  Budget manager for the McCain-Palin 2008 presidential campaign.  Legislative assistant to the director of government relations at Balch & Bingham, LLP, 2007-08.   Worked in the political education department at the RNC.  Degree in political science from the University of Alabama.

Analytics  Jason Weinstein

Joined Target Victory in Sept. 2011.  Scheduler at Chris Dudley for Governor (OR), Nov. 2009-Nov. 2010.  Account manager at Cardinal Communication Strategies, 2008-09.  Bachelor's degree from UCLA, 2007.

Project Management & Business Analysis (6), Design, IA, Wireframes (5), Quality Assurance (4), Network Operations (4)  
Development (18): CTO & Leads (4), Developers (14)

Digital Integration Director  Caitlin Checkett

(May 2011)  Project manager at Noble, 2008-11.  B.S. in business administration, marketing from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Leeds School of Business, 2008.

Digital Producer  Mac Bleser

(March 2012)  Junior analyst, web development at Targeted Victory, April 2011-April 2012.  Victory regional director in Baltimore, MD in Fall 2010.  B.S. in business administration from Elon University, 2010.

Team Leader for UI Development  Edwin Hastings

(Nov. 2011)  President and managing director at OHO Interactive, from 2007.  Founder, CEO and managing director of Nova Sci Partners LLC.  Founder, CEO and chairman of Granitar.  CTO, vice president of consulting and director at Onward Technologies (became part of Computer Sciences Corporation).  Managed consulting and services areas for Digital Equipment Corporation.  Did computer research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  Degree in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1984.

Digital Program Manager - UI Development  Warner Jones

(May 2012)  Senior principal at WebDriven from Jan. 2007.  Chief product officer, senior vice president of product and operations at RapidBuyr, Dec. 2010-April 2012.  Director of business development for MUSA Technology Partners, LLC, 2009-11.  Owner and president at Extricon Corporation, Feb. 2001-Jan. 2011.  Founder ant partner at Better Cost Control, 2001-06.  Vice president, chief product officer at, Dec. 1999-Feb. 2001.  Vice president of internet products at OneZero Media, 1998-99.  Director of electronic publishing at Cahners Publishing, 1994-98.  Director of end user computing, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, 1993-94.  Account executive at Zenith Data Systems, 1989-92.  Graduate of University of New Hampshire, 1989.

Digital Project Manager  Russell Gallant

(consultant from June 2012)  Managing director of Garfield Group Interactive, April 2010-Oct. 2012.  Digital marketing and e-commerce manager at The Rockport Company, 1995-2009.  Studied at the Art Institute of Boston.

Digital Project Manager  Sri Pabbathi

(May 2012)  Project manager at FCS, Inc., March 2008-Aug. 2012.  Project manager at The Mills Corporation, 2003-06.  Project manager at Tallan, Inc., 1999-2003.  Consultant at The Mills Corporation, 1996-99.  Software developer at ANSER, 1995-96.  J.D. from George Mason University School of Law, 2005; M.S. in applied mathematics from The George Washington University, 1995; B.S. in engineering from Osmania University, 1993.

Digital Project Manager  Jayven Rappa

(consultant from July 2012)  Managing director at  Tampa-St. Petersburg based GPS Digital Media, from June 2008.  Register investment advisor with Oppenheimer & Co., Inc., 2007-09.  Institutional sales and equity research at Raymond James, 1999-2006.  Analyst assistant at Matador Capital Management, 1998-99.

Junior Digital Project Manager  Karl Magnuson

(July 2012)  B.S. in engineering from Union University, 2012; student government association president, 2011-12.

Drupal Architect  John Money

(OHO Interactive, June 2012)  Webmaster at Kerio Technologies, 2010-12.  B.A. in economics from Claremont McKenna College, 1991.

Team Lead Drupal UI/UX Development  Vatche Chamlian

(OHO Interactive, Nov. 2011)  At OHO Interactive since Sept. 2010.  Director of technology at Joe Green Home Solutions, Inc. 2009-10.  Manager of web service for Wellesley Information Serivces, 2003-09.  Webmaster at UCG Tech, 2000-03.  B.A. in English and philosophy from Northeastern University, 2002.

Team Lead Drupal Developer  Jeremy Duffy

(OHO Interactive)  Vice president/developer at We Web Workers from Jan. 2009.  BCOS from Wentworth Institute of Technology, 2005.

Drupal Developer and Release Engineer  James Meickle

(OHO Interactive, June 2012)  Web developer at Digitamite, March-May 2012.  University assistant at the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy, 2009-11.  Freelance Drupal developer at Infinity Interactive, July-Dec. 2010.  B.A. in psychology and political science from Central Connecticut State University, 2010.

Systems Engineer  John Anteryassian

(Nov. 2011-Sept. 2012 at OHO Interactive)  Chief technology officer at MGBL Inc., 2009-10.  Linux systems administrator at Forerun, 2008-09.  Java developer and systems administrator at Lockheed Martin Information Technology, 2005-08.  Studed at Northeastern University.

Drupal UI/UX Developer  Andrew Leon

(OHO Interactive, May 2012, Salt Lake City)  Web developer/web designer for Digital Insight in Calabasas, 2008-12 and for Intuit Financial Services in Woodland Hills.  Drupal web developer for SiTV, 2008.  Associates degree from Los Angeles Pierce College, 2006. 

Drupal Developer  Jamie Fallon

(OHO Interactive, June 2012)  Software engineer at Thomson Reuters, May 2006-June 2012.  Senior software engineer at Instron, 2004-06.  Senior software engineer at CORE Business Technologies, 2001-04.  Bachelor of computer science from Bridgewater State College, 2001.

QA Engineer  Andrew Stern

(June 2012)  Over 15 years experience in software development, testing and deployment of software solutions, also a clean energy expert.  AS Consulting, QA/QC engineer for AwareTech, 2011-12.  Manager at, Jan. 2007-May 2012.  Executive director at Action for Clean Energy, Inc, 2008-11.  Various QA engineering positions through the 2000s and 1990s.  BSEE in computer engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1992.

QA Engineer  Juliet Mervis

Experience includes software quality assurance manager at MetLife, 2000-05.

Special Projects  Jeremy Vaught

(May 2012... work included streamlining the data collection process from all incoming sources--donors, Facebook, and website sign-ups including volunteers, coalitions, and other forms)  Founder of Red Seven Squared, Feb. 2011-present.  Social media director for Newt 2012, Dec. 2011-May 2012.  Digital strategy and development as Vaught Consulting LLC, Dec. 2005-April 2012.  Lead blogger for Seesmic, Dec. 2007-Jan. 2009.  Project manager for Electric Sheep Company, Jan.-April 2007.  Lead PHP software engineer for Fidelity National Financial, 2005-07.  Software engineer for UPS, 1998-2005.  B.S. in computer information systems from Devry University, 2001.


partnership with Eventbrite...distributed tickets to campaign events.
Digital Events Director  Tad Rupp

Legislative director for U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek (MI).  Legislative assistant and political director to U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (WV).  B.A. in history from Allegheny College.

Digital Events Desk Coordinator  Ashton Brown

(June 2012)  State Victory director for Delaware Republican Party in Fall 2010; started as a regional field director.   Graduate of James Madison University, 2010.

13 field staffers managed ticketing at events.


Director of Operations/Commerce  Tom Adams

(April 2012)  Deputy CFO for  Audit project manager/data analyst for the McCain-Palin Compliance Fund, 2009-11.  Press billing manager for the McCain-Palin campaign, June-Nov. 2008; budget deputy on John McCain 2008, March-May 2008.  B.A. in finance from The University of Alabama, 2007.

Store Manager  Walker Harris

(June 2012)  Finance and research intern at Colbun S.A. in Chile, Sept.-Nov. 2011.  B.S. in business administration, marketing from Elon University, 2011.

Online Store Support Manager  Jeff Nuckols

(Aug. 2012; started on the campaign in May as an intern)  Research assistant in the political science department at BYU, Jan.-April 2012.  Liaison for BYUPAS, campus tour guide.  B.A. in political science from Brigham Young University, 2010.

Event Store Manager (Mobile Field Store Coordinator)  Jonathan Russell

(July 2012)  B.A. in political science, economics from Elon University, 2012.

Event Store Manager (Mobile Field Store Coordinator)    William Hawkins

Store Support Aide  Brad Favazza

(Sept. 2012; started on the campaign in Jan. 2012, initially a site content coordinator)  Associate at S.C.R. and Associates, Oct. 2011-Jan. 2012; associate at PoliTemps, Inc., June 2011-Jan. 2012.   B.A. in political science, history from Taylor University, 2011.

Note: The Online Store launched in June and sold over 900,000 items.

Digital Director of VP Operations  Matt Lira

Director of new media for House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, 2006-11.  Webmaster for the McCain campaign from April 2008.  Associate director of e-campaigns at the RNC, 2005-06.  B.A. in international studies from University of Denver, 2004.  From Denver.


Utah Office - Outreach  Aaron Gunderson

(May 2011)  Prior to joining the campaign Gunderson did digital media consulting for political organizations (Gundy Strategies) and worked as production manager at Castle Rock, LLC.  Co-founder (Sept. 2009) and editor of  COO of Xylobyte International, 2008-09.  Studied business administration at Utah Valley University.  Served two-year mission in Mexico.

