For Immediate Release

November 17, 2011

Contact: Kristie Greco, Joanne Peters

Democratic National Convention Committee Statement on Congressional Approval of Security Funds for City of Charlotte

CHARLOTTE—The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate today each voted to pass the final version of legislation containing a $50 million federal grant to the City of Charlotte for security funds related to the 2012 Democratic National Convention. The legislation also includes a $50 million grant to the city of Tampa for the 2012 Republican National Convention—the same level of funding Denver and Minneapolis received for the political nominating conventions in 2008.  The bill now heads to President Obama’s desk, who is expected to quickly sign it into law.

“We’re pleased that with bipartisan support in both chambers, Congress has approved funding for the City of Charlotte to provide security for the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  We thank Mayors Foxx and Buckhorn, the leadership in both chambers of Congress and the Florida and North Carolina Congressional delegations for their work in securing these funds,” said DNCC Chief Executive Officer Steve Kerrigan.

“These much-needed funds will ensure that not only is this the most open and accessible convention in history, but a safe one, too.  The security of the city’s residents and convention attendees is a top priority, and these funds give Charlotte the resources to get the job done.  This convention is going to be about Americans coming together, and we invite all Charlotteans to come uptown to take part in the festivities.”   

Both conventions have been designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security as National Special Security Events.  This designation allows federal resources to be deployed to maintain the security necessary for the event and the area.  Examples of other NSSEs include conventions, State of the Union addresses, Presidential Inaugurations, Super Bowls and the Academy Awards.