Director of Special Digital Projects  Justin Hart

(Aug. 2012 "helped raise millions of dollars for the Presidential campaign using advanced data modeling techniques")  Vice President of campaign and business relations at ElectionMall Technologies, Jan.-Aug. 2012.  Managing director at HSP Direct's RaiseDigital, 2009-11.  Director of new media and online fundraising at Chuck DeVore for California Senate to 2010.  Senior engagement manager at Comays, 2005-07.  Director of communications at Trusted Edge, 2003-05.  Director of multi-channel computing at Proxicom, 1999-2002.  Director of eBusiness at Baan, 1998-2000.  Specialist at Aristotle Publishing, 1996-98.  Undergraduate studies and Brigham Young University through 1996.

Zac Moffatt. "Successes of the Romney and Republican Digital Efforts in 2012."  Targeted Victory blog posting, Dec. 11, 2012. >
Philip Rucker.  "Romney team makes a digital push."  The Washington Post, July 15, 2012.
Sean J. Miller.  "Romney stategist: We were two years behind Obama."  Campaigns & Elections, April 18, 2012.

Note: In April 2013, Targeted Victory received many American Association of Political Consultants' Pollie awards:
Gold: • Online Advertising – President    • Online Advertising – Best Use of Search Engine Marketing    • Best Use of Pandora    • Website – President   
• Landing Page – Presidential Primary   • Best Use of Twitter: (Ann Romney)    • Best Use of Facebook Advertising    • Best Use of Website Fundraising   
• Best Use of Mobile Application – Republican
Silver: • Online Advertising – Best Use of Voter File-Matched Advertising    • Online Advertising – Best Use of Pre-Roll Advertising    • Website – Presidential Primary    • Website – President    • Landing Page – President    • Best Facebook Application    • Best Facebook Strategy    • Best Use of Social Media   
• Best Social Media Strategy    • Best Use of Social Media Fundraising   • Best Use of Advertisement Fundraising    • Best Use of Email Fundraising
Bronze: • Overall Campaign—Internet Campaign    • Best Use of New Technology   • Best Use of Twitter: (Mitt Romney)    • Best Use of Twitter: (Paul Ryan)    • Best Use of Facebook GOTV    • Best Use of Email


Policy Director  Lanhee Chen

(from Jan. 2011, announced March 28, 2011)  Most recently a visit scholar at the University of California's Institute of Governmental Studies.  Chen was the deputy campaign manager and policy director on California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner's campaign for governor, 2009-10.  Associate attorney at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP, 2008-09.  Chief domestic policy adviser during Romney's 2007-08 campaign for president. Senior counselor to the Deputy Secretary at HHS, 2008.  A health policy adviser to Bush-Cheney ’04.  Ph.D. in political science, J.D., A.M. in political science, and A.B. in government, all from Harvard University.  twitter

Deputy Policy Director  Jonathan Burks

(June 2012)  Policy director for the House Budget Committee (chairman Rep. Paul Ryan), since Aug. 2011, after serving as a budget analyst for defense and international affairs at the Committee starting in July 2010.  Director of legislative and intergovernmental affairs at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 2007-08.  Senior advisor to the Under Secretary for International Affairs at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, 2005-07.  Special assistant to the Vice President, 2001-05.  Policy analyst for the House Republican Conference, chairman Rep. Chris Cox, 2000-01.  M.A. in international affairs and economics from The Johns Hopkins University SAIS, 2010; B.S. in foreign service from Georgetown University, 1999.

Foreign and National Security Policy Director  Alex N. Wong

(2011)  Associate at Covington & Burling.  State Department experience as rule of law advisor for Iraq (2007-09), Office of the Legal Advisor (2006) and intern at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations (2005).  J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2007; B.A. degree from University of Pennsylvania.

Domestic Policy Director  Oren Cass

(May 2011)  Pursuing a law degree from Harvard.  Consultant at Bain & Company, 2005-Aug. 2009.  B.A. in political economy from Williams College, 2005.

Economic Policy Director  Pierce Scranton

(Aug. 2012, succeeding Dave Stewart)  Executive director, global government relations and public policy (April 2011-Aug. 2012) and vice president for global government relations (Aug. 2009-April 2011) at JP Morgan Chase.  Senior advisor at Meridian Research Group, April-Aug. 2009.  Chief of staff at the Council of Economic Advisors, Aug. 2007-Jan. 2009.  Senior policy advisor to the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Oct. 2005-Aug. 2007.  Chief of staff to Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn, Oct. 2003-Jan. 2005.  Senior policy advisor to the Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, Feb.-Oct. 2003.  B.A. in political science from Kenyon College, 1997.

Economic Policy Advisor  Danita Ng

(May 2011)  In 2009-10 Ng served as deputy policy director on Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senate, and earlier as policy advisor on Steve Poizner for Governor.  In 2005-07 she held several positions in California government including research analyst in the Governor's Office of Planning and Research and assistant communications director for a large state agency.  J.D. from University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, 2009; B.A. in political science from Wellesley College, 2004.

Economic Policy Advisor  Kyle Hauptman

(Oct. 2011)  Senior vice president rates trading at Jefferies & Company, 2009-11.  Vice president fixed income traing at Nomura Securities, 2008-09.  Vice president fixed income trading at Lehman Brothers, 2004-08.  M.B.A. in finance from Columbia University-Columbia Business School, 2004; B.A. in political science from UCLA.

Domestic Policy Advisor  Anna Gatlin

(June 2011)  Recent experience includes legislative intern for Mass. Rep. Alice Wolf; and education specialist at the Tennessee State Museum.  M.A. in education policy and management from Harvard University's Graduate School of Education.  M.A. in English education from New York University, 2009; B.A. from University of Mississippi, 2007.

Domestic Policy Advisor  Chris Emper

(May 2011)  Worked in the film and entertainment industry, 2006-09.  J.D./M.B.A. from Villanova University, 20012; B.A. in history from Boston College, 2006.

Health Policy Advisor  Matthew P. (Matt) Hoffmann

(from prior to VP announcement)  Budget analyst for the House Budget Committee (chairman Rep. Paul Ryan) from Jan. 2011.  Previously legislative director to Rep. Ryan; started working for Ryan as a legislative assistant in 2006.  Legislative correspondent and earlier legislative assistant to Sen. David Vitter, 2004-06.

Legal Policy Advisor  Dimple Gupta

Associate at Covington & Burling.  Chief counsel for constitutional law for the Senate Judiciary Committee, 2005-07.  Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, 2004-05.  Law clerk to Judge Jerry Smith, Fifth Circuit, 2001-02.  J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2001; B.A. from University of Chicago, 1998.

Paul Ryan Policy Advisor  David (Dave) Stewart

(had been serving as economic policy director to Romney; assigned to Ryan when he joined the ticket)  Leave of absence from position as Assistant for Policy to Speaker John Boehner; started with then Minority Leader Boehner as a policy advisor in Dec. 2008.  Worked for U.S. Rep. Phil English (PA) from 2000-08 starting as a staff assistant and finishing as deputy chief of staff/legislative director.  B.A. from San Diego State University.

Advisor  Gabriel Schoenfeld

(Aug. 2011)  Senior fellow on leave from the Hudson Institute and from the Witherspoon Institute.  Senior editor at Commentary magazine, 1994-2008.  Post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University's Russian Research Center, 1989-90.  Temporary FSO in the Soviet Union, 1986-87.  Legislative correspondent and research assistant to Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, 1977-79.  Ph.D. in government from Harvard University, 1989; B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College, 1979.  Author of Necessary Secrets (W.W. Norton & Company, 2010), and tell-all A Bad Day On The Romney Campaign: An Insider's Account (InterMix Books, 2013).

Economic Policy Analyst  Michael Talent

(June 2012)  Interned on the campaign in summer 2011 and returned as analyst after finishing B.A. degree in economics from University of Chicago in June 2012.

Foreign Policy Analyst  Caroline Vik

Political analyst for EU Delegation Cairo, Oct. 2011-Jan. 2012.  Investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanly, 2010-11.  B.A. in social studies from Harvard College, 2010.

Policy/Debate Preparation Analyst  Evan Schlossberg

(June 2012)  On leave from position as senior associate consultant at Bain & Company; started there Nov. 2010.  B.A. in business economics from UCLA, 2010.


Director of Speechwriting  Lindsay Hayes

(reported by The New York Times on April 19, 2012)  Pursuing Ph.D. in rhetoric and political culture from University of Maryland (dissertation is a rhetorical history of the campaigns of female candidates with matrimonial ties to elective office).  Has written for a wide range of principals, including political candidates for statewide and national office, two U.S. Senators, a Cabinet Secretary, and former Gov. Sarah Palin  In 2008, Hayes served as the senior writer for the Republican National Convention and a speechwriter on the McCain-Palin campaign.  Senior associate at Nahigian Strategies in Alexandria, VA.  Primary speechwriter to Sen. Ted Stevens, 2002-06 and communications director starting in 2005.  Started career as intern with the White House Office of Speechwriting.  M.A. from the University of Maryland, 2003; B.A. in political communication and political science from Boston College.

Stephen Spruiell

(May 2012  Came to the campaign from position as senior advisor (starting Aug. 2011) and previously communications advisor (2010-11) at the House Budget Committee (chairman Rep. Paul Ryan).  Staff writer at National Review, 2005-10.  Research assistant at FreedomWorks, 2002-03.  M.P.A. from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at University of Texas at Austin, 2005; B.A. in journalism from University of Oklahoma, 2002.

Brian Hughes

(June 2012)  Professional staffer at the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee since Sept. 2007.  Speechwriter in the office of Sen. Ted Stevens, 2006-07.  Undergraduate degree from Washington State University, 2006.

Brian Bolduc

(June 2012)  Editorial associate at National Review , Sept. 2011-May 2012.  William F. Buckley Fellow at the National Review Institute, Aug. 2010-Aug. 2011.  A.B. in economics from Harvard University.

Speechwriting Assistant  Robyn Engibous

Consultant to Sarah Palin; consulting as True North L'Attitudes in Anchorage.  A staff assistant to Sen. Ted Stevens, 2005-07. 


Director of Legislative Affairs  J.T. Jezierski

(reported by Roll Call on June 19, 2012)  Deputy chief of staff to Rep. Steven Palazzo (MS) from July 2011.  Legislative director to Rep. David McKinley (WV), 2011.  Legislative director to Rep. Pete Olson (TX), 2009-10.  Account executive at DCI Group, 2008.  Director of elected official outreach on Romney for President, June 2007-Feb. 2008.  Deputy chief of staff and White House liaison at NASA, 2003-07.  Deputy Associate Director in the Office of Presidential Personnel at the White House, 2001-03.  Publications director at the Institute for American Values.  Researcher at the RNC.  M.P.P. from Regent University; B.A. degree from Wheeling Jesuit University, 1977.

Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs  Erica Suares

(reported by Roll Call on June 19, 2012)  Came to the campaign from position as legislative assistant to Sen. Jim DeMint (SC), 2009.  Government relations department (Senate deputy) at the Heritage Foundation, 2008-09.  Kindergarten teacher at The Holy Family School, 2007-08.  Assistant to the political director at the White House, 2007.  Assistant to the Director of Homeland Security, 2003-4.  EdM from Harvard University, 2007; Master's degree in education from Vanderbilt University, 2006; B.S. in international business and economic from Auburn University, 2002.


Economic Policy Team

(announced Sept. 6, 2011)  Led by Dean R. Glenn Hubbard, Professor N. Gregory Mankiw, former Senator Jim Talent and former Congressman Vin Weber (note Weber was first announced as special advisor on policy on Aug. 24).

Foreign Policy and National Security Advisory Team

(announced Oct. 6, 2011)  Special advisors Cofer Black - Christopher Burnham - Michael Chertoff - Eliot Cohen - Norm Coleman - John Danilovich - Paula Dobriansky Eric Edelman - Michael Hayden - Kerry Healey - Kim Holmes - Robert Joseph - Robert Kagan -  John Lehman - Walid Phares - Pierre Prosper - Mitchell Reiss - Daniel Senor Jim Talent - Vin Weber - Richard Williamson - Dov Zakheim.  also regional and functional working groups.  (added Nov. 29, 2011) Congresswoman ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart and former Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

Justice Advisory Committee

(announced Aug. 2, 2011)  Chaired by Judge Robert Bork, Professor May Ann Glendon, and Richard Wiley.  "The committee will advise on the Constitution, judicial matters, law enforcement, homeland security, and regulatory issues. Where appropriate and permitted, some committee members will provide legal counsel to the campaign.

Labor Policy Advisory Group

(announced Sept. 12, 2011)  Co-chaired by Peter Schaumber and William Kilberg"The group will help Mitt Romney formulate pro-growth policies that promote the interests of workers and businesses by protecting the principles of free enterprise, free choice, and free speech."

Veterans Policy Advisory Group

(announced Oct. 6, 2011)  Co-chaired by Anthony Principi and Jim Nicholson.  "The group will counsel Romney on issues of importance to the nation’s veterans and help to formulate policies that will ensure America keeps its commitments to the men and women of the armed services while they are on duty and after they return home."

Trade Policy Advisory Group

(announced Oct. 13, 2011)  Chaired by Carlos Gutierrez with Rod Hunter and John Herrmann serving as co-chairs.  "The group will help Romney formulate pro-growth trade policies that open markets around the world for American goods and services while ensuring that trading partners play by the rules and welcome robust competition."

Law Enforcement Advisory Group

(announced Oct. 28, 2011)  Co-chaired by former Attorneys General William Barr and Michael Mukasey, former Deputy Attorneys General George Terwilliger and Mark Filip, and former Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division Alice Fisher.  "They will advise Governor Romney on all matters related to the rule of law..."

Urban Policy  Former St. Petersburg FL Mayor Rick Baker

(announced Jan. 17, 2012)  First elected in 2001 and re-elected in 2005.

Agriculture Advisory Committee

(announced March 13, 2012)  Co-chaired by U.S. Sen. Mike Johanns (a former Secretary of Agriculture and former Gov. of Nebraska) and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam

Health Care Policy Advisory Group

(announced March 23, 2012)  Members are Scott Atlas, Tom Barker, Scott Gottlieb, Paul Howard and Tevi Troy.  "This group will help Romney design policies that will strengthen the health care system nationally while giving states the power to innovate and individuals the power to control their own health care decisions."

Education Policy Advisory Group

(announced May 22, 2012)  K-12 Co-Chairs: Nina S. Rees and Dr. Martin R. West.  Higher Education Co-Chairs: Phil Handy and Bill Hansen.  Workforce Training Co-Chairs: Dr. Carol D. Amico and Emily Stover DeRocco.  Special Advisor: Dr. Rod Paige.  and Committee members.

Military Advisory Council

(announced Oct. 17, 2012)

Special Advisors on Policy 
former Sen. Norm Coleman

(announced Sept. 21, 2011)  Chairman of the American Action Network, and a senior governmental advisor at Hogan Lovells.  Served one term in the U.S. Senate, elected 2002.  Mayor of St. Paul from 1993-98.  Served as a chief prosecutor in the Minnesota Attorney General’s office and as the Minnesota Solicitor General.

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk

(announced Sept. 21, 2011)  Elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010 to complete Obama's term and serve a full term.  Previously served five terms in the House.  A Naval Reserve Intelligence Commander; just returned from Afghanistan in September from his third Reserve assignment there.


Operations, headed by Katie Packer Gage, encompassed Treasury/CFO, Scheduling and Advance, and the Ann Romney and Paul Ryan operations as well as Technology and Internal & External Relations.

Deputy Operations Director  Jessica Ennis

(June 2012)  Southeast regional political director at the RNC July 2009-June 2012; previously deputy political director at the RNC from Jan. 2007-June 2009, and regional finance director at the RNC, May 2005-Jan. 2007.  Executive director of North Carolina Victory (Bush-Cheney '04), Aug.-Nov. 2004.  Campaign manager, Cobey for Governor, Aug. 2003-Aug. 2004.  Finance director for the North Carolina Republican Party, Jan. 1999-July 2003.  B.A. in political science from East Carolina University, 1997.

Operations  Leslie Allen

(May 2012)  Academic team at Building Excellent Schools, July 2011-May 2012.  B.A. in theology, Spanish from University of Notre Dame, 2011.

Director of Technology  Kevin Rewkowski

(April 2011)  Partner at Minuteman Strategy LLC from Feb. 2009.  Owner and general manager at SOVIN LLC, a start up health/beauty business, 2008-March 2011.  Information technology manager on Romney for President, 2007-08.  Associate manager of video technology operations at ESPN, 2004-07.  Information technology analyst at Syracuse University, 2003-04.  B.S. in information technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, 2003.

Associate Systems Administrator  Jeffrey Flagg

(Nov. 2011)  B.S. in information security and forensics from Rochester Institute of Technology, 2012.

Director of Internal & External Relations  Jim Rogers

(started in May 2011 on the exploratory committee; initially deputy director, director since Oct. 2011)  Assistant director of undergraduate admission at Bentley University from 2008-11 and previously an academic advisor at Bentley College, 2006-08.  MBA from Bentley University, 2011; M.S. from Miami University, 2006; B.S. in English from SUNY College at Geneseo, 2004.

Treasury / CFO

Chief Financial Officer  Bradley Crate

(from April 2011)  President and founder of Red Curve Solutions, specializing in financial and operational outsourcing, Jan. 2009.  Deputy CFO on Romney for President, 2007-08.  Serving in Gov. Romney's administration as a fiscal policy analyst (2003-05) and as capital planning and policy director (2005-06).  Political operations director on Romney's 2002 campaign for governor.  Trader for JP Morgan Chase, 2000-02.  Associate vice president at Prudential Securities, 1998-2000.  M.S. in investment management from Boston University, School of Management, 2007; B.A. from Washington College, 1998.

Assistant to the CFO  Hillary Manchester

(at Red Curve Solutions from June 2012)  B.A. in communication from Villanova University, 2012.

Deputy CFO and Assistant Treasurer  Tim Jost

Experience on campaigns in Maryland, Illinois and New York.  Deputy finance director on Romney for Governor starting in Jan. 2003.  B.A. in political science from Arizona State University. 

Senior Financial Analyst  Charles Gantt

(at Red Curve Solutions from June 2012)  Consultant at New Millennium Group, 2010-11.  Assistant vice president at Wellington Management Company, LLP, 2003-09.  Director of research at Twin Oaks Partners, LLC, 2000-03.  Senior portfolio administrator at Numeric Investors, LLC, 1992-99.  Ph.D. in near Eastern languages and civilizations from Harvard University, 1998; B.A. in humanities from Baylor University.

Financial Analyst  John Crowley 

(at Red Curve Solutions from May 2012)  Analyst at Chitika, Inc, July 2011-May 2012.  B.S. in financial management from Quinnipiac University, 2011. 

Senior Accountant  Max Tassinari

(at Red Curve Solutions from Aug. 2011)  Accountant at Costantino Richards Rizzo LP, June 2007-June 2011.  M.B.A. in economics and financialm markets (2010) and B.S. in corporate finance and accounting (2008) from Bentley University.  Boston native.

Senior Accountant  Jason Ferrer

(at Red Curve Solutions from June 2012 "coordinating the Romney for President event budget with the RNC, campaign bank reconciliations, and FEC report generation")  Senior accountant at Capin Crouse LLP in Denver, Jan. 2010-June 2012.  B.A. in accounting from Vanguard University of Southern California, 2009.

Senior Accountant  Selim Ikizler

(at Red Curve Solutions from June 2012)  Treasury director on Newt 2012, Dec. 2011-March 2012; office administrator at GOPAC, Inc. Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012.  Director of finance and administraton for Military Families United, Aug. 2009-Nov 2011.  Senior financial analyst at NRSC, Feb. -Aug. 2009.  Accounting and HR manager at Freedom's Watch, Nov. 2007-Jan. 2009.  Financial analyst at the NRSC, March-Nov. 2007.  Manager of business operations at Chesapeake Bayhawks, 2006-07.  B.A. in economics from University of Maryland, 2005.

Accountant  Kevin O'Connell 

Bachelor's degree in business administration from Bryant University.  From Danvers, MA.

Travel and Credit Card Manager  Alexandra Cahill

(at Red Curve Solutions from June 2011)  B.A. in political science and American studies from Wellesley College, 2011; interned for Romney's Free and Strong America PAC as well as The Daily Caller and Charlie Baker's 2010 campaign for governor.  Massachuesetts native.

Traveling Press Coordinator  Robin Anderson

(Aug. 2012)  Executive assistant to executive asset manager at Morgan Chase and REO World in Newport Beach, CA, Oct. 2008-Aug. 2012.  B.A. in history/political science from Vanguard University of Southern California.

Legal Counsel  Michael C. Welch

(at Red Curve Solutions from June 2011)  J.D. from University of Notre Dame Law School, 2011; B.A. in political science from Boston College, 2006.  Welch served as an intern at Free & Strong America PAC from May-Aug. 2010 and as a press office intern for Gov. Romney from Jan.-Aug. 2005.  Grew up in Connecticut.


Director of Scheduling  Vicki Blanton

(April 2011)  Finance director on the Buck for Colorado campaign July-Nov. 2010 after serving as deputy finance director on the Sue Lowden for U.S. Senate campaign in Nevada.  Consultant to the John Suthers for Attorney General campaign in Colorado, 2009.  Scheduler on Bob Schaffer for U.S. Senate, started in March 2008.  Scheduler on Romney for President, May 2007-Feb. 2008.  B.A. from Hope College, 2007.

Scheduling Director-Ann Romney  Maureen Mitchell

Scheduling Director-Paul Ryan  Marjorie Connell

Schedulers including
Megan O'Brien

(May 2012)  Scheduler to Congressman Michael McCaul (TX-10), Oct. 2009-May 2012.  Assistant scheduler (2008-09) and staff assistant (2007-08) to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX).  B.A. in journalism, political science from University of North Texas.

Romney Family Scheduler  Courtney Butcher

(July 2012...the five Romney sons and their families)  7th grade social studies teacher at Ipswich Middle School, Jan. 2007-Jan. 2012.  B.S. degree from Gordon College, 2007. 

Scheduling Request Coodinator  Kelsey Patten

(May 2012, and for the last month of the campaign also briefing coordinator)  B.A. degrees in policy studies and political science from Syracuse University, 2012.

Director of Surrogate Operations  Lauren Zeitler

(Dec. 2011)  Executive assistant at the American Majority Project, Dec. 2009-April 2010.  B.A. in political science and Latin American studies from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, 2009.


Director of Candidate Operations and Advance  Will Ritter

(May 2011)  Director of operations for Mitt Romney's Free and Strong America PAC, March 2007.  Special assistant to Mitt Romney on the Romney for President campaign, Jan. 2007-Feb. 2008.  B.A. in political science and communications from Northeastern University, 2006.

Deputy Director of Candidate Operations  Matt Hall

Did advance on the Meg Whitman for Governor and McCain-Palin campaigns.  Graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University.

Trip Director  Charles W. Pearce

Director of advance on Baker for Governor (Mass.), 2009-10.  National advance coordinator on Romney for President, 2007-08, then lead advance on the McCain campaign.  Scheduler to U.S. Rep. Turner, 2006-07.  Research assistant at the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee.  Originally from Mission Viejo, Calif..

Personal Aide (Mitt's Body Man)  Garrett Jackson

Started as personal aide to Romney at the Free and Strong America PAC; initially deputy national finance director at the PAC.  Joined Solamere Capital, assisting in fundraising.  B.S. in political science and public policy leadership from University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), 2009.  Native of Brookhaven, Mississippi.  twitter

Director of Press Advance  Chad VonLuehrte

Advance representative on Meg Whitman for Governor 2010.  Lead press advance representative on McCain-Palin 2008.  Assistant director of operations, client services and development at Mint Lifestyle, 2007-08.  Press advance representative for the White House, 2004-08.  Lead press advance representative in the 2004 campaign.  Graduate of the University of Kentucky, 2003.

Director of Production  John Legittino

President of the Legittino Group, LLC since 2009.  In 2010 the Legittino group oversaw production for the Carly Fiorina for Senate campaign and Steve Poizner for Governor campaign in California.  B.A. in print journalism from University of Southern California, 2009.

Senior Trip Coordinator  Jon Palmer

Lead Advance including 
Craig Handzlik, Tim Tripepi, Jason Heath

ann romney

Director  Erin Bradley

(June 2012)  Chief of staff for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, May 2008-June 2012.  Director of operations at Romney for President, Jan. 2007-Feb. 2008.  Deputy director of operations in the Office of Gov. Mitt Romney, 2003-07.  B.A. in communications and English from Boston College, 2002.

Press Secretary  Sarah Haley

(reported by ABC News on May 29, 2012)  Previously on the Santorum campaign serving as national coalitions director as well as the director of communications for Karen Santorum.  Press secretary and earlier deputy press secretary to U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (AL) from early 2008 to Fall 2011.  Worked on the O'Reilly Factor for FOX News.  B.A. and also some graduate work in broadcasting and electronic media at the University of Memphis, 2004.  Native of Germantown, TN.  twitter

Scheduling Director  Maureen Mitchell

(July 2012)  Director of media relations and scheduling at Giuliani Partners, April 2008-July 2012.  Director of scheduling on the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee, Sept. 2007-Jan. 2008.  Scheduler to Congressman Paul Ryan, May 2003-Sept. 2007.  Deputy director of scheduling and assistant to the campaign manager at Bill Simon for Governor (CA), Dec. 2001-Nov. 2002.  Staff assistant to Sen. Spencer Abraham, Summer 1997.  Bachelor's degree in political science/speech communications from Northern Michigan University.

Travel Coordinator  Adrianne Nuttall

(June 2012)  Certified nurse assistant at Courtyard at Jamestown Assisted Living, Nov. 2010-April 2011.  B.S. in communication disorders from Brigham Young University, 2012.

Vice President

Director of Operations  Randy Bumps

(announced July 17, 2012)  Joined the NRSC in 2009, and served as chief political strategist for the NRSC’s independent expenditure efforts during the 2010 midterm election cycle.  Northeast regional political director at the RNC from 2005-09.  Bush-Cheney '04 Maine executive director.  State director for Sen. Susan Collins, overseeing her state offices; started as a regional field representative for Collins in Augusta in Oct. 2000.  Deputy campaign manager on Collins' 2002 re-election campaign.  Field rep. in western Maine for then-Sen. Bill Cohen.  Served three terms as a State Representative, elected in 1996 and re-elected in 1998 and 2000.  Graduate of Bates College with a degree in Political Science, 1995.  From Minot, Maine.

Communications Director  Kevin Sheridan

(announced July 17, 2012)  On leave from position as senior vice president and director of media relations at Edelman, joined the firm in Jan. 2006.  Press director at the U.S. Agency for International Development, 2005-06.  Worked in the press department at the RNC, 2001-04.  Assistant press secretary to Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore III, 2000-01.  Served as a press secretary in the Connecticut House of Representatives, 1997-99.  B.A. in political science and economics from the University of Connecticut.  twitter

Press Secretary  Brendan Buck

Most recently press secretary to Speaker John Boehner; started with Boehner in the Minority Leader's Office in March 2010 as director of communications for legislative operations.  Worked for Rep. Tom Price (GA) as communications director through March 2010; joined Price's office as a staff assistant in 2006 and then served as legislative correspondent and deputy press secretary.  B.A. in economic from the University of Georgia, 2004.

Traveling Press Secretary  Michael Steel

(from Aug. 11, 2012)  Comes to the campaign from his position as a press secretary to Speaker John Boehner; earlier at the House Republican Steering Committee.  Press secretary to Rep. Jim McCrery (LA) and director of communications at the House Ways and Means Committee.  Press secretary to Rep. John Shadegg (AZ), 2003-06, and for some of that time also press secretary for the House Republican Policy Committee.  Master's degree in journalism from Columbia University; undergraduate degree from University of North Carolina.  Native of Durham, NC.  twitter

Policy Advisor  David (Dave) Stewart

(had been serving as economic policy director to Romney; assigned to Ryan when he joined the ticket)  Leave of absence from position as Assistant for Policy to Speaker John Boehner; started with then Minority Leader Boehner as a policy advisor in Dec. 2008.  Worked for U.S. Rep. Phil English (PA) from 2000-08 starting as a staff assistant and finishing as deputy chief of staff/legislative director.  B.A. from San Diego State University.

Scheduling Director  Marjorie Connell

Executive assistant and scheduler to Rep. Pete Olson (TX).  Has worked on Capitol Hill since 2007, starting in the office of Rep. Steve Chabot (OH).

Travel Coordinator  Campbell Matthews

(July 2012)  B.A. in religion from Barnard College, 2012.

Media Affairs Manager  Keisha Vaughan 

(June 2012)  Public policy specialist at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP from Jan. 2010.  Communications director at Freedom's Watch, 2008.  War room co-director on the 2007 iteration of John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign.  M.P.S. from The George Washington University, 2009; B.A. in political communication from The George Washington University, 2007.

Body Man  Jacob Kastan

Kastan had been serving as an advance representative for Romney from March 2012.  Graduate of Tufts University 2011.

Director of Candidate Advance and Trip Director  Joey Smith

Smith had been serving as an advance lead on the Romney campaign since January.  Deputy director of operations for advance on Pawlenty for President, April-Aug. 20011.  Special assistant to Chairman Michael Steele at the RNC, Aug. 2009-Jan. 2011.  Special assistant and personal aide to the Secretary of the Interior, 2007-09.  Advance representative for the White House, 2005-09.  B.S. in political science from Mississippi College, 2006.

Director of Press Advance  Brent Swander

Midwest regional sales manager fro Agile Technologies from early 2010; client executive/sales manager at Agile Technologies, 2009-10.  Field director for Victory/Ohio Republican Party, Fall 2010; managed Dave Yost for Ohio Auditor of State, Feb.-June 2010.  Press advance representative on John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign.  Director of media operations for the 2008 NATO Summit.  Did press advance for the White House, 2003-08.  Political director on Chabot for Congress, 2006.  Bachelor's degree in sport management and marketing from Bowling Green State University, 2007.

Traveling Press Coordinator  Hannah Zillmer

Senior Advisor  Dan Senor

Senor had been serving as a foreign policy advisor to Romney, announced Oct. 11, 2012; he also was a senior foreign policy adviser on Romney's 2007-08 campaign and he started advising Romney on foreign policy in 2006.  Director and co-founder (2009), with William Kristol and Robert Kagan, of the Foreign Policy Initiative (+) and co-author of Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle (2009).  Partner at Rosemont Capital.  Coalition Provisional Authority spokesman and senior advisor, 2003-04.  Worked at the Carlyle Group, 2001-03.  Legislative aide, press secretary, and communications director for then-Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-MI).M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, 2001. Degree in history from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario; also studied at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  twitter

Note: Staff first reported by CNN's Shawna Shepherd on Aug. 13.  On Aug. 20 CNN reported that several Ryan staffers from Capitol Hill had taken leaves of absences to help on the campaign:
Andy Speth - chief of staff in DC
Joyce Meyer - chief of staff in WI
Conor Sweeney - House Budget Committee communications director


Finance Chair  Spencer Zwick (SJZ LLC, Lexington, MA)

A managing partner of Solamere Capital, LLC, a firm he co-founded with with Tagg Romney and Eric Scheuermann.  National finance chair on Meg Whitman's 2010 campaign for governor of California.  National finance director of Romney for President.  Deputy chief of staff and COO in Gov. Romney's office.  Worked in the Executive Office of the Salt Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee for the Winter Games of 2002.  Attended the University of Utah and graduated from Brigham Young University.

Assistant to the National Finance Chairman  Annie Starke

(from July 2012; initially assistant to the political director from Dec. 2011)  Legislative aide at the C2 Group, June 2011-Feb. 2012.  B.S. in environmental studies from University of Vermont, 2011.

Finance Director  Mason J. Fink

(running day to day)  Worked at Solamere Capital and on his independent business MJF LLC.

Assistant to the Finance Director  Laura Howard

(June 2012)  B.A. in international relations from Johns Hopkins University, 2012.

Deputy Finance DIrector  Matthew Waldrip

...regional teams, headquarters staff (started with Free and Strong America PAC)  Partner at Action First, a consulting firm, from June 2010.  Director of grassroots operations at Policy Impact Communications, 2009-10.  Program specialist in the International Fellows Program at National Defense University, 2007-09.  Ran a nation-wide grassroots finance operation (Ambassador Program) for the 2008 Romney for President campaign.  B.S. in political science from Brigham Young University, 2007.

Deputy Finance DIrector  Ryan Morley, analytics (April 2011)  Partner at Action First, a consulting firm, from May 2009.  Director of grassroots communications at Policy Impact Communications, 2009-10.  Management consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, 2007-09.  Ran a nation-wide grassroots finance operation (Ambassador Program) for the 2008 Romney for President campaign.  Brigham Young University.

Regional Finance Directors
New York, Connecticut, New Jersey  J.P. Miller

Fulfilled a similar role at the Free and Strong America PAC and on Romney's 2008 campaign.

Massachusetts  Magan Munson

Previously at the Massachusetts Republican Party.  Community liaison for Sen. David Vitter, from late 2006-mid 2008.

Pennsylvania and North Carolina  Lindsey Drath

Principal at Williams Drath, LLC from Jan. 2008.  Director of The Republican Regents and Team 100 at the RNC, 2009-11.  Director of major gifts and corporate partnerships at ONE, May 2007-Jan. 2008.  Executive director of The Prosperity Fund at BIPAC, 2006-07.  Deputy finance director on Steele for Maryland, 2005-06.  Senatorial Trust director, Roundtable director and Inner Circle manager at the NRSC, 2003-05.

Florida  Matt Kilfoyle

(March 2011)  Finance coordinator on Charlie Baker for Governor, 2009-10.  Junior analyst at PA Consulting Group, 2008-09.  B.S./B.A. in finance, marketing from Boston University's School of Management

South and Texas  Mackenzie Jortner

(April 2012)  Program coordinator for Regents and Team 100 at the RNC, May-Aug. 2011.  Director of resource development at LVH Consulting, Feb.-May 2011.  Associate at The McIntosh Company, Sept. 2009-Feb. 2011.  B.A. in English from Sewanee-The University of the South, 2009.

Texas  William Walker

Principal at TCB Strategies (Taking Care of Business).  eFinance director at the RNC for six months in 2009-10.  Northeast finance director on McCain-Palin Victory 2008.  Finance events manager on Romney for President, Inc. 2007-08.  Director of advance on Healey for Governor, 2006.  Bachelor's degree in biology from Kenyon College.

Midwest  Kirstin Hopkins

(April 2012)  Eagles director at the RNC from Feb. 2011.  Finance director on Ron Johnson for Senate, 2010-11.  Deputy director of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, 2009-10.  72 Hour operations director for RNC Victory in New Mexico, Sept.-Nov. 2008.  Deputy director of volunteers at the 2008 Republican National Convention, Feb.-Sept. 2008.  Director of special projects at the RNC, 2006-08.

Mountain West  Kaitlin O'Reilly

Executive assistant at Solamere Capital, LLC and executive assistant at SJZ, LLC.  Graduate of Tufts University, 2009.

California  Caitlyn Malcynsky

(May 2011; previously interned at Free and Strong America PAC)  Graduate of Columbia College, 2011.

Tier 3 and Tier 4 States  Trent Christensen

(April 2011)  Associate at Ropes & Gray LLP, 2009-11.  Regional finance manager on Romney for President, Inc., 2007-08.  J.D. from Brigham Young University, 2008.

Deputy Regional Finance Directors

(alphabetical) Annie Baker (South)  -  Grady Baker (Tier 3 and 4)  -  Andy Davis (PA and NC)  - Stephen Duerst (CA)  -  Owen Dorney (MA)  -  Lizzie Edelman (NY, CT and NJ)  -  Harry Hill (Mountain West)  -  Griffin Johnson (MW)  -  Fifi Knott (NY, CT and NJ)  -  Erika Laurie (Tier 3 and 4)  -  Devon McBee (MW)  -  Emma Nelson (Tier 3 and 4)  -  Chuck Roberts (Tier 3 and 4)  -  Chris Thomson (FL)  -  Richard Waters (MW)

Surrogates Director  Forrest Anthony

Recent graduate of Brigham Young University. 

Director of Communications-Finance Rob Morello marketing, invitations, prospecting (Aug. 2011)  BYU project manager in Kampala, Uganda, summer 2011.  Account manager at Action First and intern at Targeted Victory, Jan.-April 2011.  Working towards a B.A. in political science from Brigham Young University.

Scheduling Liaison  Mike Anderson

Studying towards bachelor's degree from Utah Valley University; had taken leave to work at Action First Grassroots.

Events Director (RNC)  Dougie Simmons

(Oct. 2011)  Scheduler in the Office of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, 2009-11.  Associate at The Larrison Group, 2007-08.  Executive assistant to the director of the National Economic Council at the White House, 2005-07.  Scheduler at the White House, 2004-05.  Scheduler in the Office of the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Treasury, 2003-04.  Staff assistant to Sen. Jeff Sessions, 2003-04.  Graduate of the University of Alabama, 2002.

Director of Fundraising Systems  Bruce Nilson

(batching and caging...)  CIO at Free and Strong America PAC from April 2008-March 2011 and, from Jan. 2009 managing partner at Minuteman Strategy, LLC.  Manager of headquarters operations at Romney for President, Dec. 2006-April 2008.  Operations coordinator on the Healey for Governor campaign, 2005-06.  Bentley University.

Director of Reporting and Analytics  Alex Arzoumanov

(Feb. 2012)  Owner/operator of Spun Frozen Yogurt, 2009-10.  Owner/operator of Big Al's BBG, 2007-08.  Harvard University.

Deputy Reporting and Analytics  Jason Young

(Jan. 2012)  B.A. in accounting, political science from Emmanuel College, 2012.

Compliance  Matthew Hunter

Compliance  Jeremy Butler

Controller  Lynne McMillan

(Sept. 2011)  Paralegal at Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP, July 2010-Sept. 2011.  Financial analyst at Eli Lilly and Company, 2009-10.  B.S. in finance, accountancy from University of Illinois, 2009.

Vertical Fundraising 
Jack Gerard, Jr.

Graduate of BYU.  Worked in finance on Romney's 2008 campaign.

John Whitney

(May 2012)  Finance director at Chris Meek for Congress, Oct. 2011-May 2012.  Wholesale manager at ChalkTalk SPORTS, Jan.-May 2011.  Deputy finance director on Tom Foley for Governor, May-Nov. 2010.  Member of the US Adaptive Ski Team and the 2010 US Paralympic Team.  Waterfront programs director at The Belle Haven Club, 2007-08.  B.S. in clinical science from Ithaca College, 2007.

John Voith

(to Sept. 2012)  M.P.A. from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government; M.B.A. from University of Pennsylvania-The Wharton School; B.A. in biology and public policy from Harvard University.

Women for Romney  Jolyn Marie Lorenzetti

(June 2012)  Director of events at The LS Group, March 2011-June 2012.  B.A. degree from American University, 2011 after first two years at College of DuPage.  [Note: LS Group is headed by Lisa Spies who served as Director of Women for Romney Victory and Director of Jewish Outreach for the Romney campaign].

Director of Donor and Raiser Programs  Stephen Reiff

...reported to Spencer Zwick (May 2012)  Finance leadership development program at Raytheon, 2010-12.  B.B.A. in finance and political science from Southern Methodist University, 2010. 

Donor and Raiser Programs
Sarah Gerard

(May 2012)  Graduate of BYU.

Leslie O'Banion

Elizabeth Smith

(June 2012)  J.D. from Villanova University School of Law, 2012; B.A. in political science, environmental studies from Denison University, 2009.

Iris Somberg

(May 2012)  Business and Media Institute staff writer at the Media Research Center from Dec. 2010.  Northern Virginia coordinator on Romney for President Sept. 2011-May 2012.  Political analyst at Targeted Victory, Oct.-Nov. 2010.  Media and political outreach at Action First, March-Sept. 2010.  Senior media associate at the Washington News Observer, 2009-10.  Research analyst at the RNC, May-Nov. 2008.  B.A. in political science from The George Washington University, 2008.

Directors of Tarmac Opportunities ("the tarmac twins")

Meagan Foulger - (from June 2012; interned on the campaign in summer 2011)  Working toward degree from Brigham Young University.
Jenny Christensen - (from June 2012; interned on the campaign in summer 2011)  Working toward degree from Brigham Young University.

Director of Donor Relations  Maya Buki

(April 2011)  Regional political director L.A. County for the California Republican Party, June-Nov. 2010.  Los Angeles region field representative for the California Republican Party, 2009-10.  Account coordinator at Jack Morton Worldwide, 2008-10.  Campus programming director for AIPAC, 2007-08.  Graduate of University of Southern California, 2005.

Although some of Romney's top fundraisers referred to themselves as "national finance co-chairs" and the term was mentioned in various press accounts, the "national finance co-chair" designation was not used for the 2012 campaign and was a holdover from the 2008 campaign.  For 2012, the campaign placed a major focus on empowering state/local teams.


General Counsel  Katie Biber

(April 2011)  Associate at Patton Boggs, LLP from 2006; Biber also served as general counsel on Romney's 2007-08 campaign.  Served as associate counsel on Bush-Cheney '04.  J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2004.  B.A. in journalism/political science from The George Washington University, 2000.

Deputy General Counsel  Megan Sowards

(June 2011)  Associate at Patton Boggs, LLP from Oct. 2009.  Speechwriter at the U.S. Department of State, 2003-05.  Press secretary to Sen. Susan Collins, 2001-03.  Speechwriter to Sen. John Chafee and then Sen. Lincoln Chafee, 1999-2001.  J.D. from University of Michigan Law School; undergraduate degree from Middlebury College.

Deputy General Counsel and National Election Day Operations Director  Lee Rudofsky

Associate at Kirkland & Ellis, LLP.  Clerked for Judge Andrew Kleinfeld of the US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit in Fairbanks, AK.  J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2005; M.P.A. from the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, 2002. 

Associate General Counsel and Deputy National EDO Director  Catherine Holtgrewe

(Oct. 2011)  J.D. from University of Colorado School of Law, 2011.  Human resource and marketing manager at The Assist Group, 2006-08.  Deputy press secretary on Bob Beauprez for Governor, 2006.  Undergraduate degree in biology from Westmont College, 2005.

Associate General Counsel  Beverly Moore

(March 2012)  Associate at Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd, Evans & Figel from Oct. 2010.  Investment banker at Goldman Sachs, 2004-06.  J.D. from Stanford Law School, 2009.  B.S. in economics from Harvard University, 2004.

Associate General Counsel  Annie Donaldson

(June 2012)  Associate at Patton Boggs LLP from Oct. 2011.  Director of special projects and initiative at Free and Strong America PAC, mid- 2008.  Assistant director of operations at Romney for President, Jan. 2007-April 2008.  Senior operations coordinator in the Office of Gov. Romney, 2005-07.  J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2011; undergraduate degree from University of Alabama, 2004.

Senior Advisor  Benjamin Ginsberg

National counsel on Romney's 2007-08 campaign.  Partner at Patton Boggs LLP; joined the firm in 1993.  Outside counsel for the Bush-Cheney '04 (announced May 30, 2003; resigned Aug. 2004).  Outside counsel for the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2000 and was a central figure in the Florida recount.  Prior to joining Patton Boggs, Ginsberg served eight years as counsel to the RNC, the NRSC, and the NRCC.  Worked for five years as a newspaper reporter for the Boston Globe, the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, the Berkshire Eagle and the Riverside (Calif.) Press-Enterprise, prior to law school.  J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center, 1982.  A.B. from University of Pennsylvania, 1974.


Neil Newhouse

(On Jan. 13, 2011, Real Clear Politics reported that Neil Newhouse would be pollster of a "near-certain presidential bid.")  A partner and co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies.  Previously executive Vice-President of The Wirthlin Group.  Graduated from Duke University and attended graduate school at the University of Virginia.  Originally from Kansas City.

Noam Scheiber.  "The Internal Polls That Made Mitt Romney Think He'd Win."  The New Republic, Nov. 30, 2012.

American Rambler Productions

advertising and media buying...
Director of Advertising/Strategic Advisor/Executive Producer  Ashley O'Connor

With Stevens and Schriefer, O'Connor is a principal at SSG; at the firm since Jan. 2006, executive producer of all advertising and runs the day-to-day business operations of the firm.  Owner of Red October Productions, Inc. since Oct. 1999.  Director of production and a member of the strategy team for Bush Cheney ‘04.  Graduate of Mount Holyoke College, 1995. 

Creative Director  Jim Ferguson

(helping out from Nov. 2011; reported by The New York Times on April 19, 2012..."wrote over 200 commercials in the course of the year.")  Ferguson has previous presidential campaign experience; in 2000 he was creative consultant, leading the team of New York ad execs. volunteering on George W. Bush's campaign.  "Shop foreman" at Fire in The Hole; joined with Bob Shallcross and Jim Krause to form jimbobkrause.  Chairman and COO at TM Advertising/Dallas (Temerlin McClain in Irving, TX) Sept. 2003-Dec. 2007 after a brief stint at  at Omnicom Group's DDB Worldwide in Chicago.  President and chief creative officer of Y&R (Young & Rubicam) in NYC from May 1999 to 2003.  Chief creative officer at DDB Needham in Dallas, 1994-99.  Senior vice president/creative director at Leo Burnett, 1982-94.  Copywriter for Crume & Associates, 1981-83.  B.A. in journalism, 1976.

Production Manager  Joseph Greeley

(Nov. 2011)  Legislative correspondent for Sen. Roy Blunt, Jan.-Nov. 2011.  Regional political director on the Blunt for Senate campaign, 2010.  Media assistant (2008-09) and media buyer (Oct. 2009-Feb. 2010) for Strategic Media Services.  Degree in international affairs and political science from The George Washington University, 2008.

Associate Editor/Media Manager / Production Coordinator  Clare Burns

(July 2011)  Associate editor/media manager at Citizens United Productions, 2010-11.  Junior account executive at The David All Group, 2009-10.  B.A. in broadcast journalism/political science from Boston University, 2009.

Assistant Media Manager  Aaron James

(May 2012)  Previously media associate at Luntz Global.  Video producer for the Republican Governors Association, 2011.  Audio engineer and camera operator at Act for America, 2010-11, and studios intern at The Leadership Institute, 2010-11.  Studied audio production and engineering at Appalachian State University.

Senior Media Assistant  Meredith Gibbons

(Jan. 2012)  Staff assistant to Sen. Roy Blunt, June-Dec. 2011.  B.A. in political science from Westminster College, 2011.

Liaisons to RNC

announced late April 2012
Chief Liaison  Brian Jones

Partner with the Black Rock Group.  Previously a managing director at Mercury Public Affairs overseeing their strategic communications practice. Communications director on the McCain campaign, Dec. 2006-July 2007.  Communications director at the RNC from Jan. 25, 2005.  Senior communications advisor on Bush-Cheney '04.  Vice President for Polling and Advertising of Mercury Public Affairs.  Prior to joining Mercury, Jones served as Research Director for the NRCC.  He has worked on campaigns at the local, state and national level.  Research director on Lamar Alexander's 2000 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination for the first part of 1999.

Communications Liaison  Kevin Madden

Executive vice president, public affairs at JDA Frontline from March 2010.  A managing director at The Glover Park Group, 2008-10.  National press secretary on Romney's 2007-08 campaign.  Spokesman for House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), Feb.-Nov. 2006.  Spokesman for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX).  Spokesman for U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.  Northeast regional press secretary on Bush Cheney '04 (incl. OH, PA, NH).  Communications director and a senior advisor to Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY), 2001-03.  Public relations associate at Craig Shirley and Associates, Jan.-March 2001.  Washington representative for the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency from Jan.-Sept. 2000.  Primary spokesman for the Office of the Mayor of Yonkers, 1997-99.  Communications director for the Office of the Yonkers City Council President, 1994-97.  Degree in communications from SUNY Cortland.

Political and Field Liaison  Ward Baker

Partner at Majority Strategies, a direct mail firm in Nashville, TN.  National political director at the Republican State Leadership Committee.  Campaign director for the Virginia House Republican Caucus in 2005.  72-Hour director for the Bush-Cheney campaign in Florida.  Political director and 72-Hour director for Haley Barbour’s successful 2003 gubernatorial campaign in Mississippi.  Campaign manager for Blackburn for Congress (TN-07) in 2002.  Served in the U.S. Marine Corps.


Chairman  Bob White

see above

Treasurer  Darrell W. Crate

Also served as treasurer of Romney's Free and Strong America PAC and of his 2007-08 campaign.  Founder (2009) of Easterly Capital, a private equity firm.  CFO of Affiliated Managers Group, Inc.  (AMG), 1998-2011.  Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, 2003-07.  Worked in investment banking at Chase Manhattan.  M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, 1995; B.A. in economics from Bates College, 1989.

Secretary and Senior Advisor  Benjamin Ginsberg

see above

More NationaL

National co-Chairs

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty

(announced Sept. 12, 2011; served to Sept. 2012 when he left to take position as president and CEO of Financial Services Roundtable)

National Advisory Council

Chairman of National Advisory Council  Former U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez

(announced Oct. 10, 2011)

Co-Chair  U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH) (announced Nov. 20, 2011)
Co-Chair  U.S. Sen. John Thune (SD) (announced Nov. 23, 2011)

Former U.S. Sen. Connie Mack III (announced Nov. 3, 2011)
U.S. Rep. Dave Camp (MI-4) (announced Dec. 20, 2011)

National steering committee

Chairman of National Steering Committee  Former Gov. John H. Sununu

(announced Oct. 24, 2011)

Co-Chair  Gov. Nikki Haley (SC) (announced Dec. 16, 2011)

U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass (announced Nov. 21, 2011)

National Grassroots Leadership Committee

Co-Chair  Jennifer Horn (NH)

(announced Dec. 20, 2011)


Reaganites for Romney
(announced Dec. 15, 2011)

Chairman  Ambassador Jerry Carmen

Veteran of Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign; Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration from 1981-1984; U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva 1984-1986.

National Hispanic Steering Committee

(announced Jan. 27, 2012)
Honorary Co-Chairs  Sec. Carlos Gutierrez and Sen. Mel Martinez


Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – Represents Florida’s 18th district and is currently the Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee; Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen is the most senior Republican woman in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart – Represents Florida’s 21st District in the U.S. Congress; Founding members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; Served in both the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate. He was elected in 2002.
Former Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart – Represented Florida’s 21st District In The U.S. Congress From 1993 Until 2011; Vice-Chairman of the House Rules Committee; Currently the Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute. 
Jose Fuentes – Former Attorney General of Puerto Rico; Former Surrogate and Co-Chair Bush-Cheney 2000 and 2004; Chairman, Eastport Strategies LLC.
Hector Barreto – Chairman of the Board of The Latino Coalition; President/CEO of Barreto Associates; Former Administrator of the United States Small Business Administration 2001-2006.

Misc. Endorsements

Additional Endorsements
Former Sen. Elizabeth Dole (announced Dec. 28, 2011)

Ambassador John Bolton (announced Jan. 12, 2012)

Jay Sekulow and Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice (announced Jan. 15, 2012)

Medal of Honor recipients Sergeant John F. Baker, Jr. (U.S. Army, Ret.) and Captain John James McGinty, III (USMC, Ret.) (announced Jan. 19, 2012)

Actor Jon Voight (Jan. 28, 2012 appearance with Romney in Pensacola, FL)

Donald Trump (announced Feb. 2, 2012)

Conservationist and hunter Rob Keck (announced Feb. 21, 2012)

Musician Ted Nugent (tweet reported March 3, 2012)

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy (JF March 8, 2012 tweet)

Alabama's lead singer Randy Owen (March 9, 2012 tweet)

Medal of Honor recipients Colonel Lee Mize (U.S. Army, Ret.) and Colonel Leo K. Thorsness (USAF, Ret.) (announced March 12, 2012)

Former Gov. Jeb Bush (FL) (announced March 21, 2012)

American Conservative Union President Al Cardenas (FL) (announced March 26, 2012)

Former President George H.W. Bush (announced March 29, 2012)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN) (announced May 3, 2012)

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (PA) (announced May 7, 2012)

Former President George W. Bush (May 15, 2012)

Herman Cain (announced May 16, 2012)

In the States



State Manager  James Garcia

(announced May 1, 2012)  Served as the campaign's national field director during the primaries.  Executive director of the Colorado Republican Party starting Aug. 2009.  Colorado Victory director from May 2008-Feb. 2009.  Regional manager for Saxby Chambliss' successful 2008 U.S. Senate runoff campaign in Georgia.  A field director for the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee in Iowa and Florida.  A field director on Shelley Sekula Gibbs for Congress, 2006; also assisted the Tom DeLay Congressional Committee in Sugar Land, Texas.  B.A. in political science from the University of Houston, 2006.


State Manager Molly Donlin

State director for Romney's Florida primary campaign, then went on to direct the campaign in Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  In 2010 Donlin directed Republicans' Michigan Victory effort.  In the fall 2008 campaign she directed Republicans' Victory 2008 effort in Arizona; earlier in the cycle she served as field director for Central Florida on the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee.  Donlin was a presidential appointee in the Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs, where she served as assistant to the director.  Deputy director of volunteer development for the RNC from Aug. 2005 to Dec. 2006, and 72-Hour field director for Hamilton County for the Ohio Republican Party.  B.S. degree in international affairs from Xavier University in Cincinnati, 2004.  twitter


State Manager  Jill Neunaber

(started April 30, 2012)  One of two deputy state directors on Romney's NH primary campaign, May 2011-Jan. 2012.  Northeast regional Victory director at the RNC, Sept.-Nov. 2010.  Political director on the Ovide Lamontagne for U.S. Senate campaign, Jan.-Sept. 2010.  Special projects at the RNC, Sept.-Nov. 2009.  Staff assistant to Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA), 2008-Sept. 2009.  A regional field director on the Romney for President Iowa caucus campaign, 2007-08.  Staff assistant on Georgians for Isakson.  Undergraduate degree in political science from University of Georgia.


State Manager  John Sellek

(started end of May 2012)  On leave from position as communications director for Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette; started as press secretary and deputy communications director to Attorney General Mike Cox in Aug. 2008.  Communications and constituent relations director, Michigan House of Representatives, 2007-08.  Deputy chief of staff to the Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, 2005-07.  Policy development and strategic issues coordinator, Michigan House of Representatives, 2002-05.  Director of issue research and voter programs for the Michigan Republican Party, 2000-02.  Policy coordinator Office of the Governor, 1999-2000.  Political director on Engler for Governor, 1998-99.  Graduate of Michigan State University, 1997.  Grew up in Lansing Township.


State Manager  Chris Carr

(reported by Jon Ralston week of May 7, 2012)  Previously Western regional political director at the RNC, announced June 1, 2011.  West and Southwest regional political director at the NRCC in the 2010 cycle.  Northwest political director at the RNC, 2007-08.  Campaign manager for Sen. John Ensign’s (R-NV) successful reelection bid in 2006.  Executive director of the Nevada Victory Campaign and Nevada State Republican Party in the 2004 cycle.  Previously executive director of the Clark County Republicans.  He came to Nevada from Louisiana; extensive experience in Louisiana campaigns including manager of Dan Kyle's primary campaign for Louisiana Insurance Commissioner in 2003; manager of Donna Mayeux's 2000 campaign for mayor of Baton Rouge; and manager of State Rep. Quentin Dastugue's 1995 gubernatorial campaign.  Deputy campaign manager on Jim Gibbons' 1994 campaign for governor.  Campaign manager for Bush-Quayle in Nevada in 1992.  Interned at the White House during the administration of President George H.W. Bush.  Graduate of McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA.  Originally from Sulphur.

New Hampshire

State Manager  Phil Valenziano

(started first week of May 2012)  Field staffer on Romney's Iowa caucus campaign, then worked on field in South Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma and Missouri.  Pror to joining the campaign Valenziano worked as a legislative clerk in the Iowa House.  Victory field director in Cedar Rapids for the Republican Party of Iowa.  Graduate of Catholic University of America.  New Jersey native.  twitter

North Carolina

State Manager  Michael Joffrion

(announced May 1, 2012)  Previously the campaign's regional political director for the South, started May 2011.  Political director for the Alabama Republican Party, April 2008-April 2011.  Worked on the Charlie Ross for Congress primary campaign in Jackson, MS and on Rudy Giuliani's Iowa caucus campaign.  A Victory field director for the RNC in Missouri, 2006.  M.P.A. (2005) and B.A. in political science (2003) from Auburn University.  Native of Birmingham, AL.


State Manager  Scott Jennings

(announced May 2, 2012)  Senior strategist at Peritus Public Relations, from Oct. 2007.  Senior advisor to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's 2008 re-election campaign in Kentucky.   Deputy White House political director and a special assistant to the president, 2005-07.  New Mexico executive director of Bush-Cheney '04 (one of only two states to go from blue in 2000 to red in 2004).  Political director on Ernie Fletcher for Governor primary campaign in Kentucky and then for the Republican Party of Kentucky's statewide effort in 2003.  Political director on the McConnell Senate Committee, 2002.  Communications director for the Republican Party of Kentucky, 2001; in the early part of 2001 served as press secretary in the Office of the Senate President.  Political director on the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign in Kentucky.  News reporter for WHAS Radio in Louisville, KY and for the Kentucky News Network, 1996-2000.  B.A. in political science from University of Louisville, 2000.


State Manager  John Gibson

Northeastern regional political director at the RNC starting in May 2011.  Team member at digital media firm Targeted Victory, 2010.  Executive director of American Issues Project, 2009.  Mid-Atlantic regional political director for the RNC, Feb. 2007-Feb. 2009.  Executive director of the Maryland Republican Party, 2005-06.  Campaign manager/community outreach representative for Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA), 2002-05; also campaign manager for David Albo for Delegate.  Legislative assistant for Rep. Bob Franks (NJ) and then for Rep. Felix Grucci, 2000-01.  B.A. from Loyola College, 1998.  twitter


State Manager  Sara Craig

(reported May 3, 2012)  State director on Romney's Iowa caucus campaign.  Consultant at Redwave Communications in Des Moines.  Managed Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's primary campaign for Governor of Tennessee.  Legislative caucus director and executive director of the North Dakota Republican Party, 2008.  Central Iowa field director on Romney's 2007-08 Iowa caucus campaign, and continued on with the campaign to Michigan, Florida, and Minnesota.  Western Iowa field director for the Legislative Majority Fund at the Republican Party of Iowa in the 2006 cycle.  Degrees in political science and journalism from Marquette University.


State Director  Danny O'Driscoll

Previously the campaign's Northeast and Lakes regional political director, and earlier one of two deputy state directors on Romney's NH primary campaign.  National absentee and early vote director in the political department at the RNC in Fall 2010.  Managed businessman Paul Huber's campaign for the Republic nomination in the May 18, 2010 primary in PA-3 (Mike Kelly won the primary).  Managed political operations in the Northeast region for Freedom's Watch.

"Romney Readiness Project" R2P, Inc. (Transition)

The 2012 Romney transition (Romney Readiness Project or R2P, Inc.) was the first transition supported by federal funds from the time of the nominating conventions, as provided by the 2010 Pre-Election Transition ActFormer Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt started Romney's transition efforts beginning with preliminary planning in May.  Early work was done from an office at 300 New Jersey Ave. in Washington, DC.  From Aug. 30, 2012, the R2P, Inc. worked out of a space organized by the General Services Administration in the Switzer Building at 330 C Street, S.W. in Washington, DC.  Under Leavitt's leadership, the R2P, Inc. organization grew to 495 people, 55 on payroll and most, about 85-percent, volunteers.  On a side note, the group did seem a bit lacking in diversity.  The transition effort was designed to proceed through four phases (readiness, planning, transition and handoff); only the first two were executed.  An Executive Council consisting of group leaders met every Friday.  There were lists of specific deliverables.  In addition to working on the nuts and bolts of the new administration, R2P, Inc. aimed "to prepare a transition which delivered a continual steam of rapid changes during the first 200 days of the administration."  R2P, Inc. kept in close communication with the campaign, holding weekly coordinating meetings with a group of top aides consisting of Bob White, Beth Myers, Spencer Zwick, Ben Ginsberg and Peter Flaherty.  ROMNEY READINESS PROJECT 2012: Retrospective & Lessons Learned provides an invaluable review of the Romney transition; as Leavitt states in the forward to the book, "We were ready. We built a fine ship. Unfortunately, it did not sail."

Chairman  Mike Leavitt

((advisor to Romney starting in 2010, half time on the campaign from Nov. 2011, started planning transition in May 2012, reported by Politico on June 3, 2012)  Founder and chairman of Leavitt Partners where he advises clients in the health care and food safety sectors.  Secretary of HHS, 2005-09.  Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, 2003-05.  Elected three times as governor of Utah, in 1992, '96 and 2000; served 11 years, 1993-2003.  Chief executive of The Leavitt Group, family run insurance brokerage, 1984-92.  Degree in economics from Southern Utah University, 1974.  Grew up in Cedar City, Utah.

Executive Director  Chris Liddell

Vice chairman and CFO of General Motors, Jan. 2010-April 1, 2011.  Senior vice president and CFO of Microsoft, May 2005-Dec. 2009.  Senior vice president and CFO and earlier vice president of finance at International Paper Co., 2003-05.  CEO (1999-2002) and CFO (1995-98) of Carter Holt Harvey, a New Zealand forest products company.  Investment banker; worked at Credit Suisse in Boston for ten years.  Masters in Philosophy from Oxford; Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Auckland.  New Zealand native. 

Christopher Liddell, Daniel Kroese and Clark Campbell.  ROMNEY READINESS PROJECT 2012: Retrospective & Lessons Learned.  R2P, Inc., May 1, 2013.
Ashley Parker.  "Campaigning Aside, Team Plans a Romney Presidency."  New York Times, Aug. 16, 2012.
Katy Steinmetz.  "The Cost of Romney's Government-Assisted Transition: $8.9 Million."  Time, Dec. 19, 2012.

A Period of Rapid Growth
The campaign team that made Mitt Romney the GOP nominee was relatively small, less than 100 people to April 2012, and was led by a small inner circle.  To gear up for the general election the campaign underwent a period of rapid growth The first notable addition to the national team was the announcement on April 5 of Ed Gillespie as senior advisor.  In early April the campaign signed a contract with the RNC to form Romney Victory.  More people were added to the communications and political teams.  In late April Brian Jones, Ward Baker and Kevin Madden started as liaisons between the campaign and the RNC, and by the beginning of May the campaign began to put state directors in place.  On May 17 the campaign's employment page listed twenty openings in the digital department (+).  Not everything worked perfectly.  Richard Grenell was brought on as spokesman on national security and foreign policy; his resignation on May 1 drew a bit of attention in the media.  In June the national campaign probably experienced its most rapid growth, bringing on dozens of staff in areas such as digital and coalitions.

Spokesman on National Security and Foreign Policy  Richard Grenell

(reported by The New York Times on April 19, 2012; resigned May 1, 2012)  Founder/partner at Capitol Media Partners in Los Angeles from Nov. 2009.  Senior vice president  for communications at DaVita, 2008-09.  Director of communications and public diplomacy for the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2001-08, serving four ambassadors.  Director of communications for San Diego Mayor Susan Golding, 1998-2001.  M.P.A. from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, 1998.  served as a spokesman in Gov. George Pataki’s Administration in New York, and for then U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford (SC) and for U.S. Rep. David Camp (MI).  B.A. in government and public administration from Evangel College, 1988.  twitter

See also:
Michael D. Shear and Trip Gabriel. "Romney Set to Merge Staff With National Committee."  The New York Times, April 20, 2012.
Emily Friedman.  "Romney's Boston Headquarters Staff to Quadruple Ahead of General."  ABC News, April 20, 2012.
Ashley Parker.  "Romney Bulks Up Team for General Election."  The New York Times, April 19, 2012.
Matt Viser and Michael Kranish.  Mitt Romney’s inner circle to abruptly expand."  The Boston Globe, April 15, 2012.
Zeke Miller.  "Romney’s SWAT Team Closes Out The Primaries." 
BuzzFeed, April 6, 2012.

Met Romney last week. Tough O Chicago pros will be hard to beat unless he drops old friends from team and hires some real pros. Doubtful."     - Rupert Murdoch, July 1, 2012 Tweet.
Through mid-year, with four months to go until Election Day, the Romney campaign largely stuck to a one-dimensional "Obama isn't working" message.  Media baron Rupert Murdoch's July 1 Tweet, amplified by pieces in the Wall Street Journal and New York Post, struck a chord with some observers.  In a July 5 editorial, the Journal referred to "the campaign's insular staff and strategy that are slowly squandering an historic opportunity."  John Podhoretz, writing in the New York Post, opined that "Romney seems to have an unfortunate habit of cocooning himself with advisers who’ve been through the wars with him..."  Craig Shirley and Diana Banister also weighed in, suggesting that Romney "layer in some seasoned hands from past winning campaigns.  It might also be helful to bring in serious policy people."

See also:
Craig Shirley and Diana Banister.  "Time for Romney to Reframe the Race."  Politico, July 11, 2012.
Editorial.  "Romney's Tax Confusion."  Wall Street Journal, July 5, 2012.
John Podhoretz.  "Mitt's Losing Habit."  New York Post.  July 5, 2012.
William Kristol.  "Dukakis, Kerry ... Romney?"  The Weekly Standard, July 5, 2012